It was Lao Xu and driver Chen who came to kill Zhou Junying.

All three of them were wearing black trench coats and strode directly to the villa gate.
"Who are you? This is a private mansion and you can’t just enter. Do you have an appointment with the host? "
Two security guards came out and stopped three people, including Zhou Jun.
At this time, it’s a quarter to half later, and the door of the villa will be locked. However, Zhou Jun and Eagle Lao Xu have already come to investigate and find out everything about Lin Haonan’s villa. They have already got the layout of the villa. Now Zhou Jun and Eagle Lao Xu know where Lin Haonan’s restaurant is, where the garage is, where the room is and where the bedroom is.
"We are plainclothes policemen from Hong Kong who are here to investigate a theft case that happened last night. Here is our certificate. Please cooperate with us."
He replied coldly in a black trench coat and then took out a certificate and walked over to the security guard.
"There was no theft here last night."
The security guard muttered a.
Just as the security guard was preparing to pick up Zhou Jun’s papers, Zhouyi made another move with a sharp dagger.
The dagger plunged directly into the security guard’s chest.
The security guard wanted to shout, but Zhou Jun had already grasped his mouth, and he had gloves on his hands and would not leave fingerprints.
After the rescue of Emperor Zhou Qing, Zhou Jun became a formal gangster. Now he is more capable at his age.
As soon as Zhou Jun killed a security guard, another security guard woke up from a rude awakening and knew that these three men were by no means plainclothes policemen.
The security guard wanted to shout and run, but he found that his legs were weak and his voice seemed to be stuck.
Eagle Lao Xu is not tall and old, but he is hale and hearty, but he is not the protagonist this time. He didn’t start work, but he was alert to prevent any accidents from happening around him, and the driver Chen was tall, and he should have a good skill from his energy.
But tonight the protagonist is Zhou Jun, and they are all coming to bring up the rear.
The security guard just ran out of two steps. Zhou Jun had chased him. As soon as he got stuck in his neck, he twisted his hands. This unlucky guy died.
There are six security guards in Lin Haonan’s private villa, divided into three classes. Two people in each group are on duty, and the other four are resting at this time.
"Brother Chen disposed of the body and destroyed a camera. No evidence can be left."
He killed two security guards and ordered the driver, Xiao Chen, to be Zhou Qing Di’s royal driver. This time, he followed him to Hong Kong. He was in his early twenties and several years older than Zhou Jun.
"I know, young master."
Xiao Chen dragged the bodies of two security guards to the duty room and then found the camera at the door and destroyed it.
"Uncle Xu, let’s go."
He pressed the bass to greet the Eagle Lao Xu, and then quickly ran to the villa. Lao Xu, the Eagle, finally followed him about ten feet.
Zhou Jun had already studied the layout of the villa and soon he dived into the kitchen.
Lin Haonan’s life is quite luxurious. Every time he eats, there are more than a dozen restaurants. At this time, two chefs are still busy cooking.
When Zhou Junxin, the chef cooking, decided that Lin Haonan should be in the restaurant at this time, or Zhou Junzheng was about to turn around and leave, a girl in her twenties entered the kitchen and urged the cooking chef, "Is the food ready?" Master is waiting to eat. His appetite seems to have improved this evening. "
"It’s ready."
A fat cook hurriedly handed the girl two dishes.
The girl in her twenties walked to the restaurant with two dishes. Zhou Jun quietly followed her and took out a piece of cloth from the black trench coat to cover her face.
The girl put the food on the table and was ordered to leave by Lin Haonan, leaving Lin Haonan and Ah to eat in the luxurious hall.
He walked slowly into the hall along the steps, and at a glance he arrived at Lin Haonan and Loy. He and Eagle Lao Xu made detailed preparations for the workshop. He knew that Zhouyi wanted him to kill the man who was about fifty years old.
"Who are you?"
Suddenly, O found a masked man wearing a black windbreaker in the restaurant and shouted in horror at the same time.
"You are Lin Haonan, aren’t you?"
He eyes like a knife Lin Haonan and asked.
"Who are you and how did you get in?" Lin Haonan’s eyes can’t hide his panic.
"I’m here to kill you."
He replied coldly.


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