"You should send someone to find it. If you want to enter the northwest boundary, you should dig three feet." The implication is that if you didn’t come in, I’m sorry I didn’t have the leisure time

Mu Xiang’s choking words can be said to have left without saying goodbye.
Eating too early, he went back to his room to rest and sit, and got up like a trapped animal.
What’s this called?
How did he feel that this fierce king was greatly different? When the girl first married the fierce king, she also called herself’ father-in-law’, but now she has changed.
Or fierce father-in-law Wang? Obviously, people deny it.
He knows in his heart that he can’t be too kind to the king, otherwise the positions won’t spare him, but he also has a feeling that … the situation is unknown.
"Mu Xiang is worried?" A young official recently said
This is a branch of Mu’s family, and the position of punishments is very low. This time, I also followed him out to experience.
"I feel like I missed something," sighed Mu Xiang.
"ah? Missed it? Desire for foresight shall "see he said don’t bet MuYong laughed.
"I hope so. What do you think will happen to the mu family?" Mu Xiang sighed not to entangle the problem, but another one.
"Mu family is a great family, and nature is a thousand generations away." Muyong laughed.
"Ha ha power when those renowned family? Which family can last for thousands of generations? " Even the royal family can’t live in the homes of the people?
"Can you still move your family?" Mu never goes white.
"Ah, you don’t understand the difficulty of a big family." Fortunately, Mu’s family didn’t follow in the footsteps of Liu’s family. This struggle for office is steady.
"I hope it will be smooth after" Mu Xiang got up and carried his hand.
MuYong waiting for him to continue to say but he didn’t mouth 335 Chapter 335 Withdrawing troops.
Mu Xiang will leave the next day.
Yan Gui didn’t even have a symbolic meaning to retain, so he sent them off smoothly, and a group of people were staring out of the northwest.
Yan Gui didn’t go back to Fengcheng, probably because there was movement in the northern primitive people.
"It seems to be withdrawing troops. I don’t know if Shouan City is like this." Zhu Zheng Mountain Road
"I just got back, and the news is gone." High winds said.
Zhu Zhengshan is very appreciative of Yan Gui’s well-informed, but this is not the point at this time.
"This time, the primitive people in the north have been defeated." The north wind said.
This is really a coincidence.
Originally, Kitahara wanted to fight for Shou ‘an City. Kitahara never occupied the city, but attacked one place and looted a treasure. Needless to say, cattle, sheep, cloth, women are the targets of their plunder, and even older girls can’t escape the catastrophe. That’s not to say, after entering the city, burning, killing and looting will definitely be a fire when evil doesn’t leave.
Therefore, Dayin’s hatred for Kitahara is quite deep and reconciled.
However, the same confrontation with southern Xinjiang is a strategic enemy, and the people on both sides of the border are not too difficult to get married with the imperial concubine.
This time, the North was supposed to rob Shou ‘an City and put military forces to the northwest. It was really a precaution against the new fierce king. Who knew that the fierce king had to fight for his own reasons?
This dozen primitive people in the north panicked and transferred Shouancheng military forces to defeat the northwest in one fell swoop.
Unfortunately, it fell short.
Shouancheng didn’t get it either. On the contrary, two siege cities lost a lot of military forces. It seems that there is a shortage of food and grass in midsummer. This is an unexpected thing to retreat.


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