The soldiers rested after the morning exercise.
Tengqinghu is sitting and talking casually with nine soldiers.
"Hey, brothers" Teng Qinghu talked with nine sergeants in a careless way. "You should be able to learn the secret book when you come here to Yuan Zong. Why didn’t I see any secret book? You didn’t give it to me when you came to Yuan Zong."
A sergeant in the "Adult" laughed. "Of course, entering the Black Armored Army will have a strong secret practice."
"Why didn’t I see it?" Tengqinghu frown way
"My Lord, this secret book is carved on the big stone tablet on the north side of the tinker. Every sergeant in the Black Armored Army can see and practice it." Another sergeant said, "This secret book is the unified secret book of the Black Armored Army. The power is not bad, but some powerful experts themselves have strong secrets and don’t need to practice that kind of secret book."
"The north stone tablet? Everyone can see it? "
Teng Qinghu’s eyes lit up and looked at the north tinker. There was a tall stone tablet in the north.
Teng Qinghu is very clear … He and Teng Qingshan are both practicing tiger boxing to be strong. Tiger boxing is not strong from the root of quality. Both Teng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu are very eager for it.
"What’s your name?" Tengqinghu felt his heart beat faster.
"Mang cattle vigorously tactic! It’s a very good secret, "said the soldiers.
"It’s a secret of strong attack" and some soldiers praised it.
Ordinary sergeant’s eyes are really very secret, but Yue Song, a famous teacher, can’t see the root in his eyes, but for people like Teng Qingshan and Teng Qinghu who have never practiced the secret.
But a baby
"Mang cattle vigorously tactic?" Tengqinghu immediately skid up and ran directly towards nearby Tengqingshan. He wanted to tell Tengqingshan the news!
Chapter 13 "Mangniu Dali Tactics"
Chapter 13
Many centurions and commanders around the tinker are practicing here. They are all top experts the day after tomorrow. Each of them has his own cultivation methods, and Teng Qingshan is constantly practicing the three poses.
"Sniff!" "Hoo!"
One kick and one punch at a time.
Three-pose movement looks very simple and mediocre. If you don’t have a high understanding of Xingyiquan and a deep understanding of the artistic conception of Three-pose Breathing Xingyiquan, you can’t find that Three-pose is as profound as others.
Someone around noticed Teng Qingshan practicing Santi, but he didn’t find anything special about this fist.
"The artistic conception of this artillery boxing has evolved into a marksmanship. How should this marksmanship be used? How can the instantaneous strongest explosive force be produced by marksmanship?" Teng Qingshan hopes to find the answer from the three poses, thinking over and over again, "My tiger cannon boxing is the strongest boxing among many secret methods of Xingyi Boxing, but I even changed the artistic conception of cannon boxing to marksmanship, let alone the artistic conception of tiger cannon boxing."
Five elements boxing’s mid-collapse boxing, horizontal boxing and drill boxing Teng Qingshan have all changed their marksmanship to cannon boxing and split boxing Teng Qingshan has not yet evolved successfully.
This is too difficult.
"Huh?" Tengqingshan suddenly caught a glimpse of Tengqinghu coming in the distance.
"I want my cousin to come to my 100-member team, but I’m a little disappointed by that white battery spite cousin." Tengqingshan stopped walking towards Tengqinghu.
"Castle Peak Castle Peak!" Tengqinghu a face of joy.
"Cousin" Teng Qingshan Nai said, "You don’t agree to anything in my 100-member team."
"Ah" TengQingHu zheng saw the distance is practicing gun Bai Qi unified intraocular pressure bass "is that Bai Qi commander-in-chief? So no noodles? I heard that three of the seven brothers of Ram Qing were transferred to his own 100-man team by Ram Qing. "
Teng Qingshan is also white, and Bai Qi is in charge of making things difficult for himself.
But what if it’s white?
The official word two mouths are not based on the other side?
"Forget it, Qingshan. I have to tell you a happy event." Teng Qinghu proudly said.
"Oh?" TengQingShan some surprise what things can be a great event?
"Castle Peak, when we came here to Yuan Zong, didn’t we say that this belongs to the Black Armored Army in Yuan Zong? Are there strong secrets to practice? Hey hey ….. You haven’t found any secrets of the Black Armored Army’s cultivation so far? " Tengqinghu mystifying way
Tengqingshan eyes lit up.
Strength cheats?
Teng Qingshan has never seen the strength cheats in his previous life or in this life. His only cheats are the Lightness Skill cheats, which are used to consume strength to practice strength. What is the real strength cheats? Teng Qingshan doesn’t know!
"Do you know the green tiger?" Tengqingshan felt his heart beat faster.
"well! I also know where this secret book is, "Teng Qinghu proudly said." This secret book is called! "
"Mang cattle vigorously tactic?" These five words make Teng Qingshan’s blood boil.


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