Li Shimin flatters him. He is about to drink too much to refute a gust of wind, and his mouth is choked. He goes back and coughs repeatedly.

At this moment, another soldier erected a raft in front of the Sui Jun camp. One person’s hands and feet were firmly trapped in the tall raft, and the man shouted "Dad! I am Zhiyun! "
Tang gaozu suddenly opened his eyes wide. That’s young Li Zhiyun! Love cuts Tang gaozu’s palm trembling slightly. He once heard three girls say this, but he never expected this scene to appear before his eyes.
That’s his flesh and blood. He watched his flesh and blood captured by the enemy and then stood in front of two armies to threaten his weight. What should he do? He couldn’t help calling "Zhiyun, you …" Tang gaozu’s words suddenly stopped and he rang Li Xiuning to talk to him.
When Tang gaozu was extremely difficult, Li Shimin’s eyes were filled with hatred.
Li Shimin Li Xiuning is very nice to say that when Third Sister miscarried because of Li Zhiyun, somehow Li Shimin felt angry and had an impulse to kill him. Unfortunately, Li Zhiyun didn’t know where he was.
But at this time, Li Zhiyun appeared in front of himself, and Li Shimin could no longer conceal his anger in his eyes.
At this time, Li Zhiyun shouted, "Dad, you are a Sui minister. Why don’t you help the country at this time, but you are willing to learn from Wang Mang to be an unfaithful and unfilial person?"
Tang gaozu almost spit out one mouthful blood when his eyes were black, saying that he was follwed. Does it mean that he will end up like follwed in the future? This inverse really said such a thing!
Yang You sneered in the distance. He gently nodded at Qiu Hanggong and said, "Get ready!"
QiuHangGong brought away at this time is almost the same time black silk ribbon Li Zhiyun drink "brothers surrender! An unfaithful and unjust anti-thief effect will bring disaster to you! "
After a meal, both of them shouted at the same time, "Brothers, surrender!"
The gale whistling in the west shaved like a knife, and Tang gaozu blushed. A cold wind poured into his lungs and he couldn’t help coughing for several weeks. Tang Jun whispered in succession, and the soldiers couldn’t hear the two voices in the distance. I didn’t know what was going on. Who were these two people?
At this moment, Li Shimin took a few steps to hide the crowd. He coldly took a hard bow from his back and silently raised his head. He put his eyes on Zhi Li again.
"Kill or not? !” Li Shimin also hesitated in his heart. After all, Li Zhiyun is a father and a compatriot. He is full of Tang Yuan’s blood.
At this time, Liu Wenjing whispered, "Dunhuang is a big event!"
Pei Ji’s eyes swept through two people’s eyes with surprise. What does he mean by some not white Liu Wenjing words?
However, for a moment, doubts in Pei Ji’s heart have been solved.
Li Shimin reached back and touched three arrows. Li Shimin can shoot two arrows at the same time. Three arrows are the limit, but at this time, he must strike a fatal blow and the accuracy will change because of the westerly wind. One more arrow and one more hope.
Li Shimin watched the west wind tighten and slow. He took a deep breath and then raised his hard bow.
Duan Lun and Li Zhiyun also shouted. At this moment, Yang You was behind, but blazing with anger saw the scene of Li Shimin clearly. Yang You had never seen Li Shimin. At this time, he also considered what this person was going to do. Is it to kill Li Zhiyun? Maybe this person was inspired by Tang gaozu?
Is Li Yuan really so cruel? But Yang You is sneer at one. This is the result he wants. If he wants to win this World War I, he doesn’t care about Li Zhiyun and Duan Lun. To put it bluntly, these two men are just a chess game!
Chapter one hundred and twenty The arrow amorous feelings
"Whoo!" When the wind roared, the westerly clouds gradually dispersed, and the sky was like a big hole, and the line of sight gradually became cheerful. Li Shimin held his breath and the three arrow feathers lined up in a straight line in turn, aiming at the right of Li Zhiyun in turn.
It was a short moment, and it was such a cold weather that Li Shimin felt that his back was sweating profusely. This environment greatly tested his archery and was also a great torture to his heart.
After all, this is his brother! But this kind of situation, he had to make a tearful chop Ma Su line or, a prodigal will die! Li Shimin is a decisive man. Which is more important? He has a steelyard in his heart.
Zhiyun, it’s worth your sacrifice. I swear here in Li Shimin that I will avenge you! Li Shimin silently read this in his heart before he felt much better. He pulled the bowstring, the arm muscles, swelled up the blood vessels, and tried hard to make the bowstring full of energy. The powerful force constantly impacted his fingers. At this moment, his fingers could not help but tremble slightly.
At this time, Yang You gave Duan Lun a visual, and Duan Lun knew that he was struggling to wave the banner "Brothers, surrender!" A few big characters are comically half-dancing, and a few words are looming. Duan Lun is a little nervous in his heart. Although he has already designed it in advance, he is afraid of any accident, so he gently holds the horse’s belly and keeps the horse moving slowly.
"Brothers, surrender is big sui people what to kill each other? Why do you want to work for an anti-thief? !” Duan LUN shouted
Tang gaozu came back to his senses. He took a deep breath and calmed down a fierce chest. He was about to open his mouth to refute it when several people exclaimed. Tang gaozu spent a moment at the moment. He looked intently and saw three arrows and plumes blaster out and ran to the front with all his murder.
Li Zhiyun was tied to a raft and panicked. Suddenly he felt a sense of murder and went straight to his mind. He looked intently and saw something flying towards him. It was very fast. At this moment, Li Zhiyun changed his face. He couldn’t help but "ah" and cried in fear with his eyes closed.
Panic broke through the sky, and when he didn’t stop, he heard "snatch" two arrows and feathers nailed the raft severely. Li Zhiyun was about to open his eyes when he felt a pain in his shoulder, and the shoulder blade clicked and the arrow plunged deep into it.
Li Zhiyun gritted his teeth and opened his eyes to see that the feather of an arrow had sunk in half, and the pain from the shoulder blade made him feel white. I’m afraid the shoulder blade has broken, but fortunately, his life should be saved! This is unfortunate and fortunate!
Li Shimin sighed slightly, not that his archery was bad, but that the unpredictable westerly wind greatly affected the accuracy of the arrow feather and made him fall short.
Liu Wenjing sighed lightly, "What a pity!" He looked up and saw Tang gaozu’s eyes fixed on them. At this time, Tang gaozu’s eyes seemed to have lost the honesty and kindness of the past. Instead, it turned out to be a dense murder, like a blade.
Liu Wenjing couldn’t help shivering. He gathered his clothes as if he couldn’t stand the cold. Tang gaozu’s sight didn’t stay with Liu Wenjing, because he had seen Li Shimin’s hard bow. Tang gaozu’s face changed. He believed that he was loyal and filial and naturally hoped that his children and grandchildren would love each other, but this time he actually shot Li Zhiyun. Trying to kill his brother? A father and a compatriot?
Tang gaozu is somewhat incredible. However, Li Shimin is holding a bow and arrow, and Tang gaozu thinks that none of these generals can be bold enough to shoot Li Zhiyun without permission. There is no doubt that this is the first time.
Li Jiancheng was also surprised in his heart. He couldn’t help but lose his way. "Shimin!"
Tang gaozu’s eyes are full of doubts and incomprehension, in addition to anger and regret. Is this what he has always placed high hopes on? What would he do such a thing? Tang gaozu’s arm trembled slightly. He wanted to raise his hand and ask what it was.
But when Yang You obviously didn’t give him a break, Li Zhiyun shouted, "Dad, don’t kill me!" Sound with fear.
Duan Lun also waved flags and said, "Yuezhang, you have come to the temple to force your own children’s lives to take? !”
Li Jiancheng, Pei Ji, Tang Jian, Liu Wenjing, samurai and others have all changed their faces and eyes. What should they do? Tang gaozu deserves to be far-sighted and shrewd. At this moment, he adjusted his two breaths and immediately calmed down.
"You this person is not my son-in-law, that person is not my son Li Zhiyun!" Li Yuangao denied that he could do this even though he didn’t want to! Otherwise, the morale of the army will be in chaos, and things can go back and talk about it
The soldiers looked at each other. They had never seen Duan Lun, and they had never seen Li Zhiyun with a grain of salt.
At this moment, a scout came from the northwest. He stopped in front of Li Yuan and told him, "Report to the right wing of Tang Gong that Sui Jun cavalry is currently five miles away!"
Li Yuan was shocked and said, "How many people are there?"
"Two thousand less rides!" The scouts answered.
Tang gaozu was about to speak when there came bursts of hooves from the north, and the huge hooves cooperated with the ground vibration, which made people shudder. Tang gaozu was taken aback. There were at least 3 thousand cavalry, otherwise how could there be such a battle?
Tang gaozu guessed right. It was the 3,000 cavalry led by Qiu Hanggong. They came from seven miles away and rolled up dust all the way. The west wind rolled like a hell cavalry.
At this moment, a hundred paces away, the army of the Sui army suddenly retreated, and teams of troops held spears in their hands. Sui Jun filled the gap, and Yang You quickly withdrew from the 300 steps with Qinbing, and then boarded the high platform. Yang You ordered a flag bearer to wave the crimson flag to reach the order.


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