The rage of the world will come and go quickly, and many people were appeased by Lu Yu when they failed to react. Many gods were confused and didn’t know that this young world will have such a change.

When they try to find out the reason, they find that the whole world seems to be covered with a veil, and they can still spy on things and become blurred, and finally they get something.
In this way, the gods are even more flustered. They always feel that they don’t know that something big must have happened in the place, otherwise the world will not be so furious. This sense of knowledge makes these high gods feel wronged and aware of the changes in the world
A wave sweeping the world is coming, and even gods are in danger of falling. Some gods have this idea in their hearts, which is a warning from the depths of their souls.
After a long time, many gods have long lost their initial courage, but their long life has made them face death, so the gods are filled with panic and anxiety, and they are eager for guidance
In this way, the powerful, knowledgeable and wise god among the gods has been pushed out again, and all the gods hope to spy on the future and destiny with the help of this powerful god.
After all, there are gods in the place, knowledge and wisdom, the oldest and the deepest understanding of fate.
However, the crowd asked the knowledge and wisdom God to try to observe his fate again. His eyes shone brightly, and several believers in the kingdom shouted that his name was illusory and hit him from above his head.
At this moment, his eyes broke through the obstacle and crossed the gauze to see the trace of fate, only to find that a rough river suddenly appeared in front of him
He swore that he had never seen such a wide international river in all his years. There seemed to be fish and shrimp swimming in the waves, but when he cast his eyes, he found that the roots were not fish and shrimp, but creatures. They were ordinary people, but they were powerful.
Very knowledgeable and wise, God saw the figure of the gods. He was completely shocked by the scene before him and muttered to himself, "This is the river of fate."
Moreover, it is not the fate river of this world, but the fate of all the gods in the universe. It is so broad, so mighty and so mysterious that it embraces everything in the universe.
The god of knowledge and wisdom stared at everyone who swam by, and this feeling intoxicated him and made him reluctant to leave.
The gods around the god of knowledge and wisdom suddenly found that the old god suddenly had a terrible breath, even though he could feel the vast edge of this power around him.
"What did he see?" Some gods have raised questions.
"I feel the breath of fate, but it is much stronger than I once felt. What is hidden behind that veil?"
However, some gods found that with the passage of time, the body of knowledge and wisdom gradually emerged with a strange feeling, which seemed to make the whole world become one.
"If we don’t go on like this, he will be swallowed up by the will of the world," exclaimed a god.
This phenomenon is called Tao in three realms, and the world is swallowed up by the will of the world. Although it is called by different names, the same goal is represented by this phenomenon that the law controls itself because of contact with super-standard forces, and finally the world is in harmony.
By this time, they were even more curious about what the ancient god had observed, and this phenomenon of "talking in words" appeared.
Many gods try to wake up the knowledge and wisdom gods, only to find that the root is futile and has been swallowed up by the will of the world, so it is difficult for people to be awakened by external forces.
At this time, the god of knowledge and wisdom has reached a dangerous situation. With his observation time, the virtual shadow of the river of fate has increased, and his divine power has passed rapidly. His eyes have been completely blinded by the law, and the golden blood will flow from his eyes, and his body will collapse.
At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in the river, with a vase hanging from the head of Taotao River, emitting colorful light and wearing a blue coat. It was Liu Yu.
After sensing the knowledge and wisdom god peeping, Lu Yu still couldn’t help but shoot. After all, this god is a rare sentient being in this world, and even the will of the world doesn’t want him to die.
So Lu Yu intervened. After all, this is a virtual shadow. Lu Yu projected himself into the river through the avenue Aquarius and slowly walked to the side of the knowledge and wisdom god. He looked at the old god and said gently, "It should be enough to see here."
Sound, knowledge, wisdom, and God’s ear rang, which made him break away from the state of secretly indulging and look up. He had already lost his eyes, and Lu Yu could feel the colorful light shining around him. He wanted to reach out and touch but found something.
There was a sudden strength on the top of his head. It was someone who slapped him on the top of his head. His consciousness suddenly fell from a height, leaving the long river of time and fate, and the virtual shadow returned to his body.
So the gods were surprised to find that the knowledge and wisdom god, who was about to be swallowed up by the world will, miraculously came to life. Although he was completely consumed by his divine power and his eyes were blind, he succeeded in getting out of the crisis for the first time in history.
"What do you see?" The gods asked eagerly without knowledge and wisdom.
"I saw the terrible fate, but I didn’t find us. It was a wide and boundless river where the fate of all beings met. I tried to find our destiny, but I got nothing. If it wasn’t for the mysterious person, I would have been completely caught in the river and swallowed up by the will of the world." The god of knowledge and wisdom gasped.
It took him too much experience just now, which made this powerful god feel a burst of weakness. He can’t remember when he was so weak once, and he knows that his memory is vague.
But who is the mysterious man who finally appeared? He seems to have a power beyond this world, which is not evil. On the contrary, it is peaceful and far more powerful than his own divine power, which makes this god full of curiosity.
Chapter five hundred and fifty Alliance
"River of Destiny?"
"Mystery man?"
The myth of knowledge and wisdom has attracted the attention of the gods. Whether it is a terrible river of fate or a mysterious man who can save people who are about to be swallowed up by the world will is beyond the expectations of the gods and has aroused their great interest.
"It’s a pity that my eyes were blinded by spying on fate and I didn’t see the mysterious man, but I can feel that he has a great power, and the margin is full of vitality, which is far more powerful than divine power." The god of knowledge and wisdom said to himself with some amazement
He is still immersed in what he has just seen and heard. In this short moment, he has been particularly brilliant for several years. Through these, he seems to see a bigger and more magnificent world.
"Is this world still so powerful?" Some gods whisper to themselves and don’t believe that they are the darling of this world. They have lived a long time and witnessed the vicissitudes of life. At this time, they know that they are far stronger than themselves and can accept it.
"Don’t you see that it doesn’t mean that the power displayed in the previous turmoil makes people sigh. It’s stronger than divine power, but we can’t find these people. Are you still immersed in the glory of the gods? Nowadays, it’s a big change, that is, I’m afraid these terrible things will come one by one. Whether we can live or not is a question," said an older god
His words silenced all the gods in the place, because they all knew it was true. Now, what is impossible to say? It’s self-deception, even if the gods are slow, they smell the wind and rain coming.
And there is a shadow of death in this storm, which is closest to the will of the world, and they can clearly feel this.
However, it is the long privilege that makes these gods lose the courage to face the bleak life. They are like ostriches who know that when danger comes, they shrink their heads and pin their safety on those powerful ones.
But this time, the scale of the storm seems to exceed the gods’ prediction. The fallen gods are not estimated to be one or two. Whether they can survive one by one has no bottom in their hearts.
"Let’s go back and get ready. Although I didn’t see the exact fate, I also felt a terrible crisis. This time, maybe even the world will be destroyed." The old words of the gods of knowledge and wisdom ended everyone’s talk
As soon as this was said, the gods’ faces suddenly showed panic. They had prepared for the worst. They had never thought about the future crisis, but it was far worse. Before the destruction of the world, they even dared not think about it, but now they were told by the gods of knowledge and wisdom. The gods looked around and saw that the world would react.
But I didn’t expect that the will of the world seemed to have disappeared, and there was no response at all, as if it were a default. Suddenly, there were gods whose hearts were dying, and even the world could not avoid destroying themselves. No matter how hard these people struggled, it was futile, and it was better to eat, drink and be merry, so this group of gods left the temple of knowledge and wisdom.
Of course, there are gods who recognize knowledge and wisdom, but they are alarmist. It is not worth believing that they have left here with a cold hum.
There are few gods left who are really powerful and have the courage to face the disaster. They have no choice but to hide their ears and go with the flow. Even though they know that the future road is full of thorns, they are still eager to fight to the death and are unwilling to give up.
"Why don’t you go?" God of knowledge and wisdom asked curiously
"We’ve known each other for so many years. Have I ever chickened out? Even if someone wants to destroy the world, they have to walk through my body." The burly man said majestically, there was a high-spirited fighting spirit in his tone.
"Hum, surrender without seeing the enemy’s shadow. It’s not that the old wind fought first." The loud voice of the northern god temple made more than a few gods not cover their ears
"I think heaven shuts one door and shuts another. You were almost swallowed up by the will of the world just now. Isn’t it just as safe? If we work hard by ourselves, there will always be hope." The goddess holding the harp whispered that the sound was melodious as if a wonderful piano sounded.


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