"oh? Is he doing so well? Mother just told me a few words about him and asked you to persuade him to learn enough is enough. "Zhu Xiuchang casually leafed through several copies of the throne and casually threw them back, but this leafing remembered all the names of the players.

The hundredth chapter longevity (in)
Zhang Zuo trotted to leave the tea dried fruit in this NuanGe, leaving the two brothers and sisters Jiajing to point to the tea in front of him. "Sister Huang, try this. It’s three years old tea that the eldest brother sent to the West Lake Longjing to drink in the palace. It was only after he arrived in Jiangnan that he sent the newly picked tea this year. Before we came here, we could drink the newly picked Yunwu tea every year in Anlu. Now I want to drink some tea from my hometown for three years, and I want to drink new tea."
Zhu Xiuchang took a sip of tea soup and smiled. "When you were in the world, you would have been in Anlu Tea Forest. No one dared to fool you. But now that you are an emperor, they are afraid that you will be killed if you drink new tea and have a slippery mouth. Chen Tea fooled you. It’s not only the taste of tea, but also the real characteristics of your diet. When you are an emperor, sometimes you can’t lose it at will."
She asked Jiajing again, "You just got back from Ciqing Palace? Did Zhang plead with Xie Jia? To tell the truth, some people from Xie’s family left a heavy gift in my house and revealed Xie’s idea of returning the marriage. At first, they refused to pay it, but it was a little late. "
"I’m sorry about this, second sister." Jiajing leaned back against the chair, and he was a little lazy. He was so relaxed before his elder sister. At this moment, he was no longer a Emperor Wan Cheng, but a young man who had just become a man.
When Zhu Xiuchang was in charge of the family business, it was his first big umbrella for this younger brother. Now, although the position has changed, I can finally relax my feelings when I see my imperial sister Jiajing. I don’t want to talk in my heart, so I can finally say it with confidence.
He has a gloomy mind and little help when he came to the throne. He hides a lot of words in his heart and plays guessing games with ministers to see who is really on his side. However, it is not necessary for these emperors to plan their own sisters.
"I just don’t send it these days to see how many people speak for Xie Gu and how much power they can launch. Now it seems that Xie Gu has a lot of energy. Zhejiang and Jiangxi are Fujian officials. Some people speak for Xie Gu or support the ban on the sea. Others recognize the eldest brother’s jokes about killing good people. How can they kill good people when they are all offered to the capital? Xie Jia is dead this time! I’ve told her several times over there, but it’s always separated by a layer. Sister Huang should put in a good word for me and my second sister’s mother. "
Zhu Xiuchang was also worried that Xiuyan was sad, and it was also her mood to walk around frequently these days. But according to her observation, Xiuyan seems to have no resistance to watching the door, but she is a little happy. The reason for this is that she didn’t want to admit that her second sister is still young and has no experience in doing widow things, and she doesn’t realize how painful it is.
On the contrary, Chiang Kai-shek knows that the pain caused by the word widowhood is that he can make his daughter sacrifice in order to take care of his own overall situation, but for Xiuyan, there is obviously a lot of compensation emotion. She nods, "I will say that my second sister and mother will not let them feel sad. Everyone is from an imperial family. What do you mean by the overall situation?"
"Sister Huang, if you do this again, I will be angry. I am your brother. You are my sister. I am an outsider, not to you. I am not only you and my eldest brother. He will always be my brother and my brother-in-law. I will not be happy if I treat me like an emperor but not as a brother. When he comes back, I will frighten him."
"He should be scared, but don’t be scared too much, or my sister will be distressed." She smiled like a eldest sister found some little secrets of my younger brother and looked at Jiajing. "You have been very fond of that Zinia Fang recently, hasn’t he found it for you? If he didn’t take you as a brother, he wouldn’t have done it. "
Jiajing ha ha a smile. "Sister Huang really still loves her brother-in-law. He’s a hidden Xu. When I look at him, it’s a little more comfortable than a real Xu. His beauty pageant is really good. I like it very much. It’s not just Zinia Fang. He’s also very good. When he returns to Beijing, I’ll be rewarded heavily, but you should be careful, sister. He took the opportunity to find himself a bunch of beautiful women. It’s not difficult for a few beautiful women to drift."
The two brothers and sisters laughed for a while, and Zhu Xiuchang said, "In a court, someone needs to make noodles as well as long live in it. Now everyone in the court wants to make noodles, but no one wants to save the world and save the people, but no one wants to be a bad-faced ancestor. It’s hard to live for a long time, but it’s hard to cherish his talents. He’s self-defiled. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his position, but that he doesn’t take his position as a brother. If he even has noodles, isn’t it a violation of the rules? Long live the new army, long live the new army, and long live the southeast. That’s what he does in the end, which ensures that people will always be grateful to God. If he is like those who make noodles in Yang Tinghe, he will not only make meritorious deeds, but also win the hearts of the people with long live. This is also a rule for him to be a minister in the future. Tell them that if they want to be a wife, they can’t even treat others like brothers? "
Jiajing nodded and knew that Zhu Xiuchang had actually come to put in a good word for Yang Chengzu. After all, although the atmosphere of impeaching him this time was from Nanjing Douchayuan, the imperial capital reacted particularly strongly. On the same day, killing Gao Zhong and patrolling the city was almost the same as the whole imperial capital. The other party must take revenge this time.
Even Yang Tinghe can’t maintain this situation, including the fact that the new army accepted Guo Xun’s command, left their respective defenses without authorization, injured the resident officials and robbed the armory. After careful study, Yang Chengzu was a backstage eye, and the capital had a celebration storm, but there was also a liquidation public opinion that Zhu Xiuchang was afraid that the fake drama would really come and put out the fire.
At this moment, he suddenly found that he was no longer the old sister’s wing to protect the weak boy, and in turn, he was stronger than Huang Jie, but he wanted to please himself. He comforted Zhu Xiuchang.
"Sister Huang, rest assured that I had said that eldest brother is my crown. How can I be crowned one day? Don’t say that I know what he did, but how can he do it even if he doesn’t know? Even if he is really the second Jiang Binzhen, he can’t protect him one day? "
Chapter one hundred and one Longevity ()
With the attitude of the emperor, Zhu Xiuchang’s heart is truly released. She also talked about the exhibition of Yang Ji’s business income and expenditure. This state-owned firm has just started to withdraw funds so quickly, but its achievements are very good. It has not been easy to maintain the balance of payments by relying on the existing storefront land just after its establishment one year ago.
Jiajing is not a woman who is long at the palace, but she is inexperienced in the world. Because she was involved in civil affairs when she was in the former palace, and Yang Chengzu was no stranger to these things, he nodded while listening.
"There are people in Beijing who told me that Yang Ji’s business people are fighting for profits and evil to dominate the market! When I don’t know? Every year in famine years, it is hard for the people to live, but in good years, rice base hurts the farmers as much as it hurts the people. Brother, it’s beneficial to the people to engage in the unified purchase and marketing, and the more you swear, the better you do, but the people who do things should be people, not Huang Jie. You should take care of yourself and not be exhausted. "
Zhu Xiuchang is now in charge of not only Yang Ji’s operation in the north, but also a part of the strength in the Royal Guards. At the beginning, some of the guards in Anlu were assigned to the Royal Guards, and their own development departments all accepted her command, which was regarded as a secret arm of the emperor.
In addition to the financial pressure, maintaining such an army can not be underestimated, but Zhu Xiuchang’s young body can still withstand it.
She sighed. "My real sister thinks it’s good to have something to do with her hands. One thing is not boring. You see, my mother is lonely and her body is not good because there is no one to accompany her in the palace. In the past, there were a lot of things to do in Anlu, and her body was much better than now. If my sister let go of all her work, the Princess House would be bored every day."
"Sister Huang, you don’t beat around the bush. I know you miss your brother-in-law and will arrange for him to come back as soon as possible, but not now. Look at this Guangdong memorial."
He said as he handed Zhu Xiuchang a Guangdong memorial. Zhu Xiuchang looked at it for a few times and his face sank. "The virgin stepped on the tap?" The Buddha lang robot is bold and courageous! If you don’t teach them a lesson, even their eyes will be gone. We don’t know what Tianwei Hehe is. "
"Exactly. This time, no matter what you say, it must be a fight. In addition to the soldiers, it is necessary to be lazy to help the old men in Guangdong. If you don’t send a measured person, you can’t even suppress them. Besides, the eldest brother told me that the Buddha was going to fight, but you should also talk about it. If you can make this trade and financial resources, you can roll in the civil and military affairs of the Manchu Dynasty. Even those cabinet ministers in Yang Tinghe didn’t have this insight .."
"My sister has worked hard for her country, that is, she has forgotten her home. This is what people and ministers should do. Long live! He will send his sister not to make trouble with you."
Sister and brother talked for more than half an hour before Zhu Xiuchang took leave. Jiajing thought that Yang Chengzu had transferred Liu Bing to be an arm for a long time. But today, my sister came to ask for human feelings. If Liu Bing was transferred at this time, if she was misunderstood by her sister that she was trying to take the eldest brother, it would be not good to tear this transfer away.
Zhang Zuo came in with a big pile of memorials from the outside. Since the cabinet was contending for Yang Tinghe, he deliberately threw a lot of memorials in front of the sky. Since the sky was contending, he simply pushed them over. Except for the Hongwu Tianwai, few emperors were able to have so much energy to deal with such Wenshan Daihai, and Zhengdetian was also defeated by such a road.
However, Jiajing was prepared for this kind of reaction. He smoked several kinds of memorials to see if he mostly stayed in China or was randomly selected by eunuchs. Today, Zhang Zuo brought in a memorial dedicated to southeast affairs, which is the first priority of the current court.
Whether to open the sea or ban the sea, whether to promote or abolish the ship, whether to control the shipbuilding by the government, and other issues are very fierce, and it is very lively to fight against the division of camps by everyone.
Ji Du, an official from the southeast, supports the prohibition of the sea. Even if he opposes the prohibition of the sea, he also opposes the court’s control of the sea trade. On the contrary, officials from the north do demand that the sea be controlled by the court to collect taxes.
Jiajing naturally knew that this was Yang Ji’s operation, and introduced many northern landlords to the south to observe the market, making them realize the huge profits of sea trade. Although Tianjin, Shandong and other places can also go to sea, the current trade environment is mainly in the middle and south of the Yangtze River. If these guys want to go to sea trade, the biggest rival is the southeast gentry Yang Chengzu. This is a way of pulling one faction to provoke gentry to fight gentry and heroes to fight heroes.
As far as the imperial court is concerned, Zhejiang is an important official in the imperial examination province. Naturally, the confrontation between great north officials and southern officials is temporarily in the wind, but from the emperor’s point of view, these northerners don’t need to win, they need to speak out, and this battle will be fought.
The other part of the memorial still revolves around the issue of Yang Chengzu. Many senior officials insist that Yang Chengzu should be transferred back to Beijing for investigation, and at least he should stop it first. His imperial envoy made him continue to suffer, like several officials on the emperor’s side who impeached Yang Chengzu in the previous discussion ceremony. It seems that his line of work really harmed the interests of too many people.
There is Yan Song’s most appetite for Jiajing. In a few thousand words, it means that what the emperor did with Yang Chengzu supported all the ministers.
Jiajing ha ha a smile "Yan Weizhong? Eldest brother introduced me to a wonderful person. This person is interesting. If Yang Tinghe can be like him, I can save a lot of effort. I want to give eldest brother a will. Don’t they want to ban the sea? Don’t you want to strike the market? I will give them some color to see if they are disposed of. Thank you, Zunzhen, and see who dares to come out and say no maritime affairs! "
Ten days later, Hangzhou City is already a world of silver. It’s quite time to dye the whole earth in silver. Bai Causeway Yang Chengzu’s cold frost is covered in snow, and fox fur is watching the scenery of broken bridges and residual snow. Suddenly, a security guard trotted from a distance and exhaled clouds of white gas. He gasped, "There’s a secret message from Beijing. Please hurry back to the office to receive it."
Yang Chengzu grabbed Leng Feishuang’s hand and said, "If you want to fly frost, you should have it."
Cold frost was also fond of not enjoying the scenery. Yang Chengzu sprinted in the direction of the mansion. A few days later, a well-equipped horse rode out of Nanjing City and surrounded the black clothes Xie Family Mansion. Several artillery muzzles pointed directly at Xie Family’s gate.
Chapter one hundred and two Life and death hate
For hundreds of years, Xie Jia’s famous family has a wide network in the capital and has its own powerful network. As soon as Jiajing imperial edict sent out the connections in the capital, he sent a confidant to Nanjing to deliver the news. The imperial court moved quickly this time and unexpectedly sent letters, all of which were pointed hats, brown shirts and white boots. The east factory led a team, and a Zhang Zuomen junior high school official was ordered to die.
Even if Xie Jiayin made enough efforts, he didn’t dare to stop at all and arrive in Hangzhou faster than those messengers. By the time Xie Zun got the news, he wanted to leave, but he couldn’t come.


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