His feet were about to step towards the corner millstone, and his eyes shrank with a knife light, which had blossomed from his hand and split to the ground.

Collision ring
With a slight quiver on the ground, the earth flies in the sky, and a rapidly rotating figure sticks to the ground and comes straight to Zhou Yisan Road with double knives.
Lying knife!
This kind of knife method is a new way to specialize in three-way moves. It is said that it was created by a clan in the desert.
You can often see outstanding achievements when you sneak attack.
Hum gently, Zhou Yi’s body leaps with a long knife and folds backwards to the ground. The light of the knife is like a gust of wind, and the wind has already drawn shallow marks on the ground.
"Ding ding … Dangdang …"
Zhou Yi landed firmly with a knife in his hand.
The other party is the whole people stick to backwards for several meters. When the body is shaken off, the strength of the attack is revealed and the face is lost. Call way:
"Good knife method!"
"refining the marrow!"
"You really have a problem!"
"Huh?" Zhou Yi frowned slightly.
"Do you know me?"
People dressed in khaki ornaments and short stature, no wonder lying on the ground is inconspicuous, but it is also a training of marrow.
However, the same pulp refining knife method is far less than Zhou Yi’s.
"Pa … pa …"
Ringing palm rings three figures and slowly walks out from the back of the house. One of the women in red taps her hands to cast a look of indecision and resentment.
"good means!"
"The pavilion is hidden deep enough!"
Zhou Yi swept the three people’s eyes and fell on the only person he knew.
Zhang Guan?’
"It’s me!"
Zhang Guan also surprised to look back and forth Zhou Yi immediately cold hum.
"You can’t think of Zhou, can you?"
Chapter 46 Massacre
"I really didn’t expect it."
Zhou yi nodded
"Knowing that the Lins are looking for you everywhere, how dare you show up here without running far away?"
"Hum!" Zhang Guan hummed.
"The big Lins can’t dominate the world, and the old immortals are famous and can’t even protect Kunshan City."
Having said that, the Lins’ face still flashed a bit of fear.
"It’s you!"
Zhang Guan reached a finger nu way
"Killing your father and hating each other, Zhang will take your life even if he wants to go!"
"Ah …" Zhou Yi showed disdain.
"With you?"
"Wild silkworm gloves!" At this time, the red gauze also saw that Zhou Yi’s hands were as thin as cicada gloves, and his eyes were filled with anger instantly.
"Sure enough, you killed my brother!"
Zhou yi eyebrow way
"I’m really sorry for killing too many people in a few weeks. I don’t know who your brother is, but it’s all so-called if I want to come."
"Not bad"
Red gauze eyebrows droop, seemingly moving, but in fact, murder has stimulated the body’s qi and blood to run far beyond the normal speed.


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