Still unwilling LouChen pay off shallow tone slightly please see Su Ling said!

However, the voice was interrupted by the coldness of life. "You talk so much nonsense!"
Words fall burn old coldly glanced at LouChen and then LengLi line of sight one by one to see nine men in black down!
Lip Angle become warped above whispers "the king give you an hour to escape! If you can’t escape, you will die! "
Huang Lao’s attitude at this time is as lofty and aloof as when he appeared, and his words to the black population mean that he gave them a chance to escape!
In an instant, the men in black looked at each other in succession, and soon everyone was exposed with eyes full of disbelief!
Looking at the tall and straight Huang Lao, someone finally faltered and asked, "Are you … are you telling the truth?"
See this so burn old disdain hum an arm around Su Ling shows that she belongs to leer with a frown floor Chen Junyan cold ao turn round and then walk!
In this situation, the men in black dare not ask more questions about each eye, and then Lou Chen winked at the wound and fled hastily!
When they run for their lives for an hour!
Burn the old hug Su Ling turned wildly away from the sight and stopped at the street building. Chen regarded the car as a wreck and all the cars as voyeurs watching the people. He was so cold and indifferent!
Cheng seems to have never really looked at Louchen!
That’s it. His aloof attitude highlights his indifference and inhumanity, cool thin!
Including Da Mao and Er Mao Mo Ying, they all look proud and proud!
However, at this time, Su Ling, who was held by him from the original place, had already smiled!
Not because of burning old possessiveness, but because this fellow is narrow-minded!
How can she not understand that he seems to want to let those men in black go? In fact, he just doesn’t want to give Lou Chen a chance to show himself!
Will have that kind of behavior is not going to undertake Lou Chen favor after he let those men in black go in person, I believe he will also take them back!
Burn old three, burn old three, you really are a black-bellied and cunning thing!
Still standing in the same place, Louchen witnessed the scene that Huang Lao and Su Ling left together, and the harmonious posture stung his eyes!
Even the carriage, which was almost burned out, could not escape his destruction!
At the end of the figure of the two people in front is about to disappear, Lou Chen severely waved a strong breeze and directly smashed the broken carriage into several pieces!
Dancing dust is like the fragments of the past. Lou Chen’s eyes are constantly *!
And the burnt wood with Mars seems to be burning his uneven meditation!
Su Ling Su Ling …
Such a change in the street in broad daylight directly led to a cold and desolate scene!
At that time, Lou Chen stood in situ for a long time and looked at the direction of the figure in front of him. I don’t know what to think!
A change of heart is cool!
I don’t know if it took too long for Louchen to blink, but the line of sight finally moved slowly!
Then he looked around and looked at all the lanes and corners to spy on the people!
The lip corner smiled bitterly and turned to the other side of the street!
Broken carriages and dead horses are on display in the streets, but after half a salary, the people still dare not make a move!
When the street is surrounded by assassins, who the dust princess has provoked can make the whole city people suffer because of her!
Lou Chen was short and quiet when he left the back street!
About half a stick of incense passed before the people dared to test out of the street and everything gradually returned to order!
While leaving Louchen, the people don’t know his true identity, but watching him and the dust king in the palm of his hand must also be a rich or expensive background!
A luxurious mansion in Beijing!
Located in the center of the city, the Gaomen Courtyard of the mansion is luxuriously designed and luxuriously built, which shows that the owner of this mansion is not ordinary!
At that time, a man slowly appeared outside the door in the main hall of the cloister of the mansion!
When Thaksin stepped into the sitting room, the angry man suddenly got up!
Staring at him scold a way "LouChen what do you mean?
Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t show up? It’s up to the world. "
The speaker just took advantage of the chaos to escape from Hector even love!
At this time, he glared at the blue robe in front of him. Chen looked angry and looked a bit scary!
However, for Lou Chen, the root method caused him to fluctuate!
But to see him calmly walk to the main hall and take a seat! The eyes are cold and dark.


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