The closer we get to the southern border, the more obvious and intense this influence becomes.

The former core area of Mobei is actually the central and northern Ulaanbaatar, and the southern part of the Gobi Desert is very backward in population, economy and education due to dense desertification.
However, with the large-scale entry of Chinese capital into Mobei, the development speed here has even surpassed the capital area of Ulaanbaatar, especially the permanent population of Dongfang Province, East Gobi Province and Central Gobi Province has increased a lot.
According to the research report of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the population of Dongfang Province, East Gobi Province and Central Gobi Province exceeded 1.27 million in March this year.
It seems that this figure seems ordinary. After all, the population of some counties in China can easily exceed one million.
However, many people don’t know that the total population of Mobei is only about 320 thousand, and the former population was in the capital area of Ulaanbaatar
The return of population is mainly due to the rapid economic development in the three southeast provinces. Pastures, farms, mines, factories and industries all need a large number of people.
There are as many as 1.27 million employees in Mobei alone, and the total number of employees in other Chinese-funded enterprises has reached 720 thousand.
The local young people in Mobei, together with many herders, have to rely on the food alliance for food, and many brothers and clansmen in the local management have also gained great benefits in this development wave.
In the face of this kind of infiltration, the leading party should be integrated with the outside world, and the situation in Mobei is based on the fact that the overall situation has been set, and those guys who are interested in doing things are also stunned by those leading parties.
Blocking people’s money is like killing their parents. This is no joke.
What’s more, these leading parties are either stupid or the two powers are fighting for hegemony.
Even northern Lucia should be afraid of her southern neighbors. Why don’t they hug North America outside Wan Li if they don’t hug their thighs?
Geographically, they don’t choose whether to be popular or completely blocked. These leading parties know very well.
Leading the way with economic benefits, the leading party group quickly assimilated the management. Their strategy this year is to learn from Maple Leaf Country and be a qualified dog licker.
It’s profitable to lick a dog.
In the first quarter of this year, Mobei’s GDP exceeded 45.3 billion yuan, and it is estimated that the GDP will reach 1.5 billion yuan in 2012.
And their GDP in two years is only 11.4 billion meters, less than half of the current level.
Lick everything at the end. Why not lick it?
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine New opportunities
It has been three days since Bing Lin artificially inseminated more than a dozen herdsmen’s cows.
However, he is not finished yet. He still needs to go to two other settlements to artificially inseminate herders’ cows.
The motorcade continued to go deep into Dongfang Province along the highway.
The eastern province is actually a part of hulun buir grassland. You can see a lot of settlements on both sides of the highway in choibalsan. After changing from nomadism to settlement, herders often choose to settle near the highway.
The highway from Hulunbeier to choibalsan is also a water pipeline and UHV transmission line route.
Bing Lin saw a new four-lane highway next to the highway under construction.
The motorcade passed the town of Tamusag Prague for nearly 100 kilometers, and they arrived at the second guest settlement.
This settlement has a larger population, about 100 people. On the north side of the settlement is a large salt marsh.
The herdsmen’s farm is a relatively high-lying place next to the salt marsh.
However, after reading it for a while, Bing Lin still noticed some problems. "Uncle En and you should be careful when choosing this location. You’d better change to the highland on the west side of your settlement."
En He scratched his head in a fog. "Brother Li, is there anything wrong with this place?"
Bing Lin pointed out that the area on the north side from less than 500 meters is a significant terrain drop. "Is there a lake in front of the north side?"
"But when my father was a child, it was still a lush lake. But decades ago, the water dried up here. Brother Li was worried that the lake would be flooded to the farm? This don’t worry about the lake should be impossible to recover "and explained with a smile.
Bing Lin shook his head. "Uncle En and don’t be too careless. Didn’t you notice that there was more rain this year?"
"Well …" Well and recalled the weather in recent years. It rained earlier and more this year than in previous years.
Herdsmen don’t understand this, but Bing Lin read ecological farming and knew that the microenvironment and climate were really modifiable.
Dongfang Province is a part of hulun buir grassland, and the surrounding Hulunbeier sandy land, Horqin sandy land and Hunshandake sandy land have been transformed into grasslands, farms, pastures and forest farms, and the eastern sandy land has also been gradually transformed.
Vegetation coverage and fresh water stress will lead to the gradual transition of local climate from semi-arid area, and precipitation in semi-arid and semi-humid areas may suddenly soar in some years.
However, most of the salt marshes in the eastern provinces are degraded from land lakes. Once the precipitation increases, it is very likely that these salt marshes will become salt lakes again.
Bing Lin looked at the location of the farm, although it was relatively high, but there were obvious saline-alkali deposits on the ground, saying that the water level of this salt lake had definitely flooded this area before, and even the settlements were not necessarily safe.
"Will this lake really come back?"
"Hulun Lake has expanded a lot. Sooner or later, it’s better to plan ahead on your side. Now these huts are better to change, and your settlements are better to move to a higher position."
"Thank you brother Li for waking me up and discussing with everyone."
Bing Lin did not continue to persuade, but buried himself in artificial insemination of those cows.
The possibility of salt lake recovery is certain according to the current progress of sand transformation.
There are a lot of lakes in hulun buir grassland in history, and there are many documents.
Similarly, a series of desert Gobi desert and salt marshes along the border are many ancient grasslands, lakes and rivers.
After the climate here is restored to the semi-humid area, these rivers and lakes will definitely appear again.
Just as the Chinese-funded power represented by the Grain Alliance has once again returned to this land like a flash.
After three busy days, Bing Lin and several assistants finally freed themselves from hundreds of cowboys and went to a settlement exhausted.
In the evening, Bing Lin, a highway pickup truck, leaned against the door and snored. The Gobi Desert was calm and quiet, and there were few people in it except for a few smoke.
In the afterglow of the sunset, the motorcade came to a new town-Rheum Town.
As its name implies, Rhenium Town has a rhenium mine. Last year, the exploration team of Minmetals Group discovered a rare molybdenum-rhenium mixed mine in this area.
Although the depth of the deposit is about 7~12 meters, the rhenium content of this molybdenum-rhenium mixed ore is about 1573 tons, and the unit abundance is very high, which is about 17~24 times higher than that of the common molybdenum ore. This is a world-class rhenium mine.


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