After a breath of evil wind in the park, a dozen ghosts gradually stopped, but they didn’t stop there. Their eyes looked gloomy and looked at the morning. Suddenly, there was a strong wind, and the evil wind made the ground form thick yin ice! Even in the morning, the whole body can’t bear to protect the true qi. Fortunately, the imperial breath is worthy of being a unique achievement of the Imperial Sect. When the imperial breath is about to break, it will automatically protect the yin and cold. Before the invasion of the morning, the skin will encounter the imperial breath, which will be disintegrated like a nemesis, and it will not affect the morning at all.

"Hum! I still want to resist? " Tianchen was furious. Even the original five ghosts will now have five spirits, but they didn’t dare to resist Tianchen’s ghost-controlling tactic. Did one of these dozen weak kids barely count as a ghost’s strength and even want to resist? If you don’t let the morning get angry?
When I saw the ghosts unappreciative in the morning, I immediately put the imperial power into operation, which not only made the ghost control tactic more powerful, but also dared to give birth to desperate resistance after gaining prestige in front of the kids. In addition, I used the ghost training tactic to copy the ghost training technique.
As soon as the ghost training tactic came out of the park, a dozen ghosts stopped rolling. Although others might see a shadow shaking, the ghosts in Sana’ a were training ghosts in the morning, but their painful rolling expressions were all in the morning.
That’s a direct soul training tactic. Is soul damage ordinary? Ghosts’ souls are burned and miserable. Where is the spare capacity to release evil wind? After being destroyed by the ghost training tactic in the morning for a few minutes, the dozen ghosts were paralyzed early, and their eyes were full of fear. It didn’t take long for fear to be begged to replace the soul burn. Which ghost can afford it?
In the morning, I continued to train the ghost tactic and destroyed it for a while. It was almost time to stop. I wanted to continue to control the ghost tactic and set it up for a while, but my mind moved to put away a dozen ghosts that had been completely soft, and people immediately left the place quickly.
It’s not half a minute before dawn. More than a dozen sword lights have arrived in the morning. Just after leaving the position, they noticed the abnormality in the park. Come and see all the experts!
More than a dozen masters who have arrived successively are faint into several forces around their positions in the morning, and the person who arrives first will definitely be able to show that impressively is a lone practitioner who has occupied this small vein for a long time, and this person occupies the position alone, but according to these masters, if he sees it in the morning, he will definitely doubt the identity of this lone practitioner.
Everyone sees each other and walks alone. Without speaking, a gray-haired old man Hu first said, "This park is really strange. There is a kind of yin chill in the air. Look at this place in Fiona Fang. Tens of meters have formed ice with a thickness of several centimeters. I really don’t know if it is the master’s kindness."
White-haired old man Hu pointed to the place where the original morning was hit by Yin ice and then looked respectfully at it. A middle-aged lone yogi called Li Lao and asked.
Li Lao frowned and was occupied by him for a long time. Although he has a high degree of seniority, no one will gossip, but when this abnormal thing happens, he has to come out to answer. However, although he has a high degree of seniority, his skill has also reached the peak of heaven. However, he has been specialized in strange achievement since childhood, but his fighting capacity is enough to deal with the lack of powerful magic weapons of the early masters of the Yellow Level. Therefore, even the world-class masters in the field are respectful to ask questions because of their seniority and his strength, but it is difficult to know.
However, although Li Lao has heard of ghosts saying and knows that the yellow master can release his Yuan God like a ghost at a short distance, there are too few powerful ghosts. Even if he has seen it, he is not as good as a kid who just collected ghost soldiers in the morning. How can he see that more than a dozen ghost soldiers will lead him to release sen cold and yin qi? He can also see that the freezing cold is like a super master Li Shiwei. If so, I’m afraid even he doesn’t have the capability.
Li Lao is not a very decent person. He also can’t see any point of view, just like the old man with white hair.
They listened to the two people’s strange opinions, but none of them could recognize this ghostly yin qi and guess blindly. Just as they wanted to leave separately, a Buddhist name came over.
"Amitabha! You donors are right! " A red old monk walked into the crowd.
"Turned out to be a good master master not to dongling temple guards the ancient Buddha lynx? How can you be disturbed by this abnormality? " This time, even Li Lao has moved this dharma master, but the Buddhist monk in the western regions has a skill. Although the same level is not as good as most people in the field, the Buddha’s power is the same as that of Buddhism, which is also to cultivate the body!
All the people in the field responded to Master Fa Shan more respectfully than Li Lao.
"Dear benefactors, it’s not a master here, and there are few achievements in practicing cold qi. According to the poor monk, I’m afraid it’s a successful practice or something strange happened to me. I’m afraid this icy situation is a powerful ghost king’s power!" The old monk’s words will definitely scoff if he hears them here in the morning. If there is a powerful ghost king, will he still be alive in the morning? It’s just that a dozen ghosts were extracted by array method because they occupied the number of pulse exits, and when they were released, they were occupied by these ghosts. However, because of array method, they met the morning and just came to attack the enemy. Without knowledge, there would be such a wild guess!
After listening to Master Fa Shan’s words, all the people in the field were furious and discolored. They may have seen their strength, so they can easily deal with it. Even if they are ghosts in the future, I’m afraid they will have to stay away. It can be said that ghosts will have no attack power to be like the warlock’s house number or destroy or capture the practitioners like Dragon and Tiger Mountain. It’s nothing strange that they are masters of one side, and they have all seen the masters of one school or another more or less.
But the ghost king is different. A ghost king is equal to a yellow-level master, and he is still the kind of master who kills people in shape. Even a sky-level master can’t help it if he wants to cross the reinforced concrete if it is too thick, but ghosts are different. They have no * * fetters. Imagine that when you meditate or practice, a ghost king passes through heavy guards or reinforced concrete, and when you are practicing, you will get a fatal blow. Or you are practicing. It’s urgent that you can’t stand them even if you pick Jin Xian?
Chapter seventy-nine Turns out to be a eunuch
Chapter seventy-nine Turns out to be a eunuch
"Master? Are you kidding? " Asked the old man with some doubts, it is no wonder that he and others suspect that in recent years, due to the prevalence of ancient martial arts and the high strength of the country, most ordinary people are trapped by ghosts. In previous years, the country invited many warlocks and sects to kill ghosts in a large scale. Although it also caused many ghosts, many masters and yellow masters who were not afraid of ghosts also killed and destroyed.
It can be said that five years ago, there were not many ghosts and soldiers in our country. Now, even if there are ghosts, they are ordinary new ghosts that are difficult to influence too many people. However, because there are more and more practitioners, these ghosts are almost close to practitioners. Even ghosts and soldiers have had a half-point influence on cultivating super-class people. Therefore, in recent years, there are not many ghosts and ghosts, but now the master of Fa Shan says that there is a powerful ghost king who did not even appear in the period of large-scale ghost killing. This is beyond the reach of top-level experts, and there are only a handful of people who can achieve the goal of killing such ghosts
Master Fa Shan shook his head with a wry smile. He guarded the ancient Buddhist relic in Dongling Temple tonight, but just after midnight, he found that something was wrong. Because the ancient Buddhist relic actually trembled for a few days, he didn’t pay much attention to it. If there were ghosts nearby, this would happen. Where did Fa Shan appear? He didn’t pay much attention. If he didn’t reach the ghost soldier, he wouldn’t do anything to get rid of ghosts. Even if he was a ghost soldier, he would just cross over at most. If he could not die, he would try to let the ghost dissipate on his own or go to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
Only by reaching the point that ghosts can harm ordinary people, ghosts and good laws can save people’s minds and remove ghosts.
However, it took several hours for the ancient Buddhist relic to tremble as slowly as possible until it stopped shaking. This kind of situation made Fa Shan frightened. Fa Shan also discovered that the ancient Buddhist relic was shaking like this many years ago when he followed his deceased father to destroy the ghost king, but this time it was even worse. It is conceivable that the ghost was born in Beijing this time. It is very likely that even his ancestors used to destroy the powerful ghost king. You should know that Fa Shan’s father died because he was injured in destroying a ghost king. At this time, Fa Shan’s ability is worse than that of his ancestors. If he can deal with such a ghost king.
However, when Fa Shan took the ancient Buddhist relic to die and remove the magic, it was unexpectedly that the ancient Buddhist relic didn’t shake halfway, but released a kind of soft Buddha power. Fa Shan clearly remembers that it was because of this soft Buddha power that his ancestor was able to die of direct injury for three years until his master met the requirements of his ancestor. This kind of situation, Fa Shan heard that his ancestor said that it was only because of the successful elimination of the ghost king that the ancient Buddhist relic appeared again, and now such soft power appears again …
Master Fa Shan surprised everyone with the situation, but fell silent again. They naturally rejoiced that the ghost king was destroyed, but it made them more afraid to search their minds carefully, but they couldn’t find such a master near Beijing. Even the whole China, I’m afraid there are several powerful sects who have this ability.
There are many speculations that Lingmai Park has already returned to the bedroom at this time.
"NND is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon. I fought with these ghosts for a few minutes and was found abnormal. If I leave a few seconds late, I can’t get stuck there?" The murmur of the morning rang gently, but his eyes were already looking at more than a dozen ghosts in front of the facade
I was disappointed and shook my head in the morning. One of the thirteen ghosts is a ghost soldier. Except that it can harm ordinary people, some people who have practiced martial arts have little mental resistance.
And the most disappointing thing for Tianchen is that these ghosts have returned to their previous power, right? However, after careful collection, a lot of problems were discovered. Previously, all these ghosts could almost bite themselves, but it was only because of the powerful ghosts and yin qi extracted by the array method, and they happened to be at the exit of the array method, and when they came out, there were a lot of extremely cold yin qi possessed.
However, these yin qi have not been absorbed by these ghosts for so many years because of the law. When they came out, they met so many yin qi in the morning, but they were directly used to deal with the morning. When they were taken in the morning, so many pure yin qi dissipated, which is equivalent to the fact that they spent a hundred times of effort in the morning, but they got a hundred or two results. It is really not worth the loss.
A good morning’s imperial breath is to deal with these ghosts and spirits. When these ghosts are collected, the imperial breath not only does not consume much, but absorbs some of them that have not dissipated, and the pure yin turns into a part of the imperial breath, which is also considered glad you came. Otherwise, I really don’t know how much I will lose in the morning.
But what do you think of these ghosts in the morning? What do you think is not pleasing to the eye? Rev triple eye carefully look at these flattering ghosts.
"Er ~ it’s not a eunuch, is it?" Careful observation in the morning startled me to discover this amazing secret.
Thirteen ghosts turned out to be dressed like ancient eunuchs’ ornaments. The ghost looked like a powerful eunuch, and he was not a small eunuch. His eunuchs wore ghosts all the same, but his eunuchs were a little different and even some silver was radiant.


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