Although Leng Yue’s strength is good, it is not enough to protect Xia Ying from coming to this place, which has been deeply buried in his heart. The girl suddenly appeared and met and died, which caused some throbbing. It seems that after waiting for many years, she finally found a suitable eruption, and generally became restless.

Just for a moment, go to scenes.
When we met at the first enrollment meeting, he was still a novice, and she was a famous and powerful person in Feiyun Gate, and she was shrouded in the aura of the first beauty in Feiyun Gate.
Feiyunmen, she silently paid for flowers and snow, and talked to herself when she was injured. It was also a beautiful lake with a fascinating beautiful sunset. At that time, he made her jealous and angry for the first time.
Isolated island, she, he blocked flowers and beat snow, which was a fatal blow. Those fleeing days were bit by bit, and they met in Laicheng, heartbreaking, misunderstanding and passing by again and again, and they all held their hearts.
When Feng Yang meets again, he can’t help but burst into tears, and he can’t help but give himself the first time, which is also depriving himself. For the first time, the girl will be excited and helpless when she is tightly held in her arms, but the fact seems to be not as strong as expected.
Perhaps it proves a sentence that emotion can’t stand the time and distance can’t carry the details. Distance can produce beauty, but keeping it too far will make the original rock-solid generation not deteriorate, and then one casual moment will find that everything has just forgotten.
As a saying goes, one is always on a strange road and watching strange scenery. Then one day, you will find that you have tried your best to forget things, and then you have forgotten them.
Although Feng Yang hasn’t finished forgetting this girl who is a turning point in her life, the fact that she met again didn’t excite him.
"Long time no see. How are you?" Xia Ying’s lips and teeth are light, and the sound is soft like a gurgling stream. The water is smart and gentle. As always, it is the familiar and beautiful melody. As always, it is gentle as water. The words and deeds always give people a feeling of being a good family and not eating people’s fireworks.
Feng Yang nodded with a soft smile, which was the default. Immediately, he said, "What about you?"
"Bad" Xia Ying looked at Feng Yang with tender feelings and sweet thoughts. "I’ve been looking for you."
She doesn’t have the shyness and behavior of an ordinary girl. It seems that after years of experience, she is no longer Feiyunmen, the inexperienced little girl. Now she is a graceful woman with a beautiful smile. It is Feng Yang who has completed her transformation from a girl to a woman.
It takes several times for a boy to become a man, but it takes one time for a girl to become a woman. Maybe Lao Yan will not remember you after several years, but she will definitely remember the time when she completed the transformation.
Hearing Xia Ying’s words, Feng Yang felt a little sour for so long. He suddenly looked back and found that he had never really looked for her.
"How did you come here?" The wind Yang heart or this question.
"Human beings won the battle of Warcraft, and millions of Warcraft died. I was involved and took the opportunity to escape here," Xia Ying said.
"Really?" The wind Yang stared at Xia Ying.
"Well" Xia Ying nodded gently.
Feng Yang stared at Xia Ying for a long time, and his eyes were sharp as a knife, but he didn’t see any strange look on Xia Ying’s face.
long time
"Oh," Feng Yang smiled. "So that’s it."
After all, this is a lover who once loved a girl and was willing to give his life. Although the relationship was short-lived, it was as beautiful and intoxicating as a epiphyllum. Although there were many misunderstandings between them, it took so long for the feelings to be rock solid. What about those misunderstandings?
The two men sat by the lake facing the sunset, just like Feiyunmen reflecting the moon lake, and their minds were pure and they looked forward to talking about the past and looking forward to the future.
The two sat side by side, talking from the first meeting of Feiyunmen Admissions Conference to their respective lives after graduation, planning for the future, everything was so happy, as if their bad feelings vanished when they met, and they opened their hearts to each other and talked and laughed with scruples.
It seems to be a beautiful and romantic thing for two people to sit together and meet memories at this time.
The two talked until night arrival, when a full moon rose to heaven, and the reflection was clear. The water waves in the lake rippled gently, and the full moon produced a ripple, but it was calm again.
It’s as if the relationship between the two people had a lot of twists and turns on the way, but they finally got back together.
"Xia Ying, you sleep. We left here long ago." Looking at Xia Ying, he crossed his legs and sat down.
"Good" Xia Ying nodded and the wind Yang lay around looking up at the stars.
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