The world turned into a deep color.

Orange Cat looked around and saw that the whole world was crowded with people.
These people all knelt down in bloody robes and prayed devoutly.
"This sacrifice may the sea of blood last forever."
Everyone’s mouth is chanting.
The old man on top of everyone was fixed to a guillotine with a bloody head.
He struggled desperately, but to no avail.
His boundary force-nightmare is not in this phase boundary.
The orange cat reveals a dignified color.
This time, it’s really terrible to summon the spirit of the world, and directly isolate the other party’s strength.
But what is the spirit of this world?
Orange cat just thinking eyes rested on the guillotine.
Is this the guillotine?
At this time, the old man has realized something.
"No … no …"
He suddenly collapsed. "I surrender! I surrender! Please spare me. I swear to hand over my evil relic at once! "
Responding to him, the guillotine quickly fell to the giant hay cutter.
The old man’s head was beheaded.
Everyone cheered and shouted, "The sea of blood is eternal!"
an instant
The old man’s head was attached to his body, and a stream of blood flew up and disappeared.
The whole phase boundary suddenly disappeared.
The orange cat found herself back in the main world again.
The old man opposite him is really gone.
Orange cat slightly regret.
The higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment. The other party will persist until the guillotine appears and die. He has lost this opportunity. What kind of spirit can he summon after seeing 10,000 swords?
Only to see that the nightmare kept screaming sharply and scurrying about the ground trying to find the trace of the old man.
After a while
The nightmare gradually slowed down and finally stopped.
All the forces dispersed from it.
It turned into powder and disappeared into the night wind.
Left a palm-sized nightmare statue in situ.
"Destroy it, it is the root of all evil!"
The girl hurried to sound.
Gu Qingshan turned back into a human figure and wondered, "This statue should be an evil relic. Supposedly, it should also be the core of this world. Why should it be destroyed?"
"Because our world has long been incomplete and the holy things have been destroyed, if we don’t destroy this evil holy world, it won’t change and all evil will continue," said the girl.
"Oh, I see."
Gu Qingshan walked towards the nightmare statue.
As soon as he was in front of the statue, all of a sudden, the fine print of fireflies flashed wildly.
"You’ve found a sacred object at the core of the world."
"You can make the key mold melt the new parts of the traffic."
Besides, you got a secret.
"It was the frozen corpse that gave you the secret after it was mastered by the curtain."
"You need to activate this secret with the new parts of the transit!"
Chapter six hundred and forty-two The doomsday secret
Gu Qingshan’s heart rises and falls
He never forgot the secret entrusted by the curtain.
-Neverland entrusted the secret to myself before the end of the day.


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