That purple light beam was so powerful that even the defensive treasures were blown up. No wonder Luo Zhong will be suspicious of Lin Yu.

Lin Yu didn’t know that Luo Zhong was very happy about his "death". He was very happy that he successfully escaped from the encirclement of Luo’s family and returned to Yunduan Mountain. Now he is preparing to go back to the Lins to plan the establishment of a big family.
Ouyang Xiu and Liu Man were pleased to meet Lin Yu as soon as they came back. "Boss! (Sigong! )”
Lin Yu gave the two men a hug very enthusiastically. "Thank you."
Ouyang Xiu Xi Xi laughed. "The boss dares me to just successfully study the temporary remote array. You believe in the younger brother so much that the hard work of the younger brother is not worth it."
Feather Yang and Cang Xuanfeng knew that it was Ouyang Xiu who arranged for Lin Yu to escape. This little girl could not help secretly condescending.
Lin Yu is so bold, even if he dares to believe such a little boy’s words, but he hasn’t been stuck in the broken stream.
However, they are still very admired by Ouyang Xiu, but they are a unique skill in Cangyu mainland.
Don’t say, don’t just be able to create a long-distance array in ten days, which is enough to eclipse their own Ouyang family’s so-called elites.
If this small school is tempered for a few more years, it will surely become a big climate.
Lin Yu can actually make this little post post to do things for him, and his ability is not small.
"Eldest brother, we found …" Ouyang Xiu was very excited to say something, but Liu Man stopped his eyes and couldn’t help but glance at Wang Haoxuan, Feather Yang and Cang Xuanfeng.
Lin Yu smiled and said, "It’s okay. It’s all our own people who find something."
"That is," Ouyang took a white look at Liu Man and continued to say excitedly, "I found an ancient array in Yunduan Mountain. It is estimated that there are many good things in it, boss. Aren’t you going to build a family? It’s even more valuable to get the good things in it and start a family. "
When I heard that there was something good, Lin Yu felt itchy.
My family has gained a lot of spar through the cultivation of spar source ore, but it is extremely lacking in medicinal materials and treasures.
Xinghai Chamber of Commerce has something to buy, but those ordinary goods Lin Yu doesn’t want to buy good goods and can’t afford so much.
If you can really get a lot of spar in the ancient array, the Lins’ background must be rich.
"Brother Hugh, is there any way for you to enter the ancient array?" Lin Yu asked with expectation.
Ouyangxiu is very proudly patted his chest "of course! But I don’t know if there is anything dangerous in the ancient array … "
Lin Yu said so-called, "If there is nothing to do, how can we have lunch to help the three of us enter the ancient array?"
Then Lin Yu turned to Wang Haoxuan and said, "Brother Xuan, you have consumed a lot of energy before, so you should go back to the Wangs to rest first."
Wang Haoxuan nodded and said "good" calmly.
Wang Haoxuan knows that going in now will become a burden to them, so he might as well stay outside.
He believe that if Lin Yu gains anything, he will never forget his share.
Wang Haoxuan just wanted to leave, but he heard Lin Yuyin. "Brother Xuan immediately mobilized the strongest troops of the Wangs to come here to defend. I don’t know if it is Feather Yang, you or the dark wind mentor. Someone has placed something to track. Anyway, it’s better to face it than to put the problem on the surface."
Wang Haoxuan gasped. I didn’t expect Lin Yu to be so courageous.
Lin Yu actually wants to take this opportunity to toss out all the people who may be unfavorable to him and solve the problem in one breath.
Wang Haoxuan wondered if this guy was too reckless.
However, Wang Haoxuan soon understood Lin Yu’s idea.
Lin Yu did this not only to toss out his enemies, but also to make the forces supporting him take a stand.


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