The closer the distance, the higher the weapon hit rate. After all, the "Sword Fairy" mecha is one-to-six approach. In the process, two beams hit the mecha shield and caused a ripple.

Shield remaining … 7%! And the recovery speed … Soon!
Klein looked at the mecha display panel with a small piece missing, but the "blue bar" was rising constantly, and he was completely relieved.
Fierce fire! Shields are tough! This money is too special!
However, the performance of "Sword Fairy" is not over yet!
"Imperial Sword System-melee mode!" Lancelot a face of excitement and the mecha melee mode.
"yi yi!" The floating cannon is unsheathed again!
"whoosh!" A series of lasers chased the enemy plane!
Five floating guns are scattered around the suspended mecha for 1 km. While the fire control system automatically attacks the locked target, the magnetic control constantly moves and moves in sequence to avoid the attack. The speed is as fast as Youlong!
Six enemy planes immediately found these new attack sources, and soon judged these floating guns as hostile targets and returned fire.
However, the extremely small attack cross-section of the floating gun itself and the constant high-speed movement make the opponent’s attack base not even touch the floating gun side.
Even if the shotgun laser mode is turned on, it is easy to block the net and destroy these floating guns, but occasionally hitting the beam is easy to be bounced by the mirror reflection armor because of its low power.
Not only that, once it is detected that the aircraft is locked by enemy radar, these floating guns will give priority to attack, and the lock will be forced away from the attack angle, which can be described as an integration of attack and defense!
A moment later, another enemy plane was hit and destroyed by a floating gun! The number of remaining enemy planes has dropped to five!
"This body is great!" Lancelot’s eyes shone.
Lancelot had the illusion that he was outnumbered by powerful shields and floating guns.
He drew a metal hilt "brush" from his waist, popped up a small piece of uncertain light blade and rushed directly.
"whoosh!" Two enemy planes flew by at close range and kept firing at Lancelot’s shield, causing several ripples.
"Come on!" Lancelot’s arm swings out!
"Brush!" Knife mans soaring hand smooth blade instantaneous extension tens of meters in length, cut the two man-machine into two sections!
"Boom!" Number of enemy planes remaining … 3! Shields remaining … 46%!
"Boom!" As the number of enemy planes decreased, two more man-machine planes were shot down in the midst of floating artillery fire! Number of enemy planes remaining … 1!
"yi yi!" The floating gun was withdrawn, and Lancelot rushed to the last enemy plane with a smooth blade.
"Wingman judge out! Evacuate immediately if the fighting capacity is insufficient … Didi! Found unknown advanced body trigger intelligence search rules evacuation pause … Call friendly support … Combat data synchronization … "
The powerful "Sword Fairy" mecha finally triggered some preset rules of this binary man-machine intelligence. This man-machine uncharacteristically did not escape from the battlefield of disparity in strength, but recoiled against Lancelot.
"Boom!" The choice is tragic and the ending is obvious.
When the "Sword Fairy" mecha rushed out of the explosion fire with a light blue shield, the 1V9 battle was completely over!
"psst! So strong! "
A bunch of players of the Knights of the Round Table were amazed by the performance of the "Sword Fairy" mecha.
Gorgeous fighting style, strong strength, crushing man-machine this cheap cannon fodder "sword fairy" can become a target in front of you!
In the middle of the battle, Klein canceled all the original tactical arrangements, and covered the fighter plane completely as a spectator before preparation, making this battle a "sword fairy" personal show!
"Ha ha! The ghost ship grows really fine! I found that I already love this mecha! " Lancelot proudly laughed in vain.
It was this first world war that the squad lost 9 points, which is equivalent to the purchasing power of a rogue mecha and four fighters. The return on investment is quite amazing!
The members of the Knights of the Round Table are also pleasantly surprised. With such a strong body, they have been able to see the limited currency raining down …
"Didi!" At this time, the radar came to a harsh alarm.
"Hey? There are more than a dozen enemy planes coming at us. No, the number has risen to 2! " Klein was frightened.
The so-called "Knights of the Bold Round Table" are looking for more "opponents". At this time, they have gone deep into the enemy’s line, but they don’t know that the new binary man has the opportunity to launch an attack regardless of the loss and search for more weapons information on his own!
In other words … Their hatred is over!
"The number of enemy planes has increased … something is wrong. Let’s retreat first and find some friendly support!" Klein cautious way
"Colonel, did we just kill the other commander in the fighter plane?" Lancelot was completely excited by nothing.
"Er … the other commander should not take this cheap low-level cannon fodder. I guess … it may be that our testing machine armor has aroused the other party’s interest …" Klein guessed the key as soon as he got there.
Then his heart moved to hate this kind of thing, although dangerous, but good … Maybe there will be a surprise?
You know, mocking this big move is not for everyone!
"Gawain Pasival, you go to the nearest armament warehouse and queue up to buy two rogues. I think your pilot level should not wait too long to buy them and return to the team as soon as possible!" Klein has invested all the money at hand to strengthen his own strength urgently.
"Others immediately joined the surrounding comrades and said that we have a large wave of enemy planes coming here!"
He’s going to … have a big game!
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven Wake up
Flagship of proxima centauri Double Star Attack Fleet
"How many troops have we put in?" Gustav asked.
"Report the commander’s cabinet to a total of 60,000 man-machines!" The adjutant replied
"well! Is there any news from the battlefield? " He continued.
"I’m sorry that the exit of the commander’s wormhole is still blocked by the other side’s fire. Our reconnaissance plane was destroyed as soon as it appeared, so we can get the exact battlefield information!"
"Damn, the communication problem is really a big problem!" Gustav sighed.
Whether it’s double-star communication or mechanical worm communication on Nie Yun’s side, it’s necessary to install detection equipment in the battlefield, even if it’s millions of kilometers away, it can monitor the battlefield situation in real time!


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