"Not because the game is the leader and overlord in the online game industry in the last decade, it is expected that it will occupy 90% of the online game market. The main maintenance source of the game is that we can afford to pay for advertising. We can play advertisements continuously in the left corner," the village chief said. "There are many activities in the game that will be broadcast live to all players, even TV stations, and the majority of players will not worry that the game company has no plans and will not plan to pass on the daily life to the players."

It’s like watching a TV play, but you have to watch the advertisement. The majority of players agree that it’s a good way to watch online games. A cool cloak can actually buy a dress. A noble mount can buy a cheap car. Remember that if you buy a mount or not, you need to strengthen one plus two … If you want to get an extreme weapon, it is likely to cost hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.
It’s not that online games want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, but that the appeal is not enough. If there is a game with a market share of 90% like a big voyage, then it is qualified to place advertisements.
The village head is answering a player’s question, "A number of insurance companies have already contacted the supercomputer, and the supercomputer is sorting out the bids. If it goes well, these insurance companies will be able to talk about real insurance contracts with players in the game, and the game will also put real businesses into the game channels, such as booking tickets in the game, paying in the game, water, buying movie tickets and other commercial activities."
A buddy raised his hand and asked, "Do you want to introduce yellow industries such as call-in industries and strippers?"
The village chief replied, "If men and women are not introduced to have sex excessively, they will be interfered by supercomputers. If individuals encounter sexual harassment, they can complain to supercomputers. After the supercomputers check the data, if there is such a thing, they will permanently block the harasser’s IP confiscation department assets to the victims and report to the police according to the Internet Protection Law."
The player asks, "Will the data of the game be changed?"
The village head "can’t run and monitor the game depends on the three supercomputers in the world-the’ storm’ maintenance personnel to control the changes in data during computer monitoring. The background operation will be locked by the supercomputer. The game is quite perfect and free. If you don’t leave the game to people, there will be no disadvantages, because there will be personal gain in some places."
After the village turn, I went back to the novice village. There were two boats waiting for them in turn. The purpose was that two merchants could sell residents in the gathering area and get a boat ticket and a basket of heavy goods for a penny. They could earn money and experience by buying and selling. When the character level reached level 10, they could leave the novice village and travel to the big city.
You can also earn experience and money by finishing, or you can earn money and experience by working as a hard worker. You can even go east into the mountains and kill all kinds of wild animals to earn experience.
Chapter VI Variation of Fish Species
Fishing is also a channel to gain experience. A buddy holds the rod in both hands on the reef, and the fishing line is pulled tight. It can be seen that either the hook is hanging on the bottom or two animals are wrestling. Wu Xin is about to inquire where the fishing rod is sold when he hears a fishing buddy flying into the sea like a shell.
A huge water column spewed out of the sea, and a humpback whale appeared more than ten meters away with a fishing rod in its mouth. Wu Xin wiped the monsters in the cold sweat sea. Who would believe that whales would haunt more than ten meters away and would not run aground?
Wu Xin’s first job was finally born, and a fishing boat hired great soldiers-Wu Xin gunner Wu Xin must protect their industry in the sea for one hour. If successful, Wu Xin will get rich rewards. To be honest, since I saw the power of humpback whales, I have been very confident in this weapon, but I will die. I will come back to the spirit and die. Friends will not die. Being original is a great motto. Wu Xin still bravely accepted this glory.
There is also a boatswain professional MM and a gunner GG Wuxin. It’s finally reassuring to see that there are three players here.
"Look at your thighs" gunner GG introduced himself first.
"Shepherd" Wu Xin and shake hands
MM nodded, "My name is Yuanlai, and it’s you. Please give me more advice" and bowed.
Wu Xinhe looked at your thigh and asked, "Japanese students?"
"Are you students who are interested in studying in Japan?" You asked, "Are you cynical?"
"No!" Wu Xin shakes his head and cynics are angry youths. Wu Xin didn’t know angry things long ago.
The atmosphere of a small team of three people is not very good. The fishing boat stops fishing in about ten minutes. Captain NPC wakes up and "depends on three heroes"
Wu Xin asked, "Captain, what’s strange here?"
The captain replied, "Random!"
"Really?" Wu Xin Khan
The three men immediately held their posts. When the first batch of tuna was beaten, there was a commotion in the west of the ship. Because there was no lookout, the three men didn’t know what was going on until the commotion appeared two nautical miles away. It seemed that a huge black shadow was coming towards the ship.
The captain shouted, "Guys, please come on three heroes when you enter the cabin."
"Shit, it’s not helpful." Look at your thigh and scold it. Pull out the trebuchet and go to the west side by side with Wu Xin. "What’s the brother’s estimate?"
"Look at this elephant, it’s a whale." Wu Xin has fired the second shell. This is a skill bullet. The fire never goes out into the water, making a small hole in the shadow. Wu Xin asked, "3D deformed goldfish?"
The shadow approaches a nautical mile. Wu Xin and I will see your thigh start killing skills. Twenty penetrating sharp stones fall into the shadow with a beautiful arc. They have planned that if there is nothing they can do, they will not wave copper plates to buy shells. The supercomputer has not designed the novice sea area so abnormal. After the 20 penetrating bullets fall into the water, the shadow is scattered, and the shadow is stretched and finally surrounds the fishing boat.
The reason is that you are holding a firewood knife and nervously asking, "Have you seen what it is?"
The reason is that you are still nervous. "Could it be shadow imitation?"
"What?" Wu Xin is not white
Look at your thigh and explain, "The hair maker is a person who can guess fists and gestures to control the shadow day. My brother says he is quite awesome."
"That’s a ninja" is because you look at two men and say two idiots while explaining.
"Oh, it turned out to be those people who suffered the most from exercise and took the greatest risks, and could never get the least salary." Wu Xinbai casually said, "At that time, many samurai in Toyotomi Hideyoshi were in trouble, so they came to China to plunder. Not only samurai but also some ninjas were finally eliminated by generals such as Qi Jiguang. It is said that ninja pants and samurai are dressed differently, while Japanese men’s pants and people all over the world also have different ways to wear them." Wu Xin’s understanding of ninjas is obviously more professional.
Seeing Wu Xin’s research in your thigh, I asked, "What about the woman that day?"
"…" Wu Xin thought about AV and said, "If you don’t wear pants, even if you wear them, the quality is very poor. If you don’t say anything, you can rot."
Look at your thigh ha ha a smile "oh? Oh! "
"coming!" The reason is that you ignore these two men and concentrate on watching the sea surrounded and the shadows suddenly and rapidly kill the boat bag.
"What the hell is it?" Such a whole three people are curious.
Fortunately, I’m not curious for too long, and the shadow will soon hit the fishing boat in such a short time.
"ah! There are no butterflies in the teeth! " Fate is your scream.


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