"Why hasn’t the new master arrived yet?" The people sitting on the side could not help but ask the old man sitting on the front throne, but the old man was silent

Yixuan was almost asleep. Purple Butterfly saw that she was too tired. Yixuan said to grandpa, "We’ve been waiting for two hours. Why haven’t we arrived yet?"
The old man said, "Her surprise is definitely worth waiting for him for two hours."
"Dadada" high heels rang outside the conference room, and everyone got serious and received the leader who was in charge of the whole underworld.
Everyone is very much looking forward to it.
When the door was knocked in, a girl wearing a black trench coat and standing on super high heels covered most of his face with dark eyes.
Still a burgundy hair.
"Being late is not a good habit. What makes you let us wait for you for two hours? Do you think you have the ability to control the whole underworld? " Asked the older man.
This young girl in front of her is only over 50 years old. Does she really have the ability to control the whole underworld? Many people have this question in their hearts.
The girl evoked a beautiful radian and said softly, "But how come you don’t know me after three years?" With a playful taste.
This sound is familiar. Yes.
The girl took off her glasses, and everyone stood up and bent down at 90 degrees on both sides to respectfully call "Leng Xin"
The girl is still smiling, where the purple butterfly and others have been instantly petrified. It’s really Xin Yu.
"Yuan Lao, do you think it is very dissatisfied to let you wait for me for two hours?" Xin Yu asked with a questioning tone.
Yuan Laoma replied with a smile, "Of course not, but you are the most suitable person to sit in this position in our hearts."
"Then do you still question my strength?" Xin Yu then asked.
"everyone here is very aware of your ability, and I don’t think anyone will object to your taking this seat."
Xin Yu didn’t speak, but took his place.
Ling Yuexi’s soul has been taken away after seeing Xin Yu.
It’s not just him, it’s almost the same for everyone.
After three years of mysterious disappearance, Lengxin unexpectedly appeared, but I didn’t expect to pass the examination. It’s incredible to sit here.
After the meeting, everyone talked about it in succession, but it was just "Leng Xin came back this time, and only he can make us feel good."
"Xin Yu" three girls rushed to embrace Xin Yu, unable to suppress their emotions, and even cried.
Behind "Xin Yu" came a charming voice. Xin Yu looked at Ling Yuexi and said nothing.
Bai Shili six people are well-advised to leave but hide under the door and watch.
"Xin Yu, are you okay?" It’s still the same old-fashioned field. Ling Yuexi was so excited that he was speechless at the moment.
Xin Yu nodded gently and suddenly smiled. "Do you miss me?"
Ling Yuexi did not hesitate to answer, "I don’t think there has been a day in the past three years when I don’t miss you. I think you are going crazy."
Slowly walked into Ling Yuexi Huan Xin Yu waist and kissed his lips.
Well, death is over here. If it’s possible, I’ll write a new article. I’ve already written a meeting for girls and giants to meet you. Please support me a lot! ! ! !
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= Closed =
"Poison Kiss Mask Silver Demon/Person: Respect Baby"
"Status: Completed"
Poison Kiss Mask Silver Devil [] Introduction [End] "Let me go!" "If you kiss me first, you will pay the price." He threw her on the keys of the pure white piano and made a confused sound. She wanted to stop him from saying kill her. "
chapters and sections
The latest 6 chapters of "The Poison Kiss Mask and the Silver Devil"
Is still being processed, please re-chapter two hundred and seventeen finale-the end () later.
Seven days later, the warm sunshine leaked in from the window in the morning and gently pushed the bathroom door in the evening. It was still so quiet and there was no breath.
King Zun has been lying here for seven days. Although the blood clots and hay stopped bleeding the next day, he has been in a coma and fell asleep.
In the past seven days, Zun Wang has been soaked in blood every day. The original light green herbal water in the bathtub has been rendered dark red by blood. The doctor said that the blood dried grass is to make the original dead blood in his body run out and then quickly grow new blood. Even after seven days, he will still shed some blood.
Yes, the bleeding is getting less and less, but he will be given several packs of fresh blood every day, which is drawn from Xia Han’s summer night and Xia Yan’s body.
There are still five days before New Year’s Day, and the evening instructed the wedding to be arranged as usual


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