"Shit!" Seeing that a claw was about to fall on Lin Yu’s head and he couldn’t block Yuan Lan’s face for him, he immediately changed wildly.

At this critical moment, Wang Haoxuan made a desperate effort to block the enemy’s fatal blow for Lin Yu!
Wang Haoxuan’s figure soared to the sky and waved four bright green characters of "Crazy", "Qi", "Thousand" and "Absolutely" in the middle of a row, chopping off the body of Yu Qian Fan for many swords.
Bang bang … A series of secret swords cut bones and sound feathered. Qian Fan’s body was cut by Wang Haoxuan and flew hundreds of meters away!
For two days in a row, Wang Haoxuan looked particularly pale when he exhausted his strength to cast this killing trick.
The original yourself even if this recruit can’t kill the opponent, at the very least, it can also make the other party seriously injured.
Nazhi feather Qian Fan fell to the ground and suddenly turned over a somersault to re-suspend and stand up, even if it is not even a little bit worn!
"Crazy Cheng thousand unique sword? Haha, children are just playing with toys! " Feather Qian Fan laugh wildly several waving behind bone wing shape into a red light towards Lin Yu four hurtling away Chapter 5 Fight feather Qian Fan again!
Wang Haoxuan’s face has completely changed, and even the weapons of the order have been cut constantly. Is this demon shura bone comparable to the defensive treasures of the order?
Real Wang Haoxuan guessed wrong that the demon shura bones are not comparable to the defensive treasures of the order but far superior to the defensive treasures of the order!
"Since you want to play speed, I’ll show you what real speed is!" Demon shura sound is dozens of meters away, but the red figure has already reached him.
Brush brush …
Feather Qian Fan’s red figure flew frantically around PG One Xuan, driving Wang Haoxuan to fight with Feather Qian Fan at a crazy speed.
Jingle …
The green sword shadow and the red figure quickly clashed, sparking a series of sparks of iron hitting the stone.
Looking from a distance, Wang Haoxuan seems to be wrapped around the sky with a red ribbon, moving rapidly and being led by this red ribbon.
"Small is too slow, haha, hurry up and hurry up …" As if it were like a cat and mouse, Qian Fan smiled and desperately urged Wang Haoxuan to speed up.
Wang Haoxuan desperately danced the sword to block the red figure of feather Qian Fan from his forehead and sweat rolled down.
Wang Haoxuan has never met such a strong enemy, and his heart has never been so scared as it is today.
In the face of Qian Fan Wang Haoxuan, who is already a necromancer feather, a sense of strength rises from the bottom of my heart.
How terrible would this guy be if he had a physical body and was at his peak?
Even now this guy must be joking with himself.
He really wants to kill himself, even if he tries hard to resist it.
But it is impossible for Wang Haoxuan to give up resistance.
Lin Yu was in a hurry. "Master, what should we do?"
"escape!" Yuan Lan picked up Lin Yu with one hand and quickly moved flying boat with a teleport.
See Yuan Lan and Lin Yu disappear. Purple rhyme is abandoned by Yuan Lan and Lin Yu. In the mind, it’s cool to hear Yuan Lan give her a sound. "Purple girl that guy will definitely come after us. You and Wang Haoxuan directly go back to Yun He City regardless of us."
Sure enough, I was playing games with Wang Haoxuan. When Qian Fan saw that Yuan Lan and Lin Yu had escaped, he never cared about Wang Haoxuan to recover towards Yuan Lan and Lin Yu.
Wang Haoxuan gasped. It’s hard to imagine that he escaped.
"Master Lin Yu …" Purple rhyme was worried, but her strength and Yuan Lan were too poor to chase.
Wang Haoxuan slightly slow slow Shinto "let’s go after them. Since that guy doesn’t want us to go after them and see the specific situation."


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