Well, it looks like this is the last time

Gu Qingshan immediately asked, "Please give me an information about my situation."
The cock, blindfolded, reluctantly replied, "All are dead."
Gu Qingshan’s heart sank fiercely and quickly asked, "Who died?"
The rooster said, "The goblins were all killed by that little boy. Who told you to go back to the past? The little boy couldn’t find you. You can take it out on those goblins."
"That little cloth tight encirclement is waiting for you to go back."
After that, the colorful rooster quickly turned into a sculpture and never made a sound again.
Gu Qingshan stayed for a while.
-the goblins are all dead?
The strength of all beings in the 900 million-story world is naturally limited, which is the shackles set by the ancient protoss. After years of development, it is difficult to change it.
The root of the 900 million-story world is to resist the evil world
-Not an opponent after all
But order is a real hope that can help all beings break through the shackles in one fell swoop.
Gu Qingshan tried his best to kill the soul scream and start the Terran Legion of the Doomsday Line so that everyone can save themselves.
However, before things were finished, the thumb-sized goblins were all killed.
The goblin is a noisy race. Although it has many bad habits, it is naturally warm and sincere, and never owes anyone a favor.
Including this time, they also tried their best to overcome the chaos with Gu Qingshan.
So dead.
Gu Qingshan was silent for a moment and drew out his sword to inject two million soul forces directly.
In an instant, the sword fills the air with violent winds, and even the emptiness is twisted and changed.
This is two million soul force!
"Look at me condescendingly!"
Gu Qingshan thundered
There is a "whew" sound in the void.
Gu Qingshan wields a sword.
This is the first time he has tried his best to make a move since he was armed with three dragons!
Secret sword painting shadow!
The sword is magical!
The poor and dark sword shadows are like lotus flowers blooming in layers, spinning, shuttling and strangling in vain!
Gu Qingshan collected his sword and threw three coins.
900 million-story world
Virtual turbulence
An army of millions of evil spirits will be surrounded by a virtual circle.
Cang Zhang is wearing a new armor, and the evil spirits are in command like the stars and the moon.
"There are more dense!"
"Since the ghost king has shuttled from here to the past, he will come here to find those goblins when he returns to nature. Please wait carefully!"
Suddenly, he turned around and said to Yu Xiong, not far away, "Are you in such a hurry to share my credit?"
A rain girl didn’t speak, but several ghosts in her hand were somewhat defiant.
I brought a million people to help you, and you said that my adult came to share your credit?
The rain shook his head slightly and motioned for his hand not to go out.
She said lightly, "I took the double swords of heaven and earth according to the orders of the ghost Lord, which doesn’t conflict with you."
Cangzhang sneer at a sarcastic way: "Even magic dragon gave up his hand or couldn’t get the ghost king’s face to take advantage of me."
Rain was about to speak when he suddenly shouted "Military alert!"
Everyone turned back in succession.
See that surrounded virtual gradually filled with black fog.
Then a man came out of the black fog.
Gu Qingshan, the ghost king of death
"bondage!" Cang Zhang da drink a way
All the evil spirits made moves in succession, but when they saw the dazzling operation method, light and shadow flew towards Gu Qingshan, and he was trapped and could not move in an instant.
Gu Qingshan in situ unexpected smile.
"I’ll kill me as soon as I come out." He let out his mind and read all over the field.


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