He let go, edged up, adjusted a collar and walked out of the room quickly.

Close the door and see an adjutant coming.
He saluted Surdak and then reported in a matter-of-fact manner that "my Lord, there is an adventure group leader outside who wants to exchange an enhanced magic pattern."
It’s still a little surprised to hear that there is an adventure group that chooses to exchange life magic lines for Surdak.
Few people in the military camp know about strengthening the magic pattern except the Knights.
Shi Suldak was still thinking of promoting this life magic pattern in the cavalry regiment, but he has been busy with his affairs, so this matter was delayed.
Now an adventure group leader actually chose this award.
"Ask him to wait in the medical tent as soon as my horse comes," Surdak said.
The adjutant saluted at once, then turned and walked out quickly. When he went out, his steps were much lighter …
Surdak turned and walked back to the room and came to the half-elf beauty, holding her melon-like face and kissing her white forehead.
Samira’s camp bed has light eyes and just woke up. She is still sleepy.
Sudak stuck a novel to her ear.
"You get some sleep. I have to go out for something."
Samira white lotus root arm propped up the body and quickly jumped out of bed to put the coat hanger leather jacket on and said
"I also want to go to the city wall for a tour. Recently, those evil spirits outside are a little restless …"
She arranged her hair in front of the mirror and asked Surdak casually
"When are you going to call this highland?"
"Wait a minute," Surdak said, pocketing the magic. "They have evil spirits. Those evil spirits can’t be killed. They have a blast to destroy the evil spirits."
He paused and continued, "I need more soldiers this time to capture Moyunling."
Samira is a little curious.
"Are you going to let his Lord army join in?"
Surdak shook his head.
"Of course not. Even if they join in, what can they have?"
"So you want to wait for the Benayoun legion to return?"
"It’s not that I’m going to let more aboriginal soldiers join the marked army. It’s almost time for them to come."
"Who are you waiting for?"
"I’m going to talk to these aborigines about conditions before Elder Ann Broby goes out to war."
Then Surdak walked out of the command post room side by side with Samira.
The medical team is still along the usual gray tents, which are particularly eye-catching in the tent camps.
Nika has also been very busy recently. After the war in the valley, some wounded people were sent in to Surdak to complete the initial treatment. After that, Nika was responsible for a series of subsequent things. Although there were not many wounded people, there were almost no minor injuries.
In the fog of war, many evil spirits turned their backs before they died, which really made the heavily armored infantry soldiers suffer some hardships.
There is also the battle on the eastern side of the rock slope. Many ant cavalry were seriously injured, and almost all of them were carried into medical tents.
Nika is wearing a long white dress. She can’t understand why Surdak makes all members of the medical team wear white skirts and a white headscarf. This is a mandatory order of Surdak.
Almost all the wounded brought from the battlefield in the medical team are covered in blood. It is very troublesome to clean this white dress with blood …
Nika arranged the special treatment room in Surdak and asked Colonel Hayes and others to check his wounded condition in a hurry.
Colonel Hayes didn’t expect that the person who strengthened himself with magic lines would be the supreme commander of marked army, Surdak, and he was afraid to sit in the chair.
There is a bed in this treatment room, and there is a curtain inside it, which looks like a dressing area.
Maybe it’s a rest area inside!’ Colonel Hayes thought
Although members of the adventure group have been to the medical team of the marked army, it is his first time.
At this time, a female medical officer lifted the curtain of the treatment tent, and a man wearing this armor came in from the outside …
Colonel Hayes has seen Surdak, although it is far away.
Now he saw Surdak people immediately straighten up and salute Surdak.
Surdak looked at the stubble-faced middle-aged man in front of him. He was wearing several magic patterns, but he shouldn’t belong to the suit, but he was full of evil spirits. He should be a senior hunter who often deals with evil spirits.
"You are Colonel Hayes?" Surdak looked at his data mouth and asked.
"Yes, my Lord, I’m Allen Hayes …"
Surdak nodded and walked to the front of medical bed and took out a power magic grain from his magic pocket.
The scroll was displayed on the bed, but it surprised Colonel Hayes that he didn’t see the magic pattern from this dark red scroll
Surdak said to him, "This is a magic tattoo. I’ll help you implant it into your body. It will take up a piece of your skin and need a little weak support. Is there any problem?"
"No, my Lord," replied Colonel Hayes very concisely.
"Did you sign the secret magic contract?" Surdak then asked
"It’s an adult!"
"This is a magic tattoo of strength and toughness. You can choose limbs, chest and back, and I will plant it for you." Surdak took a look at Colonel Hayes and then went on to say, "You may need to adapt to this part of strength for a while, but don’t worry too much."
Colonel Hayes blinked and still couldn’t find any change in leather.
Surdak ignored his expression and said without looking up
"In fact, the only thing it does is to strengthen your own strength, which is of great benefit to you and can speed up your touch of that door."
Colonel Hayes didn’t listen carefully to what Surdak said. He was lying in the treatment bed as ordered by the female medical officer. He was a little nervous and involuntarily glanced at the white skin in the V-neck of the female medical officer.
"Where are you going to colonize the magic tattoo?" Surdak asked 1 again.
Colonel Hayes patted his right arm without thinking before asking, "Is the adult’s right arm here?"
"Of course!"


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