With the water like smoke, an unknown language sounded in the mouths of more than 20 people at the same time. This language seems to sing but not to sing, which is a bit similar to earth rap. The tune is sometimes high and sometimes low, and it makes people feel a little warm.

Slowly in the crazy state, the nine-headed demon dumpling settled down, and even the fighting to the present Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu’s violent heart subsided.
"There is to calm the mind" Yuan Mu looked up at Li Chengzhu and Yuan Shen said to him.
"Who are these people?" Li Chengzhu eyes staring at the nine-headed demon dumpling asked back.
"You should have heard of another form of demon spirit" Yuan Mu continued after a meal "demon fairy"
Demon fairy?’
"Well, before they became immortals, they all called the demon spirit, which is equivalent to your cultivation of immortals."
Li Chengzhu mercilessly gouged out his one eye, which forced him to become immortal, but he called him "you cultivate immortals" in a few months.
However, demon fairy has indeed heard of this kind of thing, and it was heard from Keba in the game-writing protocol.
There are not only immortals and immortals in the celestial world, but everything has cultivation benefits. Even a tree, a grass or even a stone can evolve into immortals after absorbing the aura of heaven and earth for a long time. Li Chengzhu thinks that these things are monsters that he has heard of before.
But Keba told him that demon fairy is just a kind of life in the celestial world, just as immortals and evil spirits are bent on being good, that is, good spirits are bent on being evil, that is, evil spirits are just a thought. Should it be so clear? Perhaps Li Chengzhu’s former living environment can indeed be called a demon monster, but the celestial beings are the demon spirits, and that is demon fairy.
Demon spirit can be said to be the evolution of fairy beasts. Fairy beasts abandon the personification, that is, the demon spirit, but what makes Li Chengzhu not white is that they are not human beings before they meet fairy beasts. Even this time, when they meet the nine-headed demon dumpling, their strength is so strong, isn’t it a statue? Don’t hide the strength? Throwing this question to Yuanmu Yuanmu Daxian couldn’t answer either. Li Chengzhu couldn’t wait to smash his head.
What a few? Immortals have lived for hundreds of years in vain.
Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu exchanged ideas for a moment, and the nine-headed demon dumpling has gradually become quiet. Next to it, the water is like smoke, and the fist is clenched. Pray that the holy beast will never lose his temper and return to Bibo Lake after the memorial ceremony.
Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu, two people who are restrained by a large array of fairy bound demons and Changhong cable, are not worried that it will suddenly and violently hurt themselves. Even those who cast spells and pay homage to more than 20 people feel relaxed and confused. How come the sacred beast solution was merciful this time?
With the high and low lifted rap solution to appease the nine-headed demon dumpling slowly lowered his head, but ten eyes still hate staring at Li Chengzhu for thousands of years. Can you remember?
With the last high noise, more than twenty people flushed and trembled and cried out.
The water was finally released, and she knew that the spell had been successful.
Stretched out his hand to take a few strands of hair in front of his eyes to the back of his ear and turned to Li Chengzhu and said, "Could you please take back the multiplier? Holy beast has come smoothly. "
Li Chengzhu raised his eyebrows at Yuanmu, and reached for a recruit, Changhong Cable, which was put into the ring.
Not only did the water smoke eyes reveal envious eyes, but even more than 20 people who were tired of casting spells were reluctant to look at Changhong Cable.
It’s much more advanced than the one in the family to bind the sacred beast instrument.
Chapter 20 Very little girl
That more than 20 people around the nine-headed demon dumpling saw Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu taking back the "multiplier" and envied it in their hearts. At the same time, they were relieved that the water was like smoke and the eyes were like silk, and they gave Boss Li a hard look and walked slowly towards the "holy beast".
Water like smoke came to the front of the nine-headed demon dumpling, and Ying Ying threw herself at the jade hand and spread her palm evenly against her forehead. She mumbled something in her mouth for a long time before she looked up at the sacred beast in her family with fear in her eyes. Even Li Chengzhu, who was idle, saw her thin shoulders trembling.
Nine-headed demon dumpling is estimated to have been frightened by Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu Daxian, and those big holes still have blood. Nine heads looked at Li Chengzhu, and two people looked at the snake core in front of the woman for a while.
Water like smoke slowly got up and turned to Li Chengzhu and smiled. "Thank you for coming like smoke. The Virgin once commanded that it is necessary to invite two people to be guests and not to hurt the sacred beast. Please also invite two people to follow our people."
Li Chengzhu looked at Yuanmu with a smile in their eyes at the same time. The bitch said that it was much better than the old singer. I killed it without hurting the sacred beast. But what do you think of this woman’s expression is a little sad and her petite body is shaking? Even the words just now seem to be facing extreme fear.
But the virgin in their family is not a big snake, is it? Just make a pair of cough with the nine-headed demon dumpling, then you will have a fight.
Water like smoke once again smiled at Li Chengzhu and Yuanmu and turned around to face the nine-headed demon dumpling. At the same time, two dozen people have been kneeling next to each other in silence, and at the same time, they have shouted out that kind of tone as passionate as crooning.
The nine-headed demon dumpling whirled round and round, her eyes jerked out in the middle of the snake’s head and closed her eyes to the ground, shivering, and the water rolled up like smoke, and then she was rolled up and dragged to Zhang’s jaws.
The original also listened to this rare rap tone. Boss Li was dumbfounded at this scene. Even Yuanmu Daxian was stunned when he saw that the little girl as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade was about to be stuffed into the snake kiss. Li Chengzhu’s right and left hands at the same time put out the bow and meteor sword with a wave of his hand, and instantly sacrificed the string and sword to finish the drink in his mouth. After saying his word, the meteor sword shot out directly with a streamer.
"poof!" A lotus flower splash
Li Chengzhu greeted the body and flew back to summon the meteor sword. Once again, he took a half-shot without aiming. Once again, he shot a sword. Yuan Mu Daxian also came to his senses. Changhong cable crossed out and tied it to the nine-headed demon dumpling.
Li Da, the boss, was brave enough to shoot off the snake core with nine heads and scattered blood. He closed his eyes and waited for stagnant water to smoke all over his face. Then he was flown to Li Chengzhu and held a petite body full of cold and fear. He felt a little warm and couldn’t help but hold Li Chengzhu’s skirt tightly.
The scene was once chaotic and calm, and the nine-headed demon dumpling was hit again. The bulky body swept across the uninjured head and once again spewed out aura. The rhythm of the two dozen people’s mouths became faster and faster, and they ignored the attack on the nine-headed demon dumpling. Even several people were killed and injured, and they continued to focus on trying to suppress the ferocity of the nine-headed demon dumpling.
Yuanmu Daxian controls Changhong Suo’s efforts to suppress the Nine-headed Demon Dumpling to Nai Li Chengzhu. As soon as he leaves the array, the Demon Bound Magic Array will no longer run. The strength of the Nine-headed Demon Dumpling has increased by three layers, which makes him have a heart.
"Wind tight pull shout" Li Chengzhu to avoid coming a reiki bomb shouted at the yuan wood.
"Ah?" Yuanmu Daxian has never heard of this obscure underworld code word and didn’t turn around at the moment.
"Ah, let’s go!" Li Chengzhu roar loud turned and flew out.
Yuanmu was reluctant to stare at the nine-headed demon dumpling and quickly recovered Changhong cable to follow Li Chengzhu’s footsteps.
"My people" have been staring at Boss Li with stupefied blue waves and tender feelings, and he took him to fly for a long distance before he suddenly remembered that he still had more than twenty people over there.
"Regardless of your people, is he an idiot!" Li Chengzhu didn’t good the spirit replied feet constantly fly out.
"But …" Water like smoke frowned holding Li Chengzhu hands more force.
"But a fart, even if we go back, we can’t save them." Mom saved a little girl and ruined the large array. This business is not worthwhile. It is better to directly destroy the hydra just now.
But it’s a pity to see this little girl carved as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade by the serpent.
Water is like smoke, so close to men, and I have been hugged with a fragrant jade. Men in the virgin race are not allowed to look at themselves, and even themselves are not allowed to look at others. This is not only a close contact with men, but also a small head held in my arms. Looking at the knife-like face of the man holding him, his mouth is still smiling, and his cheeks are as red as Xuanbingguo.
Li Chengzhu held the water like smoke and flew forward for a long time until he felt that the nine-headed demon dumpling could not induce his own spiritual pressure before landing on the ground. It was really good for Li Da’s boss to forget that this little girl was not weak.
Yuanmu Daxian is old and refined. He pants all the way with Li Chengzhu’s ass and his face is disdainful, but he never surpasses him.
Wait until you fall to the ground and put the water like smoke. This chick is still flushed like a ripe apple. It is really memorable to smell that fragrance in her nose just now. Li Chengzhu stared at the water like smoke with a sly smile on her face.
By this aggressive eyes staring at the pure water like smoke, I got up with my hands cramped and holding my skirts and flowers, and I didn’t dare to lift it.
"If this little girl hadn’t faked it, it would have been very real." Yuan Mu Daxian Yuan Shen told Li Chengzhu.
Boss Li, the "old rascal", hates and despises the dollar wood.
"Hey, hey, if you know she’s still interested in her, it’s really admirable." Yuan Mu smiled and stared at Boss Li.
"Is it not a snake? What’s in this? Our hometown Bai Niang is also a snake demon as beautiful as human beings. "Li Chengzhu scoffed at the old rascal and never saw the world. There are still people who have ghosts and feelings."
"Who told her it was really a snake?"


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