When I was happy, I took Lengling’s waist as the object of celebration. This is what Ye Han has always thought and what he has always done, and this time is no exception.

Being cuddled by Ye Han again, LengLing didn’t even have the idea of struggling because he knew that there was no struggle in this situation.
Perhaps I felt that Lengling didn’t struggle, and Ye Handan became bigger. The palm of my hand just fell on Lengling’s chest.
Sensitive place threatened LengLing consciousness pushed Ye Han palm immediately suddenly gave her a white look, struggling from Ye Han arms to * * also suddenly gives birth.
Seems to be the idea of Bai Lengling Ye Han gently pressed one on her chest, which made Lengling unable to resist charming songs.
After getting the initial satisfaction, Ye Han didn’t develop his idea further because he knew that it was not the time to develop this matter or the place.
Gave Ye Han a hard white look again, and Lengling didn’t know where the strength came from, so he pushed Ye Han and then the consciousness retreated two steps behind him.
Seeing this situation, Ye Han suddenly smiled awkwardly. "Linger, you and I are both husband and wife. Are you still so evasive?"
"Hum, if I don’t tell you, I will know how to bully others!" Once again, I took a white look at Ye Han, and when I was angry, I turned around and walked not far away ~
Meet Lin Jie again in the 17th world.
There is a cold wind everywhere in the ice forest zone. When the ice tree is blown by the cold wind, it not only shows no signs of shaking, but becomes stronger!
As Lengling fled Ye Han, there was no idea of staying, so he sighed and rushed at Lengling’s departure direction.
A line of two people in the ice forest for several days, and now it’s finally time to leave. This Ye Han is very happy.
It’s almost a month since I came to the iceberg around this ice forest and experienced it in the current ice forest. I don’t know if I can come back this time.
Natural Ye Han imagined that he would never return to this place again. If it is possible, it will go directly into the depths of the ice forest and will never appear outside this ice forest again.
Looking at the situation outside the ice forest after a few days, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel a sigh with emotion, but he once followed LengLing behind him and walked towards the outside.
Soon the two of them came to the iceberg and looked at the scene of the iceberg. It was inevitable that they felt sorry, but this time Lengling joined the ranks.
"Cold son, although our experience in the ice forest is no longer great, your experience must not stop!" Silent for a moment LengLing turned to blunt Ye Han smiled to say with smile
Ye Hanwen immediately smiled when he heard this. "This is a must. I am now in the second world of Yuan Dan. Don’t say that the vitality of the mainland is mixed, even if I want to stay in the footsteps, I think it is very difficult!"
For Lengling’s argument, Ye Han naturally agreed. After all, he came for the 10,000-yuan meeting two years later. If the repair stopped, it would be impossible to attend any 10,000-yuan meeting.
It’s not cold. It’s cold. Ye Han’s heart is white. Now that he can’t use the cold to raise himself, he has accumulated repairs through some battles
"In that case, let’s leave here now. If nothing happens, we can return to Xingyuan City in two months!"
See Ye Han seems to have learned something. Leng Ling knows that he still wants to walk after he understands himself. She doesn’t say much anymore and goes straight to the south.
Hearing Lengling’s remarks, Ye Han suddenly felt a wry smile. One of them went home to walk this time. Wan Li worked hard, but he didn’t expect to accept this fact in the end.
Ye Han couldn’t help but smile at Leng Ling, who turned away. "Linger, now we are going home, isn’t it experience? Can’t you just take me back?"
"no!" Listen to Ye Hanyan Lengling immediately turned around and denied his proposal without much thought.
See Ye Han seems to be a face of nai, but I don’t know the so-called cold ling. I patted my belly and smiled at Ye Han awkwardly. "Cold son, don’t forget that I have a child now. If I take you for such a long journey, I can stand hunger. I wonder if he can stand it!"
After listening to Lengling’s remark, Ye Han was suddenly speechless for a long time before he smiled awkwardly. "In that case, well, I won’t rob the children, so let’s walk back!"
"Hehe, anyway, we are not in a hurry to go home now. What are you worried about? The Singapore Festival is still half a year away!" See Ye Han a face of nai sample LengLing immediately smiled to say with smile.
Lengling’s words gave Ye Han not peace of mind, but more confidence. He really wanted to go back to Singapore Festival so that he could help his father, but that was one of the reasons.


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