Meng Kun was very happy to lie in bed, and two Mexican chicks waited on him in tandem. He closed his eyes and was very happy to enjoy the dry brother. He looked like the old guy was about to reach the boundary. Suddenly he thought of a good action plan, that is, when the three people were about to reach the peak, they went in and directly solved the old guy. When the two Mexican chicks reacted, the dry brother finished everything and knocked out the two chicks!

Therefore, Brother Gan pried the bamboo window slowly and without blinking, and observed the movement inside. As soon as Brother Gan reached that critical point, he would rush in and kill it directly, so he waited patiently and finally saw that the two Mexican chicks had been convulsed by Meng Kun at the same time after three minutes. Brother Gan knew that it was the best time to start work directly, so he gently lifted the window and killed it. Two steps came to the window and put the knife in Meng Kun’s neck and smashed it gently.
Not to mention his mother’s drug Lord is a drug Lord. The reaction is that his mother is almost so happy. When Brother Gan put a knife on his neck for a second, he actually picked up a pistol with a hidden pillow bottom, but he was one step slower than Brother Gan. Before he raised the gun, his frightened eyes were solved by Brother Gan.
This is his mother who made him feel good, though it is a little worse than that wretched man outside the door just now, because he found out that the dry brother was dying in horror, and that wretched man was dying with great joy, but it was also a great bargain for the old guy, and grandma had a good time before she died. Not everyone has such a good chance!
After Brother Gan solved Meng Kun, those two Mexican chicks were still immersed in his mother’s joy. I didn’t even notice Brother Gan coming in, let alone that Meng Kun was dead! Brother Gan looked at the two Mexican chicks lying there trembling, but they never killed koo people. Besides, in a certain sense, they were also victims and they were all killed since childhood, so they couldn’t live a normal life. Brother Gan was very upset about this class sister, so he wiped the blood on his sheets and put the army stab into his military boots. However, the two Mexican chicks gave a hand knife and both of them fainted …
Brother Gan is very sympathetic. Looking at those two girls naked, he is afraid of catching cold at night and covering them up. Look at his grandmother, a gentleman killer like himself. It is estimated that it is hard to find a few in the world! Brother Gan was very narcissistic before he left and wanted to send him to heaven in Chapter 166!
After doing a good deed, Brother Gan walked out of the luxurious bedroom on the second floor of Mengkun, then gave everything to the door and went to the back of the thick bamboo railing in the corridor to see the four color column bodyguards. Still, Brother Gan looked like a cow and watched everything around him with a contemptuous smile. His mother was a fucking straw bag, and those Simbert special forces were far from supporting the sky, that is, the second-rate color column commando was estimated to be cheating money. This stupid old hat of Mengkun was estimated to have been cheated a lot again, but the two old guys were not concerned about the money. His grandmother earned money for so many years, and he almost grew long hair. If
Brother Gan and the bodyguard of the color train them for a period of time, and they know their details. When somebody else’s real Simbert is not blown by his mother, there are real materials. Just now, they acted on their own. You can’t say that they were caught or that they couldn’t finish it, but if they are real Simbert, they will definitely be aware of their own whereabouts. The real bodyguard doesn’t let you be the target there, but should move. His ears should be as sharp as a hound, and he can notice anything that happens. This is the real bodyguard!
After looking around, Brother Gan didn’t find a messenger jumping from the second floor with his back flashing, and then he was about to land. At that moment, he grabbed the railing with his hands and buffered him before landing. What he did was to prevent them from being alarmed by the loud landing sound when jumping from the second floor. In that case, he would fall short, so not a powerful person can point a martial artist or a gunman can be an agent. In short, an agent is a capable person. You don’t have to be a top talent in everything, but you must know everything. It’s not a genius, but it must be a generalist. Otherwise, it’s tragic if you sacrifice a teammate while playing, and you encounter something you haven’t touched at all. Because of this, the consequences are very serious. Your loss may not be your own, and it’s very likely that your team members will be harmed. Therefore, paying attention to agents is just a daring and careful agent, taking everything into account, so you can be considered as a qualified agent!
Brother Gan bent down and got up at that moment, pulled out the stab in the dagger sleeve of the army boots and quickly flashed into the night. If you say that God is also very good at taking care of people, when Brother Gan didn’t execute it last night, the moon was as round and bright as the fifteenth, but tonight, although it was all over the sky, the moon didn’t appear alone, which really answered the sentence of the night of the dark moon killing!
Now that the most important goal has been solved, it’s not uncommon for these little boys to pay attention to what they do. Because it’s not worth doing it themselves, the dry brother arrived at the place where Ah Kin and Wang Jun waited for him in less than 20 minutes, or Hu Xiaoling, the daughter of khufu, had sharp eyes when she saw the figure of the dry brother coming. She quickly struggled to get out of Wang Jun’s arms and shouted "Uncle, uncle, I want uncle …" It seems that this little girl was really scared. A 13-year-old girl was in the best childhood and should stay in school to play games with children, but now
"Ha ha, Xiaoling, be good and don’t call my uncle …" Brother Gan said with a smile and took Hu Xiaoling from Wang Jun’s hand, and then comforted him in his arms.
"Hey, hey, brother, you finally came back, but we were worried bad …" Ah Kin said with a hey, hey, smile when he saw Brother Gan coming back.
"Ha ha, what are you worried about? If you don’t worry, I will come back when I say I will. I’ve never spoken to you before …" Brother Gan said with a smile and tapped Ah Kin on the shoulder with one hand.
"That’s a brother. Who are you? You’re much better than Superman Spider-Man in those American blockbusters. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever seen …" Ah Kin’s gushing praise was interrupted by Brother Gan before he finished. "Ha ha, come on, Brother Kin, don’t say that you’ll say that I’m better than Monkey Sun in a minute. Let’s get out of here while the night is dark. I’m sure it won’t be long before they realize that we can’t come if we withdraw again!"
"Okay, let’s go!" Ah Kin nodded and said, as he spoke, he carried his backpack. Wang Jun also carried his backpack. Because Brother Gan was holding Hu Xiaoling, Wang Jun handed it to Brother Gan, who carried it directly and neatly, and ordered, "Remember that savage mountain is more dangerous in the evening, especially those little beasts of poisonous snakes, but they are much more dangerous than those insidious drug lords in the Golden Triangle. I will walk in front with Xiaoling and you two will just follow me!" Brother Gan hugged Hu Xiaoling with his left hand as he spoke, and then his right hand pulled out the army thorn from the army boots.
Come to Ah Kin and Wang Jun, two people want to rush to the front because they are holding the baby after all, but the thought of the sharp skill of those poisonous snakes rushing to the front immediately dispels this idea. If they rush to the front, it’s almost a waste of time to send the cause of death. This savage mountain poisonous snake is no joke. The more no one goes to the local place, the more poisonous it is. If they are bitten by a poisonous snake, it’s not just their own suffering, but they have to let others be implicated. They are not afraid of death. Don’t look at it. If Brother holds a child, even his mother holds another one,
In this way, the four men went their way. Brother Gan rushed at the front four with daggers. Except Hu Xiaoling, they all had outdoor adventure flares, so they all wore their heads. Brother Gan greeted Ah Kin and Wang Jun while stabbing the road in front. Brother Gan often greeted them because they were afraid that they would fall off the team and carry out it by themselves, but it quickly showed that Brother Gu Ajin and Brother Wang Jun had slowed down.
Brother Gan held Hu Xiaoling in his left hand and asked her to put her head on her shoulders. Don’t look forward. Look back. Because first of all, the little girl was scared in front, and Ah Kin and Wang Jun looked back. The army thorn of Brother Gan was not as simple as cutting through thorns. That’s just a matter of cutting the snake at all times. If a little girl saw it, she could not leave a generation of psychological shadows. That’s why Brother Gan arranged this way. But the little girl was obedient and clever. Looking back at Brother Gan’s shoulders saved him a lot of heart.
So I traveled all the way because I was worried that there would be pursuers behind me, so I didn’t rest all the way, and Ah Kin and Wang Jun followed closely behind me. Finally, it was almost dawn when I crossed savage mountain and arrived in the jungle of Myanmar. At this time, I just heard the gun coming from the other side of the mountain and knew that the Golden Triangle people had discovered it, but it was too late because they were awesome and couldn’t chase them. I let Ah Kin and Wang Jun rest together to replenish supplies, and then I crossed the jungle of Myanmar. At this time, I saw Ah Kin and Wang Jun panting, and I sat down beside Ah Kin and said, "
"Ha ha, come on, hurry up and replenish some supplies. Let’s hurry through the jungle in Myanmar and then we can slow down a bit …" Brother Gan smiled and patted Ah Kin, who was lying panting.
Not to mention that Hu Xiaoling’s little girl is really in high spirits. She just didn’t sleep this night. Her little eyes have been spinning and spinning. I took out beef jerky compressed biscuits from my backpack and gave them food that Hu Xiaoling had never seen before. After half an hour, I waited for Ah Kin and Wang Jun to rest before I went on my way.
Although the road left is dangerous, it’s already days, and the jungle in Myanmar is much safer than that in savage mountain. Although Burmese pythons are locked, they are not as insidious as poisonous snakes. They can be seen less when they attack, so it’s easier for them to walk along the way. Hu Xiaoling still let Brother Gan hold it, but Brother Gan put a coat on Hu Xiaoling’s skull to shrink her head. This is to prevent herself from killing pythons when Burmese pythons attack. Don’t get her covered in blood to scare her.
"Brother, did you really kill that drug Lord Meng Kun?" After walking, Ah Kin suddenly asked this question. He had been holding back for a long time, but he didn’t ask it before, so it was not so urgent now, so he asked.
"Ha ha no, I sent him to heaven. His life in this world is a kind of redundancy. This earth is hell for him, so he harms mankind. I sent him to heaven to be a good man to benefit mankind …" Brother Gan smiled and shook his head and said a very philosophical thing.
"Sent to heaven?" Ah kin obviously didn’t understand the dry elder brother’s words and asked again
"Hehe, when I killed him, he had just finished having fun with two Mexican chicks. You said he was not in heaven. Where did he go? It’s called pain and happiness!" Brother Gan looked at Ah Kin’s "popular" statement and explained it again.
Ah Chin understood the literary point this time. He couldn’t understand popularity, but he was the best at it. After listening to it, he smiled and scolded, "Fuck! This old guy is too good at enjoying himself! Don’t die until you have a good time! It’s fucking gone to heaven. Chapter 167 has been betrayed!
"Ha, ha, come on, let’s go quickly. When we cross the jungle in Myanmar, we don’t want to go to heaven. We want to walk into this man and live a plain life …" Brother Gan said with a laugh after hearing Ah Kin’s words.
"It’s better to live an ordinary life for us, and I don’t want to go to heaven or hell. It’s best for my family to be safe, healthy, healthy and happy!" Ah Kin nodded after listening to Brother Gan’s words, then thought for a while and added, "Brother, this time I came out with you, and I found out that life is so fragile. I’ve already decided to quit this time and go back to the mainland with my wife and children to do some small business and have a quiet day. I’m now a wife and children with families, and I can’t afford to play with young people …"
"Ha ha, this decision is correct. Brother Jin, I agree with both hands that if you have any difficulties in the mainland, you will go to Dongshan Province to find a brother. What can I do for you? Everything is covered!" Dry elder brother see ah kin change gratified and said
"Well, thank you, brother. Let’s go back and discuss it with your sister-in-law. From now on, this family daughter-in-law is in charge. She is the political commissar. Everything listens to her …" Ah Kin said with gratitude after listening to Brother Gan.
After listening to Ah Kin’s words, Brother Gan didn’t say anything about nodding his head slightly. Just stop talking about the main points, and it will be obviously too wordy and pretentious. So the three of them continued on their way to get out of the Burmese jungle as soon as possible and live a good life.
However, the three of them, Ah Kin and Wang Jun, are obviously lucky today, because few Burmese pythons have almost walked out of the jungle of Myanmar quietly, so Brother Gan has mastered a rule that Burmese pythons are nocturnal animals. During the day, they lie dormant until late, so it is early in the morning, and they are just resting and digesting after a busy night of predation, so Brother Gan has not been attacked.
Three hours later, Hu Xiaoling finally walked out of the Myanmar jungle in the arms of the elder brother Akin Wang Jungan. When he saw his SUV, Akin really wanted to hold it and cry. I was so fucking excited! His grandmother almost died these two or three days. Can you not be excited over there? In fact, they had to worry about the car being stolen at the beginning, because they didn’t come unless they were stupid enough to die in this godforsaken place! Besides, if Akin doesn’t know the truth, people really dare not steal the shell of his car. It’s like it’s been scrapped for decades, as if people are still abandoned! Therefore, ugly appearance is not without benefits. You can protect yourself at all times. You see, history has always been a beauty and a misfortune. You have never seen a pig sister raped. This is why the Emperor Equality Office gave you an ugly appearance and gave you a security guarantee! Don’t always complain about life because you don’t have a handsome family, a rich dad, and an official second generation. You can’t take you back to the furnace even if you cry out. What we can do is to cherish what we have, enjoy them and live well. That’s the point!
"Brother, let’s hurry and get back to town. When we get back to town, I’ll treat you to a big meal!" Ah Kin finally reacted from the excitement and turned to dry elder brother and Wang Jun call way
"Ha ha, good, then let’s take the handsome car …" Brother Gan smiled and greeted Jun together. Ah Chin, the off-road vehicle, started the car. When he drove his BMW through this jungle, he felt that life was so beautiful. Compared with the last two days, it was heaven!
At this time, Hu Xiaoling, who is sitting next to Brother Gan in the back row, is looking at the beautiful scenery out of the window with great interest. Obviously, this poor little girl hasn’t been in the car for several times since she was a child. You can see from her novel and excited eyes that Brother Gan is so homesick that Ah Jin can’t wait to go home soon. After an hour, Ah Jin arrived in the town by car, but found that the townspeople didn’t seem to know him. He didn’t even say hello to anyone. Did he still wonder if he had gone out these two days? But I don’t think so when I am holding Hu Xiaoling. Everything depends on the phenomenon and the quality. I want to see something deep. If Brother Gan didn’t guess wrong, things have already happened in the town. Otherwise, the people in the town wouldn’t be so resistant to Ah Kin. So when they used to live in that three-story building, Brother Gan smiled and said to Ah Kin, "Brother Jin, you are holding the baby and let me come …"
Ah Kin looked at Brother Gan’s face and smiled. He subconsciously accepted Hu Xiaoling. Through contact with Ah Kin these days, he had an absolute belief in Brother Gan, because he believed that there would be no danger even if there was danger.
After giving the child to Ah Kin, Brother Gan gave Wang Jun a look. Wang Jun knew what Brother Gan meant, of course, because all the commanders and players had been taught that there must be an absolute tacit understanding. The most intuitive way of this tacit understanding was to make eyes and gestures. Brother Gan asked Wang Jun to protect Ah Kin and Hu Xiaoling. Wang Jun nodded and then put his hand into his waist, which was a pistol. To be honest, he also felt abnormal because there was a strong smell in the air.
After arranging Wang Jun, the dry elder brother went to knock on the door of the hotel. The innkeeper was obviously very enthusiastic when he saw the dry elder brother coming. Ah Kin, that is, his boss, was not far away. He came out to greet him with a smile. "Oh, boss, you are finally here. The second brother building is waiting for you …" He said with the dry elder brother and Ah Kin Wang Jun waiting for you.
Can dry elder brother they just entered the room and haven’t sat down for a while? Suddenly dry elder brother felt a strong flank, which definitely wanted to kill people. Dry elder brother’s brain was running fast, even in the Golden Triangle, people there could not get revenge so fast, and both he and Wang Jun were outsiders, so it was impossible for dry elder brother to have any hatred. When he thought it was broken, someone wanted to kill Ah Kin, so he didn’t want to pounce on Ah Kin, and it was also at the same time that a bullet slammed that seat. Dry elder brother ordered, "Handsome! Protect the little girl and kill her. We are surrounded! "
Wang Jun didn’t say anything after listening to Brother Gan’s words. A somersault rushed at Hu Xiaoling, who hadn’t reacted yet. Then he hugged Hu Xiaoling in one hand and bent over to the door of Brother Gan with a pistol in the other.
At this time, Ah Kin reacted. Someone wanted to kill himself. He was in shock. He quickly took out a pistol from his waist. Although he didn’t know who was going to kill himself, he knew that Brother Gan had just saved his life. He just wanted to say thank you. Before he could say Brother Dry Mouth, he said, "Brother Kin, we are surrounded. They have snipers. We must rush out or we will die. It seems that you have been betrayed!"


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