There was a sudden earthquake in all directions, and the whole battle for bearing was started.

"Go over there!"
Chapter sixty-three Physical flight
The first to fall from the sky.
All Jiang surnamed Sun left in that direction for the first time.
Jiang Tai commanded the ants and quickly left in that direction.
Nai ant is too small to walk fast, but it can reach the standard of Jiangtai by far.
Jiang Tai is flying now, but it may be faster if he has his own running in the forest, but ants also have the advantage of ants, but he won’t get lost in the jungle
If Jiang Tai points in one direction, the ants will slowly leave.
After all, the body has become smaller, and the whole world view has changed. In the past, the direction can be distinguished according to the shape of the mountain peak or the stars. Now it is grass that looks up and grass that looks down.
Ants are running slowly. Jiang Tai is also very fluent. How long will it take? Do you want to change a means of transportation?
Suddenly a bee flew overhead.
When Jiang Tai’s eyes lit up, he looked up and saw a little man on top of the bee at the moment.
The man Jiang Tai doesn’t know, and obviously he is also a younger brother named Jiang.
At the moment, driving a bee, staring at the distance with a strong desire in its eyes.
Obviously bees are faster than ants and can fly.
Bees flew past.
The man didn’t see Jiang Tai and Jiang Tai didn’t call him.
Jiang Tai manipulated ants to look for bees.
A scream in the distance
"hmm? Is it the previous person? " Jiang Tai moved to manipulate the ants and quickly ran to the distance.
There was a loud noise in the distance, but a large piece of grass fell down
Jiang Tai manipulated ants to climb a small tree quickly, and suddenly Jiang Tai saw the place clearly.
It was a mouse whose eyes were red at the moment and jumped on the bee.
The bee immediately circled the mouse, but the man accidentally fell to the ground.
Instead of chasing bees, the mouse can feel that it is as small as an ant and has a big place for itself.
The mouse immediately pounced on the man.
"Roll smelly mouse!" The man roared with anger.
Grab a dead branch and lift it up.
The branch is about 100 times as big as a man, but the man still has some strength to lift a hundred times his body and hit the mouse flagrantly.
Rats are also more flexible than constantly hitting branches and rushing towards men.
"Get out of here, you mouse!" Male depressed roared.
Before entering the enchantment, the rat was afraid of soiling his shoes when he trampled to death, but now he is fierce and can’t stand it himself.
The mouse bit the branch angrily.
"get up!" The man picked up the mouse with a big drink.
"Hey!" The mouse bit off the branch and continued to rush towards the man.
Jiang Tai not far away looked at the face with a hint of surprise.
"If this person outside repair must be higher than me, but now a mouse can’t cope with it? Or is it true that at this moment, as Mao said, everyone has become a monster beast and wild animals looking around? " Jiang tai surprised way


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