"I this is not a career! I don’t want an upgrade to take you to your hometown? " Distinguish between Zhuo Qiang and Qiang Dao

"Very good! Don’t look for me again after you are awesome! " Christie angrily ran out of en.
Seeing Christie go out, Zhuo Qiang fell asleep again.
Just lying down, his cell phone rang again
"Strong elder brother you are really fierce! I haven’t done anything for two months, and you sent them away as soon as you went out one night! You are awesome, you are my idol! " Zhang Junjie exaggeratedly said.
"Very good! Just fix it! Your rapid development is also good for me! Continue to work hard to fight for the big gang boss in Daxia! " Zhuo Qiang said that he wanted to sleep for a while, but he couldn’t sleep anymore …
Suog, go outside and see if Zeng Guomin has come back.
Zeng Guomin had already returned to the Long Yun by boat. When he saw Zhuo Qiang, he quickly reported his record last night.
Listen, Zeng Guomin reported that Zhuo Qiang nodded repeatedly, and Zeng Guomin is becoming more and more skilled and efficient in this kind of work.
This time, Zeng Guomin was beheaded in one fell swoop without hurting others, which is exactly what Zhuo Qiang wanted to see.
Perhaps at some point Zeng Guomin may play an important role.
For example, the assassination of a country’s president or financial tycoon can deal a heavy blow to hostile countries.
When Long Yun is not convenient for large-scale attack, Zeng Guomin’s sword may still play a big role
But it’s important to upgrade your eyes
"Ma changes submarine mode!" Zhuo Qiang ordered Long Yun to change its form.
Because it is daytime, it is necessary to turn to water energy and sail to the target area at high speed, and then it is necessary to swim when it is absorbed by red H.
Jing Tian and Huang Xue Yao are chatting in the first room. Their phenomenon is like marginal people. Others here are out of place except Zhuo Qiang. Everyone seems to be hiding something from them.
When they called their parents yesterday, they were so angry that they couldn’t even learn when they went out to play together.
Naturally, they won’t say they followed Zhuo Qiang out, so when they go back in the future, they will definitely take this tone to Zhuo to strengthen their health.
But even so, they don’t seem to get anything. Here, they can talk to each other and have nothing in common with others.
Especially that Christie didn’t say anything on the surface, but everyone could see that she hid Zhuo Qiang from others like a little J, so she couldn’t move.
"Hum really became her candy lest others take him away! Who is rare! " Huang Xueyao said this in a sour tone.
At this moment, the light suddenly dimmed, and they felt like they were sitting on a ladder. After a dizzy spell, they found that they could not see anything outside.
After the Long Yun dives into the water, the lights of the ship are usually hit by the metropolitan department. This is Zhuo Qiang’s request that the lights should not be hit because the water is too dark. It is extremely uncomfortable for the whole ship to be too dark.
"What is this?" Two people obviously think that it can’t be dark, but there is no light outside because it is dark.
Zhuo Qiang knew that two people would have some concerns, so he designed en to come and explain it to them.
"What did you say? Now this ship has reached the bottom of the water again! " Huang Xueyao exclaimed a lie prone to look out of the mouth.
She looked at her face against the glass for a while and still saw nothing.
"You talk nonsense. How can you see some fish, water plants and what? Why is there nothing outside?" Huang Xueyao looked at Zhuo Qiang.
Zhuo Qiang said with a wry smile, "My big lady, this boat is very submerged. How can you see fish, shrimp and aquatic plants when the light can’t penetrate?"
Jing Tian said with a frown, "Why are you so strange about this ship? What’s going on from a wrecked ship to a ship and then from a cruise ship to a submarine? "


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