"Birthday?" Phoenix shallow surprised to look up from the baby inside.

Li Detong nodded and smiled. "Empress has amnesia and may have forgotten this quarrel, but the emperor can remember it for you. February 26th is your birthday in two days."
So soon?
Feng Shao is so excited that it feels so good to be remembered for his birthday.
Dongyang also said, "I want to wake up the empress every day, but now it seems that the emperor is more concerned about the empress than the handmaiden."
Feng’s smiling face froze, and suddenly he felt that it was good to be an emperor. Why did he always have assists?
She gladly touched the things sent by Li Detong before saying, "Thank you, Li Gonggong, and thank the emperor for me. Just say that I like all these things."
"It’s good that the empress likes it." Li Detong saw that her face suddenly turned white. Is this sister-in-law finally relieved? No wonder the emperor is in a good mood today. Li Detong lowered his eyes and thought for a while and added, "At last, he didn’t waste the emperor’s own hand to draw a mind."
It shouldn’t have come from him to be a slave, but Li Detong knows that this is not a mind advocate.
The most important thing-if he doesn’t say the emperor, he will never say this.
I can’t help it. Who is an emperor? I don’t know how many things this sister-in-law has done on weekdays, but which one is hanging up?
Li Detong shook his head in the mind very nai.
As a bystander, he really doesn’t want these two people to have any misunderstanding, but he is looking forward to their reconciliation.
If the emperor doesn’t say it, let him say it-this is what a good slave should do.
Feng Shao leng leng asked in surprise, "Li Gonggong means that these jewelry and headdress patterns are all from the hands of the emperor?"
"It takes a lot of work to draw these back to the empress."
Just when Li Detong was filled with gratitude, the Lord exclaimed, "I didn’t expect his craftsmanship to be so good! Then if he painted the mansion a few more times, wouldn’t those people all retire? "
Li Detong immediately in distress situation.
What do you mean, draw more times?
This sister-in-law is really addicted to bossing the emperor around!
Phoenix shallow excitement has not dissipated until lunch time.
Jun Mo Ying looks at her staring at the bowl and pressing those dishes. She can’t help but pick her eyebrows. It seems that she is in a good mood.
"What’s so happy that I can hear it?"
Feng Xiao blinked and suddenly threw a small row of sweet and sour into his bowl politely, smiling with a curved eyebrow. "You paint so beautifully. Have you ever painted anything else?"
Jun Mo Ying took a Gherardini look at Li Detong and scared Li Detong to lift his head.
Feng was cruel and cruel and immediately threw garlic sea cucumber into his bowl. "Tell me quickly, is there anything else?"
Jun Mo Ying always thinks that she smiles with some malicious intentions.
"It’s all before the throne, and I don’t know where to put it. How do you want to see it?"
"If I can see the nature, I want to see it. If it’s not true, it’s not flattering." Anyway, the great painter is sitting here. Why don’t you draw a few more pictures and it will become the first chapter?
Li Detong heard "click" and looked down. It turned out that his legs were weak.
This is really …
What is this all about?
Shouldn’t this sister-in-law be grateful after listening to the emperor himself painting those things?
Li Detong suddenly regretted his lips verging. Sure enough, this sister-in-law thought is not something he can understand.
Phoenix shallow but still unknowingly poked your ink shadow hand "right? Is it very reasonable for me to say? "
Her eyes were bright and full of expectation, like a child who had done something good and was waiting to be praised. Mo Ying reached out and rubbed her head consciously.
Li Detong just wanted to say that the emperor has a lot of business to deal with. Where can he be idle to be a painter for her? But before he could say these words, the emperor shut up.
"That makes sense." Low-alcohol smiling voice is slightly spoiled.
Ao ao feng was so excited that he almost didn’t rush.
Li Detong burst into tears.
If his palace master finds out, he will have to grieve one by one-no matter who comes back to see the emperor, he is busy with politics and refuses to see anyone.
But for this sister-in-law, what is it like to be so idle that you are willing to work as a painter?
Differentiate … Differentiate … Li Detong silently shook his head after three hundred times. No! This is more than discrimination?
The root is that three thousand beauties spoil one person!
Li Detong is very skeptical that it is not impossible for the emperor to dismiss all the harem in the future at this rate.
But if that’s the case, can’t it set off an uproar?
Li Detong turned white with fear at the thought of that situation.


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