He traversed two lasers, and he flew by his side. He didn’t attack just now, but now it’s easy to escape! The speed has doubled!
Then his flame converged, and the soles of his feet flashed, and the fire shot more than 20 meters like a rocket.
His figure is like an arrow, but he ran out of the hundred meters in two or three seconds, leaving two people behind!
This time, he also took the initiative to control his feet without leaving a flame, and his Wu Yu breath was covered up by him, which was extremely concealed! The farther away, the two great masters felt that Zhang’s breath was getting more and more misty.
"This posture is really awesome! This speed is cool! " Zhang Yangxin’s ecstasy speed is like if the wind flickers for more than ten meters and then flickers for more than ten meters. After several flickers, two people are already unclear about Zhang Yang!
Finally, two people can no longer feel the breath of Zhang Yang! All stopped.
A master said, "The escape technique is really exaggerated! Holding a personal running speed is not weakened. "
"Yes! No wonder he can live to this speed, and it’s hard for him to die unless the speed is better than him, and it’s not necessarily that a strongman can’t kill him, "said another master."
"Go home! At the head of the command is to kill people who get away with it, then enough is enough. "
"It’s a shame that we can’t talk to those bastards about this after we’re so close to success that we can’t catch up with a little master."
Said the two reflexive figure flashing in the bushes running in the direction of dirt road no longer after Zhang.
After running for more than twenty minutes, Zhang Yang stopped in a lush grass, and the concealment here is still high.
He put Wu yufang to a big tree and took a deep breath beside it. "I’ve never escaped so carefree. This speed is really fast!" Those two great masters are all looking into Mo! Ha ha … "
"It’s like an idiot to make you happy to run away!" Wu Yudao walked to Zhang and sat beside him with a faint smile on her mouth.
"As the saying goes, it’s not shameful to escape. You didn’t even lose your face when you were killed." Zhang freely said, and then he saw Wu Yu’s little hand and couldn’t help but reach for it and smile contentedly.
"secularization, saying that I am made up by you at random" Wu Yubai took a look at Zhang.
Rely on the tree again. Zhang suddenly remembered rubbing his little feet on the other side when he first met Wu Yu. He pretended to be very tired and leaned against the tree.
Complained, "I am so tired! I can’t even move my fingers at the strongest speed in a row. If only Zhou Yan! "
"If you dare to call Zhou Yan, I will beat you to death!" Wu Yu grabbed Zhang’s palm and pinched his arm. A pair of big eyes stared at his bulging face and rose to anger. Zhang said something wrong and ate his impulse.
"My legs are so tired, my shoulders are so tired, and the whole person is so tired! Zhou Yan, she would definitely give me a leg and a shoulder. "Zhang tried to calm down with a smile."
"A child is so naive" Wu Yunai shook his head.
She pinched Zhang’s arms and hands loosely and said, "You idiot! If you want me to beat your legs and rub your back, just say so and beat around the bush. How can a man be so old-fashioned? "
Said Wu Yu squatted up and held out his small hand into a small fist. Zhang Yang hammered one leg gently, which was gentle and light.
Every time Zhang Yang runs away with himself in his arms, and every time his back resists the attack, he needs to be at ease and wait with his broad mind to escape from danger.
She doesn’t know whether others will take care of her lover in this way. Up to now, she has never seen a man who still takes his lover with him when fighting, and the first thing that comes to mind when running away with him is his lover.
She came back from the hard days of killing the abyss, and now she is a lover. So what?
Wu Yu bent his eyes into a crescent moon and gently beat his legs while saying, "Are you comfortable?"
"Shu!" Zhang Yang was shocked! I got stuck without saying a word!
Wu Yu’s beautiful little hands are satiny, perfect, white and slender. Which man won’t protect and spoil like Bao Er, which meeting will let her do leg-beating and back-rubbing?


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