When people exchanged glances …

"Catch the thief first!"
It is necessary to pursue the only chance to win, even if we know that the position of the enemy leader is the most tightly defended place, but at this moment, only a needle in the head can fight for the opportunity.
It’s impossible for them to ask for class B rescue.
Only brave lung, he was one of the first players to appear.
When I saw Xiao Wu being held in a cage or exposed herself for other reasons, I roared, "Little Sister is not afraid that I will come to save you."
Said directly across all people rushed towards the cage.
But he was so focused that he just rushed out a few steps here when a giant lion fell from the sky and directly put his brave lungs on him and bit his head.
It’s this move, but there is no doubt that the inference of Luo Huai and others will come true completely
"Sure enough"
Luo Huai also relaxed and relieved …
The biggest fear is to guess that once the holiday is over, they will get into a mess again, and now it seems that they have appeared before and rushed to those who are half-awakened.
It can be seen that these semi-awakened people must have the way to contact those who are limited to the world.
This is to save people.
At the same time, the distant environment also sounded the sound of gold and iron …
Obviously, not only this place but also other places have limited the appearance of thieves in the world.
But they were prepared, and these talents just appeared and fell into the trap.
For a while, the quiet and eternal night palace was so caught up in fighting. Wang Yang was full of fighting and shouting, accompanied by angry shouting and scolding by thieves in the world.
Wen Jijun ordered, "Kill all these half-awakened people to live."
Luo Huai nods "yes"
They all know that these people are just playing chess to die. Really knowing the situation must be among these half-awakened people. Otherwise, how can we explain that these people can come to the rescue?
Luo Huai waved his hand
More elites joined the battle.
With the roar of animals in the eternal night palace …
Humble animals are not allowed to enter the eternal night palace, but it is obviously an exception to deal with these thieves
The wall has been climbed one by one, full of adult thigh thickness, and there is flame burning on the ground.
In the sky, there was a cold knife wind and hail.
Not only the super fighters, but also the dissimilators and the royal beast division joined the battle … In order to deal with this group of intruders, the Imperial City almost dispatched all the elites.
After all, how can you disturb the peace of the holy king in the eternal night palace?
"It’s too difficult to lie in the trough."
A loving mother who keeps the center line has encountered several waves of strong enemies in succession. He is also a first-line strength in "Limit" OL, but he is almost struggling in this eternal night palace … He almost died in the enemy trap just after he appeared.
As soon as the fact appeared, twenty or thirty players were killed in enemy attacks.
They didn’t say why they had to be born for three hours to get a B-level evaluation … and death has not been punished.
The world did not have lunch.
This difficulty is much higher than usual.
It’s really just a tour.
He has just escaped and is trying to display his flying skills and run in the direction of the palace center, but he is directly entangled in a vine and his feet are entangled back.
Animals roar behind their backs
Raise your claws and teeth at him.
And the fact is … there are not a few players like him.
These elite players are very strong, and they are not inferior to the most elite awakened fighters, and they may be even better.
Nai number is too small, just over 100 people randomly appear in the surrounding area for miles, plus the enemy has already prepared the defensive cloth, tight encirclement …
The right time, the right place, the right people and the department do not occupy it.
In just a few minutes, half of the players died in those long-planned ambushes.
However, there are also many players who are lucky and resourceful. After escaping from the lore, they know that they are S-rated, so they can keep their lives to the maximum extent. When they are scattered in all directions, they flee away.
The elite of Shenwei, Shengwei and Longwei were all hunted down.


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