"Eat slowly and don’t choke."

The scene suddenly relaxed, and the albizzia Sect actually had a super-order fairy beast, and the fire phoenix was still the patriarch
The elders were so excited that tears welled up in their eyes. This albizzia Sect is no longer afraid of anyone who dares to spill a mouthful of purple Xuan and skyfire. You can’t die. You don’t want to show off without the strength of Xianjun.
The elders suddenly felt that they were many times taller.
A thousand-year-old fire crystal was quickly finished by Phoenix one by one. After eating, Phoenix still curled her head and looked at Li Chengzhu with a look of begging in her eyes.
"Will you hold on if you feed too much?" Li Chengzhu asked boss Shi Li if he knew that this sentence was nonsense. Can a thousand-year-old fire crystal support it? It can be eaten by sitting on a fiery vein, but Li Chengzhu still waits on this little phoenix carefully.
Phoenix is now destined to be a hermit and stay on the roof of the small film studio.
Several ladies feel a little incredible, especially the two enchanting beauties, water like smoke and Qin Suge. When they think of the top of their heads, they have a super-order fairy beast to rest and can’t even sit still.
The little thing is closely guarded by the fire phoenix, and even Li Chengzhu can’t get it back
Finally, Boss Nelly got it and asked Aunt Zhou to go to the warehouse and get a Millennium Fire Crystal to spread the roof.
Hehuan Zongtang Hall Zonglao Association is calling a meeting.
The difference before is that even several ladies of Li Chengzhu and beautiful granduncle Zu Wanyue attended the meeting together.
The six elders looked at each other with puzzled eyes, and they could feel that the patriarch would have something important to announce.
Unsurprisingly, when Li Chengzhu announced another dimension, the enchantment caused an uproar in the Zonglao Association.
In the theory of enchantment in different dimensions, there is no record of enchantment in the ancient books. Only the immortal emperor can display it. The enchantment is an enchantment that harms others and benefits others. One of the six elders has heard of this enchantment, but none of them have heard of it.
When Li Chengzhu reported this enchantment to the Zonglao Association, six Zonglao people were excited and several ladies were panting heavily.
This enchantment has shortened the time needed to cultivate immortality in disguise, and it has been greatly shortened.
Li Chengzhu doesn’t know the ratio between the enchantment and the outside, but Boss Li won’t really believe that Wan Yue said that a hundred years inside is equivalent to the blink of an eye outside. Even if the enchantment is magical, it won’t be magical to this point. Maybe the ratio of one to one hundred can still be achieved.
"You this enchantment I also said just now, but I have a personal request you ZongLao or don’t go in practice"
Li Chengzhu’s words made the Zonglao Association lost in thought and doubt. Zhou Yi looked at the little man firmly and credibly.
"Everyone knows that Mahayana is an important time to accumulate reiki, and all the elders have reached Mahayana. Even without the help of this enchantment, everyone can become immortal in a few decades. I don’t know what negative effects it has. Maybe some negative ones are also about to become immortals. This is important. If something happens or the foundation is unstable due to the enchantment, it will be a big loss." Li Chengzhu still remembers the fact that his practice is too fast and the foundation is unstable. He is still worried that the elders will have this problem at the beginning.
There is a serious look on Li Chengzhu’s face. Immortals can’t intervene in the cultivation of immortals. Suizong has just entered the peak of development. When she comes back, Su Zonglao has taken people to Shangdu to find out about the news. When she comes back, if all the elders have become immortals, I’ll be a army of one in Li Chengzhu. Boss Li confided in this selfish story. Of course, if any elder really wants to practice, I will never stop the barrier and cover the Fiona Fang kilometer. How can I get in hundreds of people?
"Listen to the patriarch’s order!" Zhou Qingxuan first expressed his attitude to protect this little man. She is surrounded by her greatest happiness and dreams. Who will be in a hurry to become immortal?
Cheng Liuhong turned his head and looked at him. Several elders are touching several people. It is too tempting for them to look into Liu Hong’s unnatural smile and become immortal. If they want to give up their shortcuts like this, it is a bit overwhelming.
Li Chengzhu saw all this in his eyes. The elders had the idea of becoming immortals. He knew that everyone who cultivated immortals would have it.
"I don’t want to force everyone to volunteer to talk here. Let’s go back and think about it ourselves. There is another question, that is, how long can this enchantment last?" Li Chengzhu twist a head glanced at the seat "when a lowest level dimension enchantment needs three thousand years to maintain a year! So how long can I live in this enchantment? "
Wan Yue looked up and replied, "According to my observation, there are at most two years, maybe one year."
"When the urgent everything must be fast! Before the enchantment disappeared, I tried to ensure that the strength of the Acacia Sect had never reached its peak! "
Cheng Liuhong looked up at Li Chengzhu doubtfully. "Patriarch, do you mean to let your brothers go in and practice?"
"Yes," Li Chengzhu smiled. "I just said that I can squeeze into 200 people in a place that covers a kilometer. It is said that it is my blessing to have an albizzia in the enchantment. Of course, I can’t occupy it alone."
Cheng Liuhong’s eyes suddenly appeared with Pei’s look, as the patriarch said. This is a saying that if the patriarch doesn’t pick this enchantment, no one will see that when the time comes, the patriarch will ban people from entering and leaving there. No one will know where there is a baby enchantment. The patriarch needs this enchantment most to restore it, but he is slightly moved by his younger brother Cheng Liuhong.
"One last thing! Keep it secret! Absolutely keep it a secret, and keep it a secret from your cousin! Blessings and misfortunes depend on it If you go out, I’m asking for a disaster! " Li Chengzhu’s face is dignified, and everyone knows the truth that every man is guilty of committing a crime.
"Zonglao will listen to orders!" Li Chengzhu binge drinks one.
"genus!" Six elders got up from their chairs at the same time.
"The ratio between Cheng Liuhong and Zhen Yuanyuan when testing a boundary and the outside world"
"Yu Zonglao is responsible for selecting the younger brother’s hundred units and sending them to the enchantment. Remember the first condition of sex and the second condition of strength. If I were in love with the strength of the celestial body, I would change the number of people and kill them every day! Enchantment can go in at most 200 people, and they must practice hard to reach the remaining places in Mahayana as soon as possible. "
Demons have improved the boundary of another dimension, which is really a good thing
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Wan Yue alarmist?
In another dimension, the enchantment of Acacia is too obvious. From a distance, it looks like a red mist camphor. It’s pink and weird, and it’s mysterious, especially those broken phoenix eggshell cloth enchantment materials. The shell shines like a jewel in the night, attracting the attention of Acacia’s female soldiers. The thin and dense shell flashes a series of criss-crossing veins from time to time. Li Chengzhu knows that it was the enchantment that was left behind when it was carved in another dimension.
Boss Li has forbidden my brother not to talk about this sudden appearance of the pink curtain. My brother should not go near the hundred meters of the curtain, but these bans have not stopped the women’s troops of the Acacia Sect from exploring the true knowledge, but have made them more curious.
Finally, forced by Nai Li Chengzhu, a barrier was laid outside the barrier when Wan Yue was in another dimension, which blocked everyone’s curiosity when they saw the barrier in another dimension.
It is urgent to have such a saying that the waves outside the boundary may be lost for many years in one day.
The elders know that Liu Hong took Zhen Yuanyuan to test the ratio between the enchantment and the outside world. His four elders were busy calling their brothers to select the first batch of brothers to enter the enchantment and practice.
Li Chengzhu brought several ladies together and sent them to the enchantment first.
Among the girls, there is a wood essence that has not been absorbed in the ancient exquisite body. These parts are accumulated when needed, but the enchantment in different dimensions has given everyone a shortcut
Enchantment was drawn out by Li Chengzhu into a small area. Several ladies specially held a small smile and held it up. I just learned to walk. I was very curious about this pink screen. My big eyes sparkly stretched out my hands and wanted to touch it from time to time.
Several ladies have gone in. Sister Xiao Mei is naturally unwilling to give in to others. She usually doesn’t practice hard. She heard that there is such an enchantment that runs faster than anyone else. Naturally, the beauty granduncle doesn’t say anything about the immortal level. The most important thing is to repair it yourself without waiting for Li Chengzhu’s invitation. She has already drilled into the enchantment and worked alone.
"Maybe it’s been a hundred years since you opened your eyes." Li Chengzhu gently squeezed the exquisite hand. "Remember to try to blend that piece of wood essence. I have a hunch that it is very powerful." Wood essence can make Gu Linglong rise directly from the level of a fortuneteller to the late fairy, but the volume has changed a lot. Li Chengzhu can’t imagine how much it will increase if Gu Linglong blends it with other departments.
"Husband, you also come quickly." Gu Linglong’s face hung with a reluctant look. For the first time, Boss Li took the initiative to kiss his face.
"Well, when I arrange them, they will come and accompany you." Li Chengzhu said and turned and picked up the little smile and tried her hard. Her face was ravaged by a poke, and she scratched her little smile and giggled and called to her father.
After bidding farewell to the women, Li Chengzhu stepped out of the screen again and Zhenyuanyuan smiled at him as "the patriarch"
Li Chengzhu nodded. "Did Chengzong go in?"
"One day after I went in, the patriarch agreed that I would go in and ask her to calculate when she was inside."
"Good" Li Chengzhu said that out of the corner of his eye, he saw a slightly lonely figure, and his beautiful eyes were full of yearning. Seeing Li Chengzhu coming out was a little awkward and supercilious.
"What are you doing here?" Li Chengzhu came to Wan Yue and asked.


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