It is not difficult for Red Ghost to adjust the wind direction.

The key is that the wind changes naturally and something in this doomsday can’t be detected.
That’s the hard part
The red ghost was about to continue scribbling when he suddenly stopped and said to himself
"A sense of foreboding … will it be discovered?"
It stretched out his hand and drew a blood mark on his neck, and his fingers dipped in blood deficiency and paddled gently.
"Completely hidden need …"
-We say that the weapons in the evil world contain the law of cause and effect, and the incantation will be complicated, unpredictable and extremely difficult to deal with at the cost of life.
That happened before the red ghost spoke.
The almost impossible thing in real luck.
Sky, strong wind, clouds and fog
There is a crimson mountain coming from the depths of the imperceptible world.
The crimson charm of flint hit the red ghost.
"Well, well, well, well! This is evil thoughts burning gods! "
"What the hell-"
Red ghost sound with a little panic for the first time.
The life symbol is its foundation. Naturally, it knows how to solve evil thoughts and burn gods, but-
The price is most of the strength of this immortal body!
But we can’t hesitate now.
Red ghost bite a tooth endured the pain immediately made a decision.
It also doesn’t draw the original symbol, but draws another symbol to dispel evil thoughts and burn gods with a turn of the finger.
The whole character is completed!
Dark green light emanates from ofuda.
Fuan disappeared.
All the dark green light condensed into a ball and was about to fly into the virtual body of the red ghost, but there was a hole
A pair of hands stretched out.
-hand still holding two long knives.
Together with the respectful voice of the king of Frost Empire.
"My Lord, you forgot your weapon."
The dark green light directly crashed into the void, with the two long knives and the king’s fear that "pardon" disappeared completely.
God, everything is calm again.
Red ghost is silly
He couldn’t speak for a moment, and soon his eyes blacked out.
High school is long and windy.
The changed wind direction holds the red ghost floating and moving in flight order.
before long
Deep in the earth, white light suddenly appeared and flashed continuously.
Twisted light and dark
Airflow surge
a foul wind and a rain of blood—reactionary reign of terror
Red Ghost suddenly rolled over and murmured, "It’s so noisy …"
"It should be killed!"
Its shape vibrates and flies in the direction of movement.
Deep in the desert
"Tell me your choice …" The humanoid stone statue said.
Gu Qingshan is thinking quickly about countermeasures.
A figure in the sky is flying rapidly.
So fast!
Who’s coming?
Gu Qingshan looked with the humanoid stone statue.
The figure went straight down to the humanoid stone statue and Gu Qingshan not far away.


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