"It turned out to be friends of Ji family."

Tianyuan League is famous for its family names, but there are not many Ji families, one of which is because there is a gold in this family.
Ji Mian should be angry with Ao Li, and his words show that Feng Wei is naturally full of curiosity about embarrassing Ao Li.
Most of the seven-order peak strong people have heard of it even if they don’t know it.
Zhou Jia …
Where does the expert come from?
"Ji Xiong" Zhou Jia also urgently needs to know the situation here.
"I wonder if there are so many people here?"
"Brother Zhou doesn’t know?" Jimian squinted at the surrounding line of sight and laughed
"It seems that Zhou Xiong should have just arrived at the altar of creation, and the thunder temple will weaken for a short time every few years."
"At that time, several channels will be exposed."
"From the channel, you can go to all the great gods."
"Shenyu?" Zhou Jia’s heart jumped.
"Complete divine domain?"
"Good" Jimian nodded.
"In addition to the gods’ sacred domain, some gods will also have their own sacred domain, and Raytheon has a sacred domain here."
"Inside …"
"But there are many good things and it is said that there is still a complete Thor divinity!"
"complete divinity?" Tianhe beautiful eyes light up interface way
"But after refining, you can become a Raytheon?"
"Uh …" Jimian touched the bar.
"That’s true, but even if refining is not easy, it will be beneficial to gold if it can be started."
Said the court several gold gestured a.
"So that’s it."
Zhou Jia nodded


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