"all right! Get it! " Lin Yu crossed and said to Jun Chen, "Emperor! Put it away! "

Her face looks a little dirty with dust, but it is a bit naive with her red lips and a little smile.
Jun Chen was fascinated and slowly put her to help her waist, but her hands never moved.
Lin Yu’s feet touched the ground, but it was a golden rooster. Jun Chen raised his eyebrows and looked at her with one foot and asked, "What is this? Chapter 175 Your face has always been very thick."
"Nothing sprained my ankle." Lin Yuyin was very dull, but Jun Chen recognized her words with a little bit of anger, as if blaming him for not coming to catch him and making her sprained her ankle.
"Which foot?" Jun Chen couldn’t help but be pregnant with her sentence.
Lin Yu slightly raised her left foot and waved it. "I didn’t pay attention to my old injury once upon a time, but now I feel distressed when I gently twist it." She pouted and the wronged little appearance was very lovable.
Jun Chen looked at her instability and took a few steps to put her in a chair. "Lin Yu, what do you say about you? Cong is stupid and unexpected. "
"Where am I stupid? You didn’t help me just now! " Lin Yu’s cheeks are bulging like two small bags with pale skin and light powder, which makes Jun Chen stretch out his hand and pinch her face.
Jun Chen took back his hand and was a little surprised that his skin was so delicate and lubricated with water.
Lin Yu was touched, and when she remembered the imperial experience, she immediately warned her hands to encircle her chest. "What are you doing, Emperor?"
Seeing her like this, Jun Chen wants to tease her more. His eyes are slightly narrowed and his beautiful eyebrows are slightly raised. The light flashes in his eyes and he invades. "Lin Qing’s skin is really white, tender and smooth, which makes people fondle it."
He said that he had to reach out and touch Lin Yu again. Lin Yu was so scared that he leaned back and suddenly remembered to ask him, "Is my skin as good as that of nuns?"
"Ah, it’s more moist than they are." Jun Chen smiled at the evil spirit, and the ink eyes exuded a gem-like splendor with a s-curve light.
It’s over. The egg is over
Make a fool of yourself again!
The closer they are, Jun Chen faintly smells Lin Yushen’s faint fragrance and can’t help but get closer to some Lin Yu immersed in his eyes. He approached her until his body was attached to the cold ground.
"The emperor … the emperor live live … hand! !” Lin Yu held Jun Chen’s chest with both hands to stop him from sticking his face to her.
Jun Chen also suddenly came to her senses and found that she had pinned Lin Yu down. He was not tall and petite. He put his arm around her waist and her whole body was encircled in his arms.
Jun Chen leered at Lin Yu holding her waist and hand and slipped lightly. "Lin Yu, are you made of water?" So soft as a bone "
"Huang … Huang smiled wrongly. I am made of meat." Lin Yu was in distress situation.
"Your meat is really soft." Jun Chen smiled wickedly.
“! ! ! !”
The Olympic Games-
This is you. Should the emperor speak? ? ? Color embryo!
"The emperor can you get up? I think Zhang Shang seems to be coming soon. "
Jun Chen got up and pulled Lin Yu. Lin Yu seemed fragile, but he still controlled him. But he still dared not force his left foot. Half of his body relied on his right foot to bear the power.
Holding the heat source in their hands, the two men met by chance and clasped their hands. Lin Yu hurriedly retracted her hand, but Jun Chen recalled the feeling of holding her hand just now.
Lin Yufang asked him if his answer was true. Lin Yu’s little bastard hands are much softer than those of his concubines.
But look at him like this.
"Can you still walk?"
Lin Yu tried to take two steps and then gritted her teeth and said, "It’s okay to thank the emperor!"
"Emperor, how can you go back when I leave later?" Lin Yu suddenly remembered this very serious problem. She left and Zhang Shang must have locked the door.


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