Chapter 114 Fighting in Yu Yunwen

Zhao Shen reasoned that Yu Yunwen had a point.
If you don’t go out and let the Chinese go out to do things themselves, it’s also your own problem. Where can you find trouble in the Southern Song Dynasty?
Don’t you think it’s natural for people to dig their ancestral graves and smash their rice bowls, but they are angry and dig up your riverbank to get back at you?
If you succeed in the Southern Song Dynasty, you will not lose money if you lose the Southern Song Dynasty.
These refugees have little value except political value, which can increase the labor force by hundreds for the first time.
However, they can’t grow crops well regardless of farming, and their industry is also extremely rolled up in the Southern Song Dynasty. These people really don’t have much to offer.
When they came, many people brought some gold and silver to settle down in the Southern Song Dynasty, but the money was taken away by the local government. After they came to Lin’ an, they all belonged to a state that needed government assistance
Zhao Shen, of course, is too lazy to give them money to eat and drink, and they can’t be given any economic value in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is also a good choice to get rid of them after the heat has passed.
This Yu Yunwen is simply a master of dumping pots. He is very happy to dump Zhao Shen.
So Zhao Shen whispered, "This matter is too important for outsiders to know. You should go to those Chinese people to do things yourself. Be careful not to be known by outsiders, even your Privy Council colleagues?"
"I know that I will do it at once!"
With Zhao Shen’s approval, Yu Yunwen strengthened his confidence.
After leaving the palace, Yu Yunwen set out for places where people who had fled from other countries lived.
Yu Yunwen thought a lot all the way.
In fact, this matter is tantamount to burning the boat for him. He decided to put himself in a position of death so that he could go to the front and do something meaningful instead of continuing to be confused.
I’m sure I won’t die a natural death after doing such a harmful thing. No matter what happens, I may be found out.
Even if it is not discovered afterwards, it may be discovered by the Chinese people, or simply refer to the deer and horses directly transferring contradictions to the Southern Song Dynasty, and the Southern Song Dynasty will definitely pay a price.
That’s what he’s going to pay
But before that price, Yu Yunwen decided to die. He was determined to promote the anti-corruption action in the Southern Song Dynasty. He was determined to take away a group of corrupt officials before he died and leave a chance for the Southern Song Dynasty. He didn’t care how he died
Anyway, he was killed by one of his own people or sent to the country by Zhao Shen. Anyway, before he died, he had to go crazy and try to take more people away.
He felt that all reformers should have such courage. Perhaps Wang Anshi failed that year because he didn’t have the courage to cross the rubicon. If he had such courage, he might not be able to make great achievements.
Since ancient times, people who have carried out reforms have always been ill-fated. It doesn’t matter. The key is that the reforms have really been carried out. In that case, even death is called.
Nowadays, there are almost no people with such determination in Manchu civil and military affairs, even Chen Kangbo, who is devoted to the country, can hardly live without his own care, which he sees very clearly.
Chen Kangbo is mature and prudent, but he has no courage to change the status quo. Like many people, he is addicted to the status quo and feels that the status quo is very good.
However, the present situation is very bad, and a big problem must be solved. If it cannot be solved, the Southern Song Dynasty will not be able to fight back against the national offensive.
With this determination, Yu Yunwen began his own battle.
He felt that it was the most important thing to keep this secret. From the beginning to the end, not too many people, including the executors, could know, so he asked Zhao Shen for some court eunuchs to handle affairs.
Zhao Shen is also willing to cooperate with him and arrange twenty eunuchs to help him.
Twenty eunuchs were young and illiterate, and their purpose was not to help Yu Yunwen make plans, but to help him take the guys who had fled from those countries to Ann for his personal inquiry.
It’s a big deal. Everyone involved in this matter must be questioned by Yu Yunwen alone and confirmed by him alone.
Everything should be done personally so that he can rest assured.
So in the latter part of the day, Yu Yunwen’s office drew up an action plan to destroy the Yellow River levee, and in the evening, eunuchs cooperated with the interests of interviewing foreigners in dark and hidden cities to lure them into their own action plan.
If you want to join and achieve your goal, you can get the material benefits of the Great Song Dynasty, get the reward, get the house and land, and live the same life as in the past, and you will not be so worried as you are now.
And when they show hesitation or timidity, Yu Yunwen will intentionally threaten them.
Dasong doesn’t spend money for no reason. You have to be a man who has a great love for Dasong to pay for it.
Do you understand?
These landlords and gentry who traveled all the way from China and Hedong to the Southern Song Dynasty simply regretted that their hearts were green.
If I had known that I would be able to get a sum of money even if I handed over my family property, I would have been able to continue living in my hometown and enjoy the peace and stability brought by my country.
Money is gone, family is gone, and people are forced to go back and destroy the Yellow River levee …
What is all this?
In the past, the lords and the refugees now really don’t know that fate has treated them like this.
Yu Yunwen was very efficient, and he soon drew up a preliminary action plan, and then began to think about some details, including avoiding the border defense, avoiding the national inspectors, getting supplies and so on.
After a preliminary understanding of China, Yu Yunwen found that China’s population flow management is still relatively strict, and it should also have a relatively perfect system. For such a perfect and mature country, it is unwelcome and dangerous to suddenly appear black.
How to send such a group of people to the country needs careful consideration and thinking.


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