Struggle hard and resist hard, but sometimes it is like a powerful enemy pushing him to the wall step by step.

When the loss comes, Liu Yunyang holds the girl’s soft body with both hands, her eyes are gradually confused and her body is producing a normal reaction.
At this time, the girl’s body trembled and seemed to realize something. There was a panic in her eyes.
At the same time, a pair of bright eyes emerged in Liu Yunyang’s mind, which made him awake.
Push the girl Liu Yunyang panic way "girl sorry Yunyang rude" say that finish the body suddenly fly up and shoot at a distance.
The girl blushed and scolded a fool, and then she appeared in front of him in a flash. He stopped shyly and said, "Can you walk with me in this valley?"
Liu Yunyang’s first reaction was to refuse. However, when his eyes met a girl’s shyness and reserved eyes, he quickly avoided the seductive and intoxicating eyes and whispered, "Is there a choice?"
The girl smiled at once. "I’ll give you a choice, and that’s consent."
Liu Yunyang heard a smile and later found that she was rude and wanted to keep a straight face, but she couldn’t help but smile and look weird. "So you will make yourself so pathetic as if I bullied you."
The girl raised her face and said, "You just bullied me, deliberately angered me, made me cry, and ignored me to leave alone and-"
Liu Yunyang busy way "okay, okay, I said, but if you say it again, I will become a heinous villain, so you will be detrimental to your image with such people."
Girl charming smile with a somewhat proud way "if you are well-advised girl, adults don’t remember the villain, don’t you care, now let’s go to Yungong"
Bitter shake one’s head Liu Yunyang has been very clear that he is either cruel or don’t make a fuss about her, so she has to do something amazing again.
To tell the truth, Liu Yunyang really doesn’t understand a swallow’s love for himself. Although some people can’t bear it, they easily refused. Why do you always refuse this girl beside you tonight?
While thinking, Liu Yunyang obediently followed the girl to the ground and walked side by side. "Girl, can I ask you some questions?"
The girl cocked her head and looked at him with a bright light in her eyes. "If you want to ask my name, forget it. Anyway, I am kind enough to say that some people don’t want to know. If you don’t ask this, ask what I am familiar with dancing just now, then I have to think it over carefully."
Liu Yunyang was once again shocked by the girl’s insight.
For a moment, Liu Yunyang felt that the girl’s intense eyes had never left and could not help but laugh awkwardly. "Before Yunyang invited the girl, don’t mind, please tell me your name so that I can call you."
The girl smiled mischievously and looked back. She saw a stone several feet in size not far away. She quickly flickered and fell back to Liu Yunyang and said, "I’m a little tired. I’ll tell you when you come and sit with me."
LiuYunYang motionless just stood for a moment before finally slowly sat down beside her.
The girl smiled with a charming smile and leaned her head against his shoulder and whispered, "The stars blink and look at the stars, the people are in the valley, one stone, one man and one woman are dependent on each other. Yunyang, the moonlight is really beautiful tonight. You should remember it well."
Looking at her strangely, Liu Yunyang analyzed her mood.
However, after a long time of analysis, he still didn’t wake up
Looking back to his wife Liu Hui’s happy life in a small mountain village, life was dull but full. Liu Hui taught him many things, including his normal mood to treat the beautiful things in the world.
Liu Yunyang still clearly remembers that Liu Hui once told him that the world has an inexplicable yearning for beautiful things, and they all want to get them or have them.
This includes all aspects. Simply speaking, beauty is nature. For beautiful things, ordinary people subconsciously have a psychology of caring, loving and protecting them.
Think of this Liu Yunyang suddenly recognize yourself to this girl’s heart also belongs to this category and there is no emotion involved.
After understanding this, he became more calm and looked at the girl more calmly.
Is it really that simple?
He didn’t think it over and didn’t mean it. Maybe he didn’t want to touch it too much.
Seeing him speechless, the girl asked, "Yunyang, are you still not used to my personality at this time?"
Chapter 16 A girl steals her heart
Liu Yunyang wry smile way "there are some unaccustomed, but as long as you are happy, I dare not provoke you again."
The girl continued to ask with a charming smile, "Do you think I’m a little overbearing and I don’t even give you an escape?"
Liu Yunyang said bitterly, "What do you say?"
The girl’s tone changed to judo. "If you don’t answer me, it’s white. Your heart is somewhat unwilling. Have you ever thought about me? If not, can you accept my request to sit here quietly with me and watch the stars? Escape is a temporary law. Only by communicating can we know each other better and give each other a chance to know each other. People will always live in other people’s world. If there is no other world, it is not a normal world. Do you understand this truth? "
Liu Yunyang was silent for a moment and nodded, "Thank you, your words have greatly inspired me, which has made me understand a lot of things that have never been white in a short time. You hate them together and keep them in your heart, but you can’t hate them. This is where you are powerful."
The girl looked him in the eye and asked seriously, "Is there nothing equally unforgettable except hate?"
Avoid her eyes LiuYunYang some hard way "maybe not to be shocked"
The girl smiled indifferently. "Your eyes have told me that you still have something to hide, but that’s not important anymore because I’m already in vain. Let’s not talk about these sensitive things, cherish this night and make it our eternal memory."
Liu Yunyang looked at her and muttered, "eternal memories? It’s a pity that it is a sad sigh-"
The girl who noticed his change did not ask him about the past in his heart, but took a piccolo out of her arms and put it on her lips to play it gently.
A low flute is like a surging wave in the night with a shocking force.
The waterfall, not far from the echo of the surrounding valley, seems to feel this momentum roar and produce a very mysterious valley tsunami with resonance.
Face a change Liu Yunyang looked at her in amazement and didn’t seem to think that she could play piccolo.
Listening carefully to Liu Yunyang, I found that this flute is undulating, full of courage and prestige.
Intoxicated with Liu Yunyang, rest assured to fly soon found that the flute was so mysterious that it was like a page canoeing with his soul drifting in a wonderful world.
Liu Yunyang relaxed his mind like a mirror, clearly reflecting his footsteps.
Looking at the rotation and feeling the breath, he suddenly found a voice calling himself faintly.
Heart to listen to the sound is very vague and faint.
But when he gave up, the sound turned clear, like a girl singing and calling for her partner.
Liu Yunyang, who kept the immortal state, pursued the sound footprint only to find that the sound came from a rolling cloud.
Looking intently, the flashing white light is dazzling, and it is difficult to open the light around the clouds, such as a mysterious figure.
For a moment, the light gradually adapted to Liu Yunyang and found that it was a young girl with a vague appearance.
It’s a little strange that Liu Yunyang wanted to ask but found that the sound disappeared.
And then the girl smiled faintly, and a strange heart entered his heart.


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