"Not only that"

Uemon, a young Chinese toon blade, said, "Xuexin is my apprentice and I brought him into the Qifan team. What I value about him is that he has outstanding talent and hard work, and he chose to give up his own safety to save his friends when they were in danger."
Soi Fon said some don’t believe.
Uemon nodded and said, "My son Sentaro and one of his classmates met Xu in the wild. Their classmates didn’t escape from Xu’s hunting range. Snow letter prevented Sentaro from saving himself and rushed to kill Xu alone. At that time, he was still a first-year student of Zhenyang Lingshu College."
Soi Fon was surprised to read Xiang Xue’s letter, but he didn’t expect him to do such a thing.
This is not the same as seeing her brother.
Aichuan Luowu said with a smile, "Your brother is an excellent and trustworthy person. You should trust him."
"But …"
What else does Soi Fon want to say? Aichuan Luowu got up and said, "It’s time to go."
All death departments get up. Soi Fon has to take back all his thoughts
"set out"
Accompanied by Aichuan Luowu stereo, twelve people went out from the main entrance and jumped to the eaves and drove away in the distance.
Chapter sixty-two Siege
Twelve people jumped directly on the roof of the eaves and instantly appeared in the distance.
Seeing this, the Death of the Seventh Team is a little curious, Captain. What are they going to do?
The patrol member tried to stop them, but saw the captain’s feather weaving department stop to continue.
They are very fast, and they span a distance of more than ten meters on their toes.
Even if someone finds out, they are rooted in the elite of the pro-fan team and the pro-guard team, and their speed is not comparable to that of the Riting team.
Swish swish.
But in a few tens of seconds, they came to a place not far from Sakurai family.
They fell from the roof and stepped on the ground and split into three teams in an instant.
At the center are Aichuan Luowu and Xiaochun Blade Uemon.
The left and right sides are divided into two teams, namely, surprise attack and encirclement, and Soi Fon has five people each.
At this moment, twenty or thirty men in black suddenly emerged from all around, in addition to a woman in feather weave and brown skin and a burly and fat figure.
After these Sineitai dressed in criminal warfare appeared, Komamura Sajin and Xiao Mulong shouted "one" together
Sineitai instantly separated people from two people behind him.
Then five seats and six seats shouted out two and people fell behind them.
Seven seats and seats are three people behind them.
When I got to Xuexin, I shouted a four, but two people arrived behind me and two people came behind the nine seats over there.
In addition, Soi Fon and Suzuki are responsible for raids and patrols. The fourth group is to come to the weakest seat of Death to cooperate with Captain Sineitai.
After the partial match, the raid team and the encirclement team have been divided into four groups.
And it’s only been five seconds
One night, everyone went to Sakurai’s family mansion again.
After more than a dozen interest rates, they came to the Sakurai family mansion and surrounded it directly.
Snow letter and Soi Fon four-person team Suzuki and nine-seat four-person team appeared in the back door.
Appear there moment Suzuki and nine seats led two Sineitai directly over the wall and jumped into the house.
While Xue Xin Soi Fon and two other Sineitai players instantly pulled the courtyard wall to hold the backyard.
The same is true of him. Komamura Sajin led a five-person raid team and Xiaomulong led a five-person surrounded team to the left side of the mansion.
Komamura Sajin directly rushed into the courtyard with four people and Xiaomulong led four people to seal the courtyard wall.
The right front face is still the same.
It was an instant when the whole mansion was surrounded and raided.
While the front raid team and the surrounding team are in place, and they rush in with the raid team, which is Sifengyuan Night One and Ota Tian Xijin.
They rushed into the door instantly and bloomed with each other, showing their great pressure and announcing their arrival.
While Aichuan Luowu and Xiaochun Blade Uemon are soaring and keeping a close eye on the surroundings.
Snow letter there look alert.
And after the night and Ota entered the mansion, two figures flew out to meet them.
"It’s your night. What are you going to do?"
First, an old man was wearing an old face and holding a knife in his right hand.
And next to him is a young man holding a knife to cut the spirit and staring at them coldly.
The two elders are Takahiro Sakurai, the old patriarch of Sakurai family.
And the young man is Sakurai Shunsuke, the chief of the Sakurai family.
They saw the night one cooperate with the ambush and attack around them, and those figures had expected something, and they looked resentful.
You don’t have to ask questions or answer them.
Night moment came to Takahiro Sakurai’s right hand, and the sword in his hand stabbed Takahiro Sakurai alongside of.seem.


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