"This is not only her father’s last wish, but also my request as a stranger."

"So I will never take you away."
Armor listened silently.
When it is still in the state of interception, everything around it remains still.
Suddenly a laugh rang out.
Armor sound became calm and gratified. "I also have an oath with the thorn tree."
"What oath?"
"I swear to always protect the thorny family who brought me out of the abyss of chaos, and I will always protect their king."
Armor continued to say with smile, "If you want to take me away just now, I will fly back to Lola directly."
"It seems that Lola still has the vision to choose a qualified guardian."
"In that case, I will follow your common wishes and you will fight side by side."
The voice just fell and the whole world returned to normal.
Hear the wind.
Gu Qingshan found himself continuing to fly to the sky.
Robbery cloud is brewing a wave of attacks.
Lola, the top of the tree, encouraged herself to come on.
Monty people are preparing for the moment when the sky cracks.
When the interception disappeared!
At the same time, Gu Qingshan exudes a faint white light around him, some like fog, but with some misty light.
"This light is-"
"It’s me. I’m the creation of the gods."
"Is this the form?"
"Because glory is the majesty of God’s creation."
When armor spoke, Gu Qingshan found that two lines of firefly fine print flashed out on the interface of Ares.
"Your armor has entered a state of combat."
"Now you can check the details of this armor. Do you want to check it?"
"view now"
Guqingshan avenue
Suddenly there are lines of firefly fine print constantly emerge.
"Name of things, Antiquities, Shelter of the Gods"
"Ancient artifacts"
"This armor was carefully created by the ancient gods. It was originally intended to reward heroes among all beings. Later, armor was too strong to defend itself, and the ancient gods did not give it to all beings."
"This battle armor has such power;"
"Elemental Elimination When you take an elemental damage, the armor will launch an elemental elimination to eliminate your elemental damage once."
"When you get a physical injury, the armor will attack you except one physical injury."


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