"Get out of here, don’t be false and kind." Lengqin resents pushing the evening, tears and mist, and there is sharp hatred in his eyes.

"Departure" Zun Wang indifference command pulls the evening and turns to the car.
"Yes" the waiter followed.
"Wait a minute," Lengqin said coldly while dressing. "Wang, you have always been fair and strict, so should you this time."
"What do you want?" The king turned and stared at her coldly. There was a warning light in her eyes. He knew what she wanted to say. He warned her not to say it.
"Since we have all checked, shouldn’t the queen also check one?" Lengqin did not hesitate to say this sentence despite the warning of Zun Wang.
(please support the baby another company "sky-high bait Chapter two hundred and forty-three Who is a traitor?
"Since we have all checked, shouldn’t the queen also check one?" Lengqin did not hesitate to say this sentence despite the warning of Zun Wang.
Everyone is shocked, and the eyes are wide open, and there is a panic in my heart. Do you want me to be physically examined like Lengqin? No, absolutely not
The waiters are careful to look down at the atmosphere and dare not go out.
They think Lengqin is a provocation to your majesty’s temper. How can you have her searched if you love the queen so much?
However, Lengqin’s request is not excessive at all. According to the current situation, someone definitely leaked their whereabouts. Since everyone has checked it, there is no problem, then the Queen … is really doubtful.
"unbridled seven instructors how dare you disrespect the queen" Ye Xiong LengLi low drink.
"I’m not disrespectful to the queen. I hope that the king can handle this matter fairly. If we are really guilty, then our future whereabouts will be leaked. It’s a big sin." Lengqin made Ye Xiongyan right.
"I don’t know how I can expose your whereabouts when you act?" Anxious excuse in the evening
"Queen, as Wang said just now, if you are innocent, prove it to everyone. Didn’t I just prove it?" Lengqin stared sharply at Xi, whose eyes were as poisonous as poisonous snakes.
"What do you want to be so difficult for me? I just pleaded for you … "
"Good" evening unwilling words were interrupted by Zun Wang Leng Liyin "Let the queen check your heart"
"What?" Evening shocked stare big eyes "no, I don’t want to check I don’t want to …"
"Lengqin knows that Wang has always been fair and strict, and he has never offended the king and queen. It means that he is worried about the overall situation. She is a simple and kind queen. Since the king promised to check for the queen, I am a woman here, so I will come."
Leng Qin mei’s lips are hooked with a victory smile, but when she looks at the evening, she has a sharp edge and strokes her body like a knife.
"I don’t have to do it myself" Zun Wang stared at the evening "car"
"I don’t want to …" Evening horrified shook his head.
Zun Wang threw himself into dragging the car door and followed it without playing the piano. "To be fair, I think there should be a witness. I was dozens of witnesses just now."
The king gave her a hard look, but he didn’t refuse. He is the king. Take care of the huge night. There must be a principle of fair and strict rule. Everything makes people feel good.
The door Ye Xiong and the waiters kept outside and soon heard the sound of torn clothes and the shrill screams of the evening.
The waiters could vaguely see the vague shadows inside through the dim window glass. The queen lay like a wild animal tearing at her clothes. The queen struggled and begged, but there was no place for the seven instructors to sit by and look on coldly …
"Don’t, don’t …" Chexi pleaded and gradually forced her wrist to be bruised by Zun Wang because of her struggle. A leg wound was also touched, and blood overflowed through thick medicinal gauze to flow to her ankle …
"You all turn around!" Your majesty shouted at the window. Although you can see a vague figure outside, you can’t let other men see it at all.
Yes, all the waiters turned around.
My teeth itch with anger. Why didn’t you let them turn around when I was examined just now? Let them appreciate my body? Do you think I am so humble and she is so holy and noble?
"Let me go" Xi struggled but couldn’t earn Wang Tiechai’s hand. He grabbed Xi’s wrist with one hand and tore off her last line of defense with the other. Black luxury/pajamas were thrown aside, and Xi was naked and naked. Tears poured down in front of Wang Zun and Lengqin, and his body trembled.
Leng Qin looked at Xi’s body and inwardly lamented that Xi was a perfect dancer with flexible and elastic lines. The skin was as delicate and tender as pearls. No wonder Zun Wang was so obsessed with her.
Although Lengqin thought so in her heart, her mouth smiled lightly. "But so my chest is not as big as mine, and I am more charming …"
"Shut up" The statue of the king growled and there was a frightening cold light in his dark eyes, and he dared not speak again.


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