"It’s the principal!" Zhao Li is telling the truth. There is nothing guilty at all, but the principal seems to be lost in another kind of thinking. "Impossible! How is that possible?" How is it possible? " Say a few words in a row, lost in thought

At that time, Zhao Li can stay alone and don’t know what to do, but he knows that the principal is thinking about it and it’s better not to disturb him at this time.
After thinking about it, Zhao Li sat cross-legged and posed in the most standard posture. After practicing basic physical fitness, Zhao Li felt as if he had changed at some moment under pressure. At this time, he just checked one.
Perhaps Zhao Li relaxed in the face of that kind of violent pressure and quickly entered a state of meditation practice until he woke up after practice.
I looked at it consciously for an hour and a half, but it seems that the three dantian fields suddenly changed a lot. This feeling only appeared when the basic fitness technique broke through a certain bottleneck.
Zhao Li couldn’t believe that he felt that he had deliberately re-timed the basic fitness exercise for one minute and fifteen seconds, and he had unconsciously increased the running speed of the basic fitness exercise for a whole minute on Sunday.
So according to this, one and a half hours is equivalent to 72 days of basic fitness, and the crazy pressure of the principal has broken through inexplicably.
Chapter two hundred and twenty History repeats itself
The headmaster also pondered over there without saying a word, and Zhao Li also sat in situ and pondered over it.
To tell the truth, the principal’s demonstration gave Zhao Li a very vivid lesson. Although the principal also said that everyone has different ways of practicing, and everyone’s experience may not be suitable for others, Zhao Li still learned a lot from it.
Don’t be afraid to say that Zhao Li knows several different features at different levels. Although Zhao Li himself can’t believe whether these features are absolute or not, he already has a general distinction standard in his heart.
Zhao Li is not ambitious, and he will never pursue something beyond his own level. However, with this concept, he has a direction when he practices less, and he is no longer blind as before.
But Zhao Li thought of another question. What if the headmaster misled himself with a specious standard? After all, the contradiction between the unified military and the gifted school is no longer a matter of one or two days. Even if he treats several students with special respect, it is by no means that he can solve the dispute between the two sides alone.
Zhao Li didn’t know what to do at the thought of this question, but suddenly he thought about what he was, but a small lieutenant colonel in the army wasn’t worth it. It was a bit of a fuss to deal with himself like this, and he took himself too seriously.
However, despite this, Zhao Li still found some problems. If the headmaster regularly gives this kind of test to his students, once the students here do not insist on it like Zhao Li, it is bound to leave a headmaster in their hearts. After overcoming such a psychological shadow and hint, it is almost impossible for them to surpass the headmaster, regardless of their diligence, savvy and good qualifications.
Does the principal establish himself in front of the students or does the truth make them feel a higher level of strength? No matter what the starting point is, the future of the students is almost doomed, or this is the way that the principal said that he could break through the seven-level bottleneck skillfully, but if he wants to break through again, it depends on when the students can realize that the principal is not invincible in the later years.
Thought of here, Zhao Li is still vaguely proud. According to Zhao Li’s state at that time, even if the principal exerts pressure, Zhao Li will never feel it. That is to say, Zhao Li can continue to limit the length of the offensive and defensive situation unless the principal moves, but he can make the principal move after the super-nine strength. Zhao Li’s heart is not blocking the insurmountable mountain in front of him.
Breaking through the joy of nine weeks doesn’t seem to understand this truth, which makes Zhao Lixin even more. However, Zhao Li still waits for the principal to slowly replenish himself in the process of thinking. It seems that the qi in the meridians suddenly dried up. The qi in the nine weeks was condensed to an incredible extent, and the original qi was compressed almost twice after it was condensed.
Zhao Li can clearly feel that the true qi in the three abdomen areas is no longer a simple true qi, but seems to have turned into a viscous liquid. Nevertheless, Zhao Li is very obedient to these true qi, and it turns around like a finger without any obstacles.
The headmaster spent almost a whole day in this long exam, and Zhao Li stayed beside him for a whole day. In addition to practicing, he played with that new policeman. The more he played with it, the more he could feel the magic. It seems that there is still power flowing to the master level when the headmaster buffered the true qi and released the stress. The experience of power control can definitely surprise Zhao Li again and again.
"Shout" The headmaster took a long breath and closed his eyes to see Zhao Li’s figure. The headmaster was very rude and said, "Let me see how your body practices? Basic body building can’t have such effect. "
Said before Zhao Li promised to figure shaking has reached Zhao Li stretched out his hand and grabbed Zhao Li arm then a qi quickly entered the Zhao Li meridians.
This kind of feeling is similar to that of the old warden. It is not the first time that Zhao Li has seen it, but it has always been calm and calm. The headmaster actually did such a thing, and it was a bit surprising for Zhao Li to make it before Zhao Li agreed.
However, it also said that Zhao Li did bring great troubles to the principal. Instead of success, Zhao Li gave the principal a demon. It cannot be said that Zhao Li is still very different from those talented school students.
The headmaster’s hand is very fast and his strength is great. When Zhao Li is caught at the root, there is no way to resist. In this case, Zhao Li has given up resisting. Anyway, the headmaster can’t refuse to see himself.
"Three demonstrated fields?" The headmaster frowned. "Did you learn the foundation stone laying method here? Did the two of them teach you? "
"This is not a particularly secret achievement method, is it?" Zhao Li casually said so, and even Li Mengdie and Christine took off. If they leaked the school achievement method, that would be a big problem.
"This is not a secret achievement method. Many senior officials and younger brothers have tried to lay the foundation stone from here, hoping that they can be better when they lay the foundation stone." The principal said with a sneer. "But they don’t look at their children’s qualifications and learn these achievement methods. Others have already laid the foundation stone, and they are just toddlers. It’s not one point two."
It seems that this kind of selfish thing happens all the time, and Zhao Li has no special feeling about it. The foundation stone laying method of genius school is not an ordinary human law practice, but the effect is not as good as the basic fitness technique
The headmaster was so angry that Zhao Li walked at the touch of the meridians and quickly completed a small Sunday exploration. After that, the headmaster still frowned. "It’s normal. How long have you been practicing this?"
"More than a year" Zhao Li doesn’t hide it. There’s nothing to hide. It seems that the principal has mastered the famous achievement method, so it’s not particularly strange that he can skillfully practice advanced foundation stone. To put it bluntly, advanced foundation stone is just an upgrade of basic fitness. The only strange thing is that basic fitness can actually see his horrible momentum pressure.
"You practice basic body building once!" The headmaster seems to have suddenly changed at the moment, and he is not as quiet and peaceful as before. It is estimated that this experiment has caused him a lot of psychological shock and even changed his usual style.
"good!" Zhao Lixian has no choice but to cooperate.
However, when Zhao Li did his work, the trouble appeared. The headmaster directly released Zhao Li’s posterior cervical Dazhui point and suddenly came over with three qi, each of which rushed to Zhao Li’s three abdomen areas and followed Zhao Li’s qi circulation closely.
What kind of kung fu is this? How can you still circulate like this among the meridians that infuriate others? Surprise is surprising, but Zhao Li can control his true qi.
After a Sunday, the headmaster still didn’t say stop, but let Zhao Li continue. Zhao Li simply sat cross-legged and put his heart in the most standard posture to practice. This posture is Zhao Liyun’s most skilled posture. It seems that the true qi flows a little faster when he sits down.
This movement did not affect the circulation of basic body-building exercises. During the whole process, Zhao Li’s true qi kept circulating. It seems that the headmaster never thought that basic body-building exercises could also work during the exercise, but his eyes emitted a light, but he still pressed Zhao Li’s neck as Zhao Li sat down.
After nine weeks in a row, Zhao Li suddenly found the problem. His true qi seems to be getting slower and slower. The meridians are already full of the principal’s true qi. It has become very difficult to flow according to the original route, but now it has seriously affected Zhao Li’s work.
The headmaster also found this problem, and was about to withdraw his true qi, but he was embarrassed to find that it might be because it took too long to keep Zhao stereoscopic true qi, which was not very obedient. Although the headmaster had tried hard to recover some of it, most of it was still left in Zhao Li’s meridians.
It seems that history has turned over again. When recruiting training, Zhao Li did something bad because of Christine’s kindness. This time, it was the headmaster of a gifted school. It seems that this skill has a long history.
Not only that, those residual qi almost blocked Zhao Li’s whole meridian, but even more terrifying was that the principal’s qi was bubbling and swaying for a long time. Compared with Christine’s qi, Zhao Li could still try to mobilize the qi to flow slowly at that time, but this time he couldn’t even do it.
I can’t help but laugh bitterly at Zhao Li, and the principal is embarrassed behind Zhao Li. If Zhao Li is a genius school student, the principal won’t have an embarrassing experiment. There may be too many problems, and the genius school students will always face possible spiritual problems.
But Zhao Li’s identity is that he invited him to visit the director of the special investigation department of the military intelligence department and the winner of the first-class red star medal in wartime. He has a problem here and the principal has an unshirkable responsibility.
It seems that the headmaster doesn’t know what to do at the moment, which makes him even more surprised that Zhao stereoscopic has completely lost his command. This is a phenomenon worthy of study, but the headmaster has to give up
"I’m sorry!" The headmaster can say the same now.
After hearing this, Zhao Li couldn’t help but reply with a wry smile, "It seems that I have to have a little thing when I touch the genius school. Christine had an accident before the recruit training, and now even the principal is like you."
"But if you can absorb my residual qi, it will be of great benefit to you." Zhao Liqi, the principal of Christine, suddenly remembered that when Christine trained new recruits, she also produced a project. When her eyes lit up, the principal comforted Zhao Li
"I hope so!" Zhao Li smiled wryly. "You’d better arrange for me to see Yu Benyun’s information first!"
The headmaster nodded. "Come with me!" Said the draw and went out.
Zhao Li also managed to walk all the way without the support of the true qi, as if suddenly Zhao Li had become semi-disabled. Those who saw Zhao Li’s situation seemed to show a trace of sympathy and followed the principal into his practice room. Almost no one came out better than Zhao Li, whose performance was just generally miserable.
"What information do you have to rest here can be found in this terminal?" The principal personally arranged Zhao Li to a luxury room and ordered people to send it to eat and drink, and then told Zhao Li, "You have a good cultivation these days and I will help you find a solution."
After leaving Zhao Lifang, he went back to his office. The headmaster directly ordered the secret school personnel to meet and specially told the person in charge of Christine’s project team to come over.
"The headmaster’s little director has suffered enough from you!" People haven’t come here yet. The vice principal and the principal are close to each other. "I think when he came out, it seemed that all his true qi was wasted. Although those guys don’t deserve much attention, it seems that it’s hard to explain to the outside world if they overdo it!"
The vice president’s voice has not fallen into the conference room, and a loud voice among several people has come in together. "That little guy doesn’t know how to climb this position. If it is abolished, it will be so much nonsense."
"He blocked my coercion!" The headmaster has recovered his composure and said, "If I hadn’t collected the work for an hour and a half, he would have kept blocking it!"
"What?" Several people came in with a look of horror or the loud voice, "What grade is he now?"
"I especially tried to pass the Grade 7 test here," the principal calmly replied again.
"Impossible! How could this happen? " Almost everyone has such a tone.
"This is a fact!" The headmaster looked around at his colleagues. "And he stopped me from intimidating 100% with his basic fitness skills!"
In a word, everyone has no sound, but there are many questions in their brow.


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