When everyone sat down, Zhang Zhe set out to eat Tian Yong and took the topic and said

"We these people because of some unknown talent was selected by time debris or reached the entry requirements triggered vice.
These time fragments are said to be historical time projections, but I don’t know whether they are true or not. "
Ling Qing heard a brainwave and asked curiously, "What do you need us to do after coming in? I came here once and planted it for a while. "
I have the druid bearing ability, and I can’t help it when I am in danger.
And I want to know more about this vice, that is, what they call time fragment news. It’s like being here once.
In this way, compared with the medical knowledge just obtained, the druid’s ability can be pushed off to that unnecessary experience
"Yo-ho, you’re lucky to be able to come in twice in a row alone."
Talking to the boss, Zhang Zhe turned his head and withdrew his mouth.
"Do what? It seems that there are really no definite rules.
Just think of it as a game player, and you can get props, skills and knowledge rewards from it according to your line. "
Tian Yong went on to say, "For example, when you came in, you chose to travel as a doctor, and you must have acquired the corresponding skills, right?"
When we came in, we chose to be chivalrous and brave, and the chivalrous man got his initial skills, that is, a set of swordsmanship, swordsmanship and two small spells.
Uncle Li, they have ten years of hunting experience and a small instrument, which can be taken out afterwards. "
"Well, some basic knowledge of medical skills and two kinds of special powder pills to kill ghosts and evil spirits, but ghost pills and Jiedu powder."
Said Lingqing took out five ghost pills and handed them to Tian Yong respectively.
"Wow, brother, that’s very generous. Thank you."
Zhang Zhe took the middle of the back and said, "We have been into time fragments several times before, but we got some martial arts secrets and some bandits and beasts."
Now we have to face zombies in the graveyard and evil spirits in the mountains. This is the first time for us.
If we can have more life-saving means and feel at ease, then we will accept it. "
Tian Yong didn’t refuse to thank him for taking it and putting it in his pocket.
Then conveniently draw out two pieces of yellow paper with red symbols and hand them to Lingqing.
"This is a few magic charms I got from others before, which can make people walk like flies. Keep them for self-defense."
"Brother, it’s the first time for us to meet these ghosts. This time, only when we choose our identity, one person has a spike amulet for self-defense. There is really nothing to give you."
Li Dezhang was a little embarrassed to look at Lingqing and said, "But don’t worry that you will stay with us in this time and we will protect you."
"Brother Ling Qing, don’t worry, I will never let you be in danger." Mr. Li also said with a face of battle righteousness patting his chest.
"No, it’s my first time to encounter this kind of thing, and I hope you can help me more."
Lingqing smiled and said
The doctor has a total of ten pills, and he has six pills with him.
Besides, his card is a spell record of hundreds of spells, which is more reassuring than these newly acquired ghost pills.
Take out half to make friends with them, and at the same time, it is also a thank-you gift for them to help him solve his doubts.
Lingqing also probably understood what was going on after chatting.
It turns out that from about a year ago, time fragments like this appeared around the world for unknown reasons.
Some people accidentally entered a world like this and got some benefits from it, but most of them were martial arts secrets.
Being called time fragment afterwards is also called vice by young people.
Every time you enter the time fragment, you can get a guaranteed harvest. Of course, if the fragment actively looks for it, you can also get an unexpected harvest like a game vice.
The most important thing is to compare debris with reality
According to Tian Yong, a day of time fragments is equivalent to about one hour in reality.
Of course, this ratio is not absolute. According to him, there is still an hour to go.
And Lingqing only told them the three spells of treating minor injuries, oak stick and entanglement as secondary experience rewards.
Prove that you are not only a qualified doctor, but also have certain combat ability.
After a few people have had enough to eat and drink, they want to go to the cemetery to see the situation as before Lingqing.
The two sides hit it off and walked out of town together.
After a few miles, they came to the cemetery.
Looking around, I saw the sun shining high, and there was still a Yin qi in the surrounding forest.
The surrounding trees are also covered with a thick layer of withered leaves.
You know, it’s midsummer, and it’s the time of lush vegetation
"honk! Ga! Hey! "
There are crows jumping on the branches and screeching in the forest.


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