Little meow chat here, "regardless of where are you now? I’ll pick you up. "

"Can you come over?" Gu Qingshan is not sure. "I am very remote here, and the edge of the hegemony area is close to the eternal abyss."
"How can it be so far!" Xiaomiao lost her way.
"Something happened and I stayed here." Gu Qingshan said.
"I’m afraid I can’t pass-we’re separated by the whole enemy-occupied area and the whole hegemony area," said Xiao Miao.
"Is there no other way?" Gu Qingshan unwilling asked.
"The hegemony area is still invisible. I have lost all the world delivery points there, and you can’t pass me on the other side of the hegemony area." Xiao Miao patiently explained.
She remembered another thing and asked, "By the way, is the club imaginary silk still not you?" You can send Lux directly back to the club so that I can pick you up at the club. "
"That I have dropped" Gu Qingshan sighed.
When I went to ancient times, Gu Qingshan once helped himself get rid of Xie Daoling’s "questioning and killing"
-eye last method also can’t get through it seems that there is no way to meet Barry and Xiao Miao for the time being.
Gu Qingshan said, "It’s very important for Xiao Miao to pick me up. You must listen carefully."
Gu Qingshan told the story of magic dragon, and then he told the eternal abyss about possible changes.
"Doomsday struggle parallel world …" Little meow absence sound.
"To prepare for you early, it is best to hide first" Gu Qingshan said.
Whether it’s the soul squealer or the abyss, it’s not the meow. They can deal with it
-Of course, Gu Qingshan can’t deal with it.
Although his eyes are full of coins that can be hidden in his body, he is indeed the owner of the pillar and will grow up one day.
Xiao Miao said, "We have nothing to do with the hidden star world for the time being, but you should be careful."
Gu Qingshan asked silently, "If I cross the hegemony area and arrive near the enemy-occupied area, can you find my position?"
"Of course!" Xiao Miao is sure
The two chatted for a while and then temporarily broke the link.
Lin kept silent when Gu Qingshan talked to Xiao Miao, and then she said, "It seems that your friends can’t get through."
"Yes" Gu Qingshan sighed "This is in trouble"
Suddenly something in his pocket shook.
Gu Qingshan touched out a look at the assassin’s badge.
He pressed it in his face.
Girl with KuQiang sound immediately to "Ye Fei from? Is that you? "
"Ah, what’s wrong with me?" Gu Qingshan surprised way
"Everyone is dead."
"The world of meowed volcano suddenly collapsed, and no one in it escaped."
The girl sobbed and said the details again.
Gu Qingshan learned that not only assassins’ guild members, but also the seven temples were going to the volcanic world, and everyone disappeared completely with the destruction of the world.
The girl continued, "Ye Fei is arranging for people to come here quickly after knowing the situation from our guild headquarters, but before the arrival of the master, the guild needs people to guard the headquarters and entrusts you to be the caretaker."
"Me? I am an intermediate assassin. "
"In thousands of worlds nearby, his powerful masters are almost dead. Although you have intermediate assassin level, your strength must be the strongest."
The girl stressed, "It’s a special emergency, please come."
"… good wait a moment I’ll come" Gu Qingshan way.
End the communication Gu Qingshan looked at Lin.
"I guessed it was a trap, but I didn’t expect it to eat everyone. This is a bit too much." Gu Qingshan frowned.
Lin held her arms and said, "What should you be thankful for? It’s not the soul squealer or the abyss."
"What will you do?" Gu Qingshan asked
Lin said, "The soul squealer is not crazy. Will it clear all the world around me?-I can directly feel that the thoughts in your heart don’t kill unnecessary people, so I can directly find the real you."
Gu Qingshan a fiercely asked in my heart.
"Are you all right now?"
Lin said calmly, "My body is constantly recovering the level of martial arts, and I am gradually getting it back, but I have lost my vows to quit my dharma, and my ability to do things outside the abyss is temporarily lost."
Gu Qingshan was about to speak when he suddenly felt a shock in his pocket.
He took out the assassin’s badge again.
The girl’s panic voice came from the inside. "Ye Fei, come to the Assassin’s Guild as soon as possible. I have an escape device here. We have to leave this world."
Gu Qingshan quickly asked in a tight heart, "What happened?"
"The volcanic world has destroyed the surrounding world, and his world is constantly being destroyed. It is estimated that it will soon extend to us!" Maiden road
"Good I come" Gu Qingshan Road
He wore a badge.
Lin got up from her chair and smiled faintly. "I don’t think it’s mad if I didn’t catch it."
Gu Qingshan fidgeted, "It’s annoying to always let it chase after it."
"Of course, Abyss magic dragon owns the whole hegemony area. If we want to find it, we will have countless resources and manpower, and we can escape from it," Lin said.
"The end of the abyss is about to break out. At this time, it keeps making trouble, which not only delays my practice but also affects your recovery."
Gu Qingshan said thoughtfully
"It’s a pity that our law changed this matter," Lin agreed.
Gu Qingshan was silent.
"Can’t go like this …" He murmured.


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