No wonder Uncle Zhuang Zi said his son was stupid all day!

Just then, not far from Zhuang, the cart door shouted, "Dad, I called you to contact the construction company, and they are building a gymnasium now!" "
"What gymnasium?" Zhuang Dad looked puzzled.
"You donated it to the school gymnasium!" Zhuangbulong avenue
Father Zhuang said, When did I donate the stadium to the school? What the hell are you doing behind my back?
Next to the mayor, director, headmaster all stay away.
At this time? You’re going to build us a gymnasium on a rainy night?
Don’t make trouble, okay?
Get out of here, you idiot!
However, it seems that it is already late, and the road leading to Niu Shan Town is lit up again. Trucks are filed in the distance, and you can see that trucks are full of material samples.
"Li Wuxing!" Jia, director of the language a long time shouting a.
"There are strengths!" Li Wuxing came out from the side with a hoarse voice.
"You go and command them to leave and let them make trouble at this time!" Director Jia was so angry that he would burst out, "Uncle Zhuang’s family is stupid. Are these guys stupid?"
How can construction be carried out in this stormy night?
Don’t these construction teams have brains?
"Yes!" Li Wuxing should take a look with a sigh. Uncle Zhuang Zi strode in the direction of the motorcade against the wind and rain, and then he saw someone suddenly jump behind the car.
"Bang!" A giant who looked up and couldn’t seem to see his head came to Li Wuxing and bowed his head and smiled. "Little guy, we’re here to build a gymnasium. Are you here to lead us?"
Li Wuxing was tongue-tied to say no, but he couldn’t say a word.
At present, the giant seems to be twice as tall as him, and he can reach the root of each other’s thighs.
The pouring rain seemed to be a drizzle to him, and he leaned over, and the heavy rain seemed to stop and was blocked by his body.
"Where is the school?" Asked the giant.
"That … that that that side …"
"Which way is that?" The giant picked up Li Wuxing in one hand and held him up like a baby. "Come and show me the way."
Li Wuxing was stunned by the giant on his shoulder, hugged the giant’s head and looked at Director Jia with help. I was kidnapped by the giant. Please help me!
"Forget it, let them toss it!" Look at each other’s figure. Director Jia immediately decided to give up Li Wuxing.
"Don’t be afraid, little one, I won’t hurt you." It seems that Li Wuxing was nervous and comforted him.


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