In a hurry, it was ten years. In the quiet room, there was a lot of cloud light on the top of Lingqing’s head.

Clouds and clouds are as solid as real people, and they are sitting in it.
There are three colors of blue, yellow and white clouds in Yintang, and three human figures look at each other in the clouds.
It is the three souls of fetal light, refreshing spirit and quiet spirit.
After more than ten years of condensation, the three souls have already taken shape, and after several years of abstinence and lack of desire to temper the mind, the heart has long been "respectful but not humiliating and not angry"
Being able to be calm and calm is still not as good as Tie Guai Li’s realm of harmony between man and nature, but it is enough to enable him to survive the fire.
Ling Qing didn’t dare to neglect the robbery and consolidated it. After that, he came to Zhongnanshan to live at large.
It is still the permanent stronghold of Xian.
If you want to have a rest and party in the secular world, go to Lvfu. If you want to have a drink, everyone is still used to living here.
When Lingqing arrives, everyone will have arrived.
Lan Caihe jump out to a pull him "just waiting for you.
You might as well call us here, but you are the last one to come.
Come on, let’s not get drunk today. "
Aside Han Xiang and Han Zhongli will also pull him to drink.
Lingqing hurriedly motioning with his hand, "booze is not urgent! The banquet is not urgent! "
Fairy stopped the three men and asked, "What did you call us here for?"
Lingqing adjusted her clothes and said, "I invited you here today to let everyone protect me."
Lan Caihe doubt way "dharma? What law to protect? "
Lingqing looked at a few people and sighed, "You are full of hunger."
You don’t have to spend three disasters through doom. I don’t have this preferential treatment and I want to spend it. "
Bai Mudan looked at Lingqing curiously and asked, "Why did Master have to spend three disasters?"
Hearing this, Han Zhongli hurriedly pulled her to smile at the crowd and then said, "You are still not awake. The dust collector didn’t tell you when he saw that you didn’t fix it."
After being a fairy, you have to go through three disasters to really become a fairy. "
Then I told her about the three disasters in detail.
Lv Dongbin took a look at Lingqing and asked, "Now you are going to take a sinister fire?"
Three disasters, disasters, thunder, fire, gas and wind.
Only after three disasters can the three treasures of vitality be thoroughly refined.
Then, when the three treasures of the spirit are complete, the three flowers will gather at the top of the summit, and then it will be truly refined and full of gas.
Can prove the fairy
At that time, it will be true that heaven and life will be the same.
If the heavens and the earth are immortal, even if the body dies, there will still be a restart
Lingqing nodded and said, "It is now that my three souls have been condensed and tempered."
Tie Guai Li said, "Well, we’ll protect the law first, and then we’ll have a drink after you succeed."
All the immortals also said, "Yes! It is extremely! "
It’s also necessary for Lingqing to call all the immortals. It’s natural not to refuse at this time.
With the immortal guardian base, there won’t be any omissions, so we won’t choose any place specially.
However, due to the previous experience, everyone dare not leave at will.
This fire robbery started from itself, not as wide as the thunder robbery.
Therefore, Lingqing is in the quiet room, and the immortals are around the guards outside the quiet room.
He will be born with a silent luck, and then he will hook the cat. Soon, a gloomy flame will emerge from his Yongquan point and follow the meridian point.
Lingqing runs the cloud light to avoid robbery, and the five-color cloud light is produced to protect the meridians and acupoints.
This yin fire can’t make his five zang-organs and limbs go all the way to the mud pill palace.
There is a colorful cloud here, which is transformed by his magic.
There is a statue of the Yuan God in Yun Guangzhong. As soon as the Yin fire entered the Mud Pill Palace, it wrapped around the Yuan God.
Lingqing doesn’t care if it is a catalyst for refining gas, kung fu, refining yuan, refining yuan and burning it.
In an instant, the yin fire spread all over the Yuan God, and even he condensed three souls.
If the heart is full of emotions at this time, the external fire hook will burn the painstaking Yuan God in an instant.
Lingqing will once be exhausted and will end up dead.
However, he has long been unmoved by the yin fire except for his emotions.
It’s the three souls that are gathered by the yin body, and it burns up gradually by this yin fire.
With the supplement of Yuan God, the three souls will not be burned, and they will become more and more pure with the burning of yin fire.
Yin-qi is also mixed with essence.
The first refining is that after twelve days, you will be reincarnated into a pure Yin-Qi-Yuan-Shen.
Refined this soul, but all distractions are as conspicuous as white paper and black spots.


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