Perhaps it is because of this many worries that Lengao’s attitude towards things has changed greatly, so now such a situation has been able to remain calm.

Want to understand this matter LengLing heart finally relieved, less reasonable to follow, then prove that his father LengAo is not what’s wrong.
"Father, since this cold mountain is plotting, what should we do?" Changshu took a mouthful of air-cooled ling just at a face of hesitation Lengao asked.
"Ah?" When Leng Ling suddenly asked this question, Leng Ao’s face looked embarrassed, and he also listened to him with a wry smile. "I don’t know how to solve this kind of thing at the moment!"
"Oh, I see!" Listen to Lengao answer LengLing although full of doubts, but ultimately did not say anything.
If you want to be cold and arrogant, you will calm down, and then Lengling will not have many worries, because she knows that this kind of thing is absolutely impossible to let go of the cold family heads.
After telling the truth about Hanshan’s plot, Lengling didn’t have any taboo, so she told Lengao about her pregnancy. After all, the other party was her father, and she had no reason to hide it.
Hearing that Lengling was pregnant, Lengao was surprised and mixed with joy, and then he asked with a blank face, "Linger, you said you were pregnant, so why didn’t Ye Han come back with you?"
The news of Lengling’s pregnancy sounds like a real blow. Although he has decided not to pester Lengling, he did not expect Lengling and Ye Han to be pregnant together.
In the same way, Wei also couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. Before I asked Lengling about Ye Han’s fall, Lengling said that she would go home and say it again. Now that the home has reached Lengling, she didn’t tell Ye Han’s fall.
If it weren’t for Lengling saying that she was pregnant now, everyone might not have thought of Ye Han.
At the beginning, the wedding ceremony was held too hastily, and it was too cold for the family to get used to it, so the memory of Ye Han was not so deep.
Now, if Lengling didn’t say that she was pregnant, everyone would think that her father might not remember Ye Han for a while.
"Cold son, he" is just when everyone is puzzled. Looking at Lengling, who wants to get the answer from his mouth, Lengling seems to be faltering.
Glancing at Lengao Lengling, he sighed bitterly, "Han Er disappeared when he was in the ice field!"
Everyone is preparing to listen to Lengling’s explanation, but they don’t want Lengling’s explanation. It’s so simple. At that time, everyone didn’t slow down. They all nodded their heads to signal that they heard it.
Is everyone really listening? Lengling feels that everyone hasn’t heard it, or that although everyone has heard it, they haven’t heard it yet. Maybe even if they have heard it, they haven’t really recovered.
Lengling consciously felt it necessary to do it again, but she didn’t want to keep thinking about Lengao and suddenly exclaimed, "What is he missing?"
Be cold ao so suddenly a call everyone can’t help but get a fright, at the same time, the mind will be completely slow to come over, and LengLing naturally realized that his mouth was about to spit out words.
"Well, this is also the most important purpose of my coming back this time. I think it will be easier to find it if father is willing to help!" Nodded at Lengao LengLing is a wry smile immediately just said
"How can we not look for it? Our son-in-law of the cold family has lost our own territory. Where can we put our cold family face if we go out?"
Not Lengling said Lengao had already thought about it, and then he demolished the family elite to look for Ye Han in the ice sheet. Now there is Lengling pleading with his father Lengao, where can he hesitate?
Besides, as Lengao himself said, if people know that his son-in-law is lost in the ice sheet, it is not a person but his cold family.
It seems that Bai Lengao promised so rashly that there is indeed a reason why LengLing is no longer persistent. She thanked Lengao and then waited for Lengao to give orders.
"Master, I am willing to look for Ye Han!" Without waiting for Lengao to speak, Wei realized that he had a sense of responsibility and took the initiative to come out.
The original Lengao is also interesting to let Wei lead his troops to the ice sheet to find Ye Han. After all, he is an elite of a generation of young people with a cold family. If he has less in the ice sheet, he can act as a deterrent.
Now, when I heard that Wei was so determined to be cold and arrogant, he nodded and agreed to come and motioned for him to start early in the morning.
Looking for Ye Han, things have been arranged. Lengling’s heart is finally calm. Seeing that it’s getting late, she has to go back to her room and wait for the dawn.
Naturally, he didn’t want to see Wei Li off with his own eyes, but wanted to go back to Ye Gu in Xingyuan City after dawn to see if Ye Han had gone home.
The 179th boundary reaches Yejia.
The night in Bingyuan City seems to be no different from that in other places, but if you look at it carefully, you may see that the night here is more beautiful than that in other places.
Generally speaking, it’s not the night of the Ice Yuan City, but even the whole night of the ice sheet, so there is not so much polluted air in the cold zone as in other places.
Lengling sits near the window and stares at the stars outside the window. His eyes can’t help but feel a little demented.
"Cold brother, where have you been?" Silent for a long time also depressed for a long time LengLing just sigh a face of nai murmured.
No one answered Lengling’s question, even Lengling lost his confidence. The disappearance of Ye Han is a common thing, but it is not so simple.
If Ye Han is a common missing person, then Lengling’s mind should not be able to sense him.
Besides, in general, Ye Han’s life star may not be visible to others, but it should not be so for Lengling, who is connected with Ye Han’s life star.
But now Ye Han’s life star has disappeared, and even Lengling can find it.
This kind of situation is not what fatal danger Ye Han met after all, when the two people merged, they could also hide the destiny star.
But in addition, other methods can prevent Lengling Ye Han from seeing the life star alone, but now Lengling is unaware of Ye Han’s life star.
The original LengLing also wants to force what super seal is beneficial to the mind to find Ye Han, but now she has to give up this idea.
If Ye Han didn’t encounter any life danger that led to the disappearance of the life star, there is another possibility that someone deliberately sealed Ye Han and then blocked the life star alliance.


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