These powerful dead shadows can kill them by farting, and because of the influence of the film industry, these dead shadows have little pity on their filmmakers, and even want to kill them and liberate their own shadow compatriots

And Qin Mu Ye saw these dead shadows from ancient books.
"You’re taking us away from the film industry soon or we’ll all die." The black hawk looked crazy and roared at the leader of Qin Mu Ye.
Qin Mu Ye is slow and not in a hurry. "What are you doing here in such a hurry?"
As soon as the voice fell, I heard a uniform step from far and near.
In the shadows in the distance, a lot of dense fog filled in, and the cold breath gradually enveloped.
The fear in the black hawk’s heart spread to quickly release Qin Mu Ye, and then a huge falcon in his shadow surfaced and hit the black hawk.
It is a moment to shadow the armor to form armor like an eagle.
At this time, Black Hawk is the complete third-order strength.
On the other side, the shadow behind the cold ghost braved the new chill and was covered all over, forming an armor like Xuan Bing, holding a pair of slender and sharp daggers, but the coverage was not as tight as that of the Black Hawk.
If it is really tight, it should be the mountain tower. If the cold ghost is leather armor and the black hawk is light armor, then the mountain tower is heavy armor.
"psst ~ armored warrior?" Qin Mu Ye took a deep breath. He is a summoning shadow, but I didn’t expect it to be a fit.
This is simply unexpected to Qin Mu Ye.
"Shut up. If I can get out alive this time, I will cut you to pieces." Cold ghost said bitterly.
It was a treasure house and went straight to hell.
Soon, as the sound approached, I saw the armor coming. Although the weapons with different looks but strict discipline were also strange, they were all of the same pike type.
"Yinshan army that one into the suppression of dead shadow Yinshan army! ! !” The cold ghost sound is a little sharp, but even if everyone has changed, the cold sweat on his forehead can’t stop flowing.
We are not only inferior to each other in number, but also inferior in strength.
You can kill them all by pulling out a dead shadow casually, or even worse, you can’t escape if you form an army of dead shadows.
The Black Hawk took a step back to Qin Mu Ye when he saw this.
He’s just like an egg hitting a stone. It’s just a matter of how to die, but he … doesn’t want to die!
Chapter 23 Trigger group extinction effect
Fighting is imminent … No, or killing is imminent.
Our side is not this group of dead shadow opponents at all. Most of the shadow bases don’t have much fighting spirit, and everyone is thinking about leaving.
Even the boss, Black Hawk, is the same, but he has the advantage to know that he must be divorced by himself. He wants to take Qin Mu Ye.
Since the other party has the ability to beat the film seal left by Yinshan Army in those days, there must be a way to take him away from this hellhole.
Therefore, while everyone is not paying attention to it, a pair of eagle wings like steel emerged behind Qin Mu Ye and rushed out decisively with Qin Mu Ye.
Even the cold ghosts and towers around him didn’t react. The Black Hawk had already flown and glided over this group of Yinshan army dead shadows and rushed out of the palace with people.
Everyone didn’t expect that things would develop like this. The morale was on the verge of collapse at this moment.
The cold ghost and the pagoda didn’t expect to become such a scene that they hated to itch.
The Black Hawk is very fast, even if he takes someone, it is not just anyone who can chase after the dead shadow, but also a small team is divided to hunt down the Black Hawk.
But the rest of the dead shadow is on the alert, and then someone escapes from the killing instantly. Even the thickest pagoda is shot through the chest. Cold ghost’s agile figure, pike law, Reagan dodged to death. It was even worse than the pagoda, and he was full of holes.
On the other side of the black hawk with Qin Mu Ye dash all the way.
"Xiao, you must find a way to find the exit of the film industry or we will all die here." The panting Black Hawk didn’t stop but kept going.
Look at him. It’s not easy to play this kind of flight speed. It’s less overload and Qin Mu Ye’s consumption is naturally higher
"Film? It should be the hell. I knew it before I exported it, but you didn’t know it after you left. "Qin Mu Ye was teasing in his tone.
"You mean in the palace!" The Black Hawk was shocked and then the whole person was lying in the trough. "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"
"You didn’t ask. If you did, I would have said," Qin Mu Ye looked like you had a problem.
The exit of the film industry in this area is really in the palace, but the Black Hawk has to take him away from Congcong. Now it is self-evident that they are lost in the film industry.
Just now, I don’t know where the Black Hawk flew at that speed.
"Is there any other way?" It is impossible for the Black Hawk to go back for a while.
It’s too scary for those Yinshan troops to stay dead after their death. The root is that he can’t deal with it.
"There must be, but you have to tell me about your situation in the film industry first so that I can judge what we should do next in combination with the information at hand." Just because Qin Mu Ye said that it was called a fear that they couldn’t cope doesn’t mean that Qin Mu Ye couldn’t cope.
The Black Hawk sighed when he saw this. At present, he was relieved and his mood calmed down. Then he introduced the situation of their shadow industry to Qin Mu Ye.
Qin Mu Ye listened with relish, that is, the Black Hawk is always an idle little person who knows little and is still a bit stubborn. For example, everyone knows that Yinshan Army suppressed the dead shadows and shadow monsters in the film industry in ancient times, and as a result, it would even think that this is a treasure house instead of some kind of terrorist seal?
It is estimated that the black hawk in the supernatural world is similar to the kind of gangsters who may know something, but they don’t know much, which is also a kind of profit-making.
In the black hawk, it was a coincidence that Qin Mu Ye also asked about the awakening shadow of the shadow stone.
"By the way, I just want to ask you that the shadow monster should be that thing?" Qin Mu Ye pointed to a pure black creature similar to a leopard but with three tails and asked.
The black hawk turned to look and saw the black panther pouncing on him. Sharp claws scratched his figure armor on the spot.
One person and one leopard are so entangled that they are constantly wrestling together.
While Qin Mu Ye is retreated aside to think about one thing, that is, what’s wrong with him?
Because there is also a small panther squatting next to him, from the appearance, he is beating the panther. The panther should be the little panther, and the old mother may also be Dad Qin Mu Ye, and it is not good to assume the other gender.
This little panther has no interest in Qin Mu Ye at all, just like facing a stone.
What Qin Mu Ye hand to touch the little panther but also rubbed him.
He doesn’t think he has a leading role aura, which is more likely because … he is not a filmmaker.
Naturally, a man who read with his hands tied has no awakening shadow.
"That is to say, the film industry judges that it is really for the film, not for people?" Qin Mu Ye was a little curious.
Of course, it is also possible that this shadow monster, who looks like a leopard, has a special preference for filmmakers.
"Li Yan, help me get rid of this shadow. I blame you for dying. It’s not good for you." The panther tore at most of the shadow. The black hawk shouted.
"Ah, this … I can’t beat it. I’m a history teacher, not a physical education teacher. Besides, a physical education teacher can’t. He gets sick every day." Qin Mu Ye said while holding the little black panther’s head.


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