"I am the first punishment of the nine immortals in the celestial world," said the Immortal Emperor. "Today, on behalf of the Yuanti Immortal Emperor, the Shu Sword Immortal Emperor, the Immortal Immortal Emperor and others, I came to talk about the handling of the heavenly punishment by Qinglong and other matters of celestial safety."

Wentao didn’t let LingLanFang him come over, but smiled at the punishment fairy emperor, "Does Qinglong have anything to do with you to talk about? The punishment has nothing to do with the safety of the celestial world and I want you to talk about it."
The punishment fairy emperor rightly said, "This dragon is likely to threaten the safety of the celestial body, and at the same time, he has become a demigod. It is possible to wait for something in the secret celestial body. This is the common interest of all people in the celestial body. We must share the other celestial punishment and we need to talk about it separately …"
"get out!"
"You …" Punishment fairy emperor didn’t expect Wentao to scold him directly and let him roll.
"Don’t tell me what to do there. You command other people’s affairs. I won’t take care of my affairs easily. I’ll decide what to do and stay cool."
Chapter six hundred and twelve Friends, enemies and choices
Mom, if he’s ready to talk about something, Wentao may not come with him like this. Let Wentao listen to this.
Grandma will let him play with them after she has collected Qinglong and healed his injury.
I haven’t said anything. I just want to share my strength with myself and make a deal with myself. What the fuck is it? I just can’t give him any face
After so many years of forbearing Wentao’s hard work, I just want to do whatever I want without being influenced by others, whether it’s those guys who rely on strength to bully or who are even more sinister behind the scenes.
No matter what the other party does, it’s all the same to Wentao now.
Happy or unhappy, I can say anything when I am happy. I am always happy and unhappy, just like now I am punishing the immortal emperor. Then stay cool and stay there.
Fairyland is a place that speaks by strength. Wentao has absolute power.
"Wen … Tao …" It’s very polite to say that just now. This is to see that Wentao has such a huge power, otherwise even if Wentao was so strong himself just now, he wouldn’t be so.
But I didn’t expect Wentao to be more impolite and so direct.
"My boss told you to get out. If you don’t get out now, you’ll never get out." Ling Lan can ignore his problems and whatever punishment you have. The fairy emperor has his own boss in her eyes
The boss’s word is that whoever disobeys the order is her enemy.
"Hear" Luo Zhenfeng they also will begin.
Punishment fairy emperor can feel that the strength of Linglan is a little weaker than him, and Luo Zhenfeng and tsunami are also very strong.
What’s more, the team of 10,000 people has been tied around and neatly there.
"Hum!" Punishment fairy emperor snorted and flew away. "You are an enemy in the whole celestial world."
Wentao smiled and pointed to Jin Mang and Bai Bai. "Are you or is he?"
"Ha … ha …"
Three people laugh at the same time for punishment fairy emperor is regarded.
Jin Mang continued, "Although this Qinglong is not my tribe, it was the strongest time when I first started out. I was similar to him, but he was a genius at that time. I was an ordinary dragon. He was very strong and arrogant at that time. At that time, my biggest idea was that this Qinglong was the first world war, but at that time, if I said it, I was afraid that I would be laughed at by my classmates."
Speaking of this, Jin Mang couldn’t help shaking his head. "But now it seems that he is still a genius. I am not as good as him. If it is normal, I am not his opponent."
"Fart!" Wen Tao said, "What genius is not a genius? There is no absolute genius in this world. Su Tiancai died miserably in Qinglong. What he has achieved now is just every cloud has a silver lining. Of course, the last blessing or curse is only because he asked for it."
"What do you mean?" Jin Mang is very interested in Qinglong things.
Now there’s nothing to hide. Wentao told Jin Mang and Bai Yi what happened to Qinglong in the East.
Both of them were amazed. I didn’t expect Qinglong to have this opportunity.
For Jin Mang and Bai Bai, two battle maniacs, who suffered a little hardships and were trapped for so many years, their strength could not be raised to the level of God. If they had the opportunity to choose, they would definitely agree.
Wentao, on the other hand, wouldn’t agree even if he was trapped for so long.
Wentao, Jin Mang and Bai Yi were drinking wine and chatting in the blue dragon head, and at this time, there was no movement in Qinglong, just like death.
He hasn’t come out of his fear yet.
The scenery is absolutely one-sided, one side is drinking and catching up, while the other side is angry and embarrassed.
Looking at the people looking at his eyes, the fairy emperor just wanted to make a hole in the sky and fly away at once.
Just now, Wentao didn’t pass the immortal knowledge. He just said that everyone heard it, including his hand, but even if he didn’t face it again, he didn’t dare to face it. But life is more important. This is no longer the time for him to punish the immortal emperor and the celestial world. It is not the time for him to dominate it.
"But you all saw my kind words and wanted to talk to him about solving the crisis in the celestial world. I didn’t expect Wentao to be unappreciative and arrogant. This is the whole celestial world. I think we must find a way to hurry and we must not let this person be so arrogant."
"Think of some way to think of some way …" Ghost Beggar Xiandi looked at Wentao’s army and said to Wentao, "Didn’t you see that he just played with the dragon and blue dragon in his hand? Do you think we can resist his team?"
The immortal immortal emperor said, "We can not lose Wentao like all the forces in the celestial world."
"Who are you?" Yuanti Xiandi stared his one eye. "You can talk to the royal god Long Xiandi about it. He will not give others to you. You can talk to the white Xiandi about it and see if he will give people to you or not. See for yourself …"
Yuanti Xiandi refers to the surrounding area. At this moment, it is not only Xiandi, but also a lot of people who have come to the strong.


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