Lola immediately asked, "Who gave you such a vow restriction?"

Gu Qingshan Road "Myself"
Ye Fei couldn’t help asking, "What?"
"Because this ability makes my sword too heavy, she has to rest for a while."
There is nothing for everyone to say.
Gu Qingshan is a sword repairer, and everyone has seen those sword spirits know that Gu Qingshan must do so for a reason.
-maybe the sword spirit can’t bear it?
Everyone guessed.
But Gu Qingshan didn’t say why, and it’s hard for everyone to ask.
After all, the secret of each person’s ability and weapon is only clear to each person.
Since he didn’t say anything, he must have a point.
At this time, Gu Qingshan continued to say, "And I doubt that even killing Hyun-a Kim children will destroy the life god."
"-the god of life will never sit by and watch anything threaten her life. I guess she broke away from this vow restriction when she changed cards."
The boss said, "You mean she is no longer bound by the contract of the gods?"
"It may be a little constrained, but life and death are no longer a problem." Gu Qingshan said.
"Where did you see that?"
"-this god is afraid of death. He is afraid that he has never left the hometown of Anhun for so many years. How can she allow herself to die at any time because of the death of others?"
"reasonable" boss nods
Everyone fell silent again.
Since even this method doesn’t work, what should I do?
Gu Qingshan handed Hyun-a Kim four rings from his hand.
"Monsters are too busy repairing the world to focus on ordinary gods for the time being."
"You ring the power to mobilize all the gods."
Hyun-a Kim couldn’t help asking, "Are you going to transfer them?"
Gu Qingshan nodded and looked at Lola. "Monsters can’t sense us, but Ya ‘an still needs protection."
"You take some mirror worlds and secretly distribute them to towns with Hyun-a Kim so that all the gods can prepare to enter the mirror world so that we can take them away."
"No problem," said Lola.
"Fly away from Yinghao and go with you" Gu Qingshan Road
"White" two people should way
"Boss, give them reverse summoning to send them back at any time."
Everything is ready.
Gu Qingshan once again told Hyun-a Kim that "it is urgent not to try to talk about people-it is most efficient to show the last blood of the royal family and the power of the ring."
"When will Bai Ke let everyone enter the mirror world?"
"Can’t wait for my news now" Gu Qingshan said.
"… good"
Hyun-a Kim, Lola, Zhang Yinghao and Ye Fei left to gather the descendants of God.
Gu Qingshan and the boss are left in the butte.
"Do you have something to ask me?" Laodadao
"But you are the king of the abyss, and your knowledge far exceeds ours. I want to know if you have any way to deal with that monster." Gu Qingshan said.
The boss shook his head and said, "What the gods couldn’t do at that time is even more impossible now."
"Boss, who do you think will win if the soul squealer fights with the God of Life?" Guqingshan avenue
The boss flatly said, "I don’t know much about the God of Life, and I don’t know who can win, but this battle will last for a long time-just like the battle of the demon king’s corpse in the 900 million-occupied world."
Gu Qingshan nodded silently.
At the beginning, the soul screaming demon summoned the body and fought for a long time before the winner was decided.
-it was a decisive victory, which determined that the soul scream was defeated by the 900 million-story world from now on.
The boss sighed and his expression became heavy and awe-inspiring.
"On the individual strength, the screaming soul is far from being a life god"


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