But looking back, I learned that Su Mian couldn’t help frowning when she had a great reaction. It was because he ignored that she had just been poisoned and her body was very weak … At this time, she was suspected of pregnancy to ask her to bear her body again …

Yan Gui thought for a while about writing a letter.
To call someone to take care of her, he had no choice but to leave the Su family at this time.
She doesn’t necessarily listen to other people’s words when children are young.
After the letter was sent out, Yan Gui temporarily packed up his mood and faced the current war situation. Mianmian was pregnant, so he couldn’t stay here all the time. Even if she couldn’t end the war and wait for her for seven months, he had to go back to accompany her.
It was in November that the capital gate of Beiyuan was knocked.
Siege is always a difficult task, but because it has been attacked by Kitakyushu people for thousands of years, their city is not stronger than that, which is a sign rather than something that can really be defended.
And he is better at attacking the northern plains. He doesn’t know how to defend a city.
Dayin soldiers thought of the worst result, but they got the best result.
The capital city gate has been broken in two places, and the soldiers quickly rushed into the city.
After only one day and one night, the capital has already fallen, and many Beijingers have resisted, and more Beijingers have to retreat.
As the capital, a lot of materials were removed after being seriously injured in carpentry. Once lost, it became a city, even if not all the northern natives left, and more than half of the base left.
Pushing a large number of Han Chinese slaves to the square to kill them when Beiyuan people withdrew their troops.
Among them, Chengdu is a woman, or their wives and concubines, or a handmaiden at home, but a Han Chinese.
Some men were robbed when they were young, and some of them were women.
Yan returned to the camp to recuperate and did not personally direct it, but Gao Feng and Gong Sunsu were not lovers, and they had already sent people to save lives.
By the time they arrived, one third of the slaves had been killed and the rest were finally saved.
Kitahara had to lose a city again and leave in the shade.
One of the rescued people was a young woman who had served in woodwork. She was robbed of Beiyuan just a few years ago when Shou ‘an City was completely slaughtered.
She knelt down at the feet of Gao Feng and Gong Sunsu. "The generals have finally arrived, and we are all waiting for the white head."
"Is this letter from you?" Blast path
"Yes, I still have Aunt Du and her son. Unfortunately, Aunt Du was killed …" The woman said.
That aunt Du is a general in woodwork. It’s a pity that there is a slave mother. She has never been a serious aristocrat, but she is no better than a slave. She just mixed up in the army and delivered letters to Yan Gui and others.
There are many such people in the North Plains. They come from humble origins and are slaves of the North Plains forever.
"This place is really …" High winds sighed.
He doesn’t quite understand why, even if a slave gives birth to a child, it’s his own blood, right? What is a slave? Since you are in such a low position, don’t have children!
Aunt Du’s wry smile is not standard in Chinese. "Slaves are grassland servants, laborers tend cattle and milk sheep, and even do laundry and cooking … What … Because there is a Han Chinese grandmother, many slave children are small and small by Beijingers … Many Beijingers are girls with special hobbies. Needless to say, no one can escape being played with fate. Boys can grow well … whether they are fathers or brothers or people who don’t know them, they can take away some food."
"It won’t be like this in the future. Although Beiyuan was taken away … it’s impossible for a big man to look at this place so far. You slave children can manage here instead of positions." Gong Sunsu said.
The man was surprised and then got up. "I can’t even think about it. Thank you for coming and saving our lives. It’s a pity that my grandmother …"
High wind sighed "late"
Not only can’t I save this male grandmother, but I’m afraid other tribesmen … will also die.
It’s a good thing to seize ideal city’s suspicion in the cold winter. The capital is very large, and there are a lot of houses after the departure of a large number of Beijingers. Soldiers can live in Yan Gui, and it’s a few days late.
It was only after Da Yin’s soldiers moved in that the descendants of slaves who were lucky enough to be slaves really ate this period of time and had a serious meal.
Because most of the descendants of slaves can’t speak Chinese, the aunt Du named herself Du Yong and took on the responsibility of communication.
Because these people are used to doing everything, they cooperate with the fire brigade to cook for the soldiers.
Although the northern natives are meat eaters, after all, people are not beasts, and it is impossible to eat meat without food.
Recently, because the channels have been blocked, slaves have long had no food. It is good to eat it once a few days, even meat is dirty bones, so it is not their turn.
Many slaves finally ate it for a long time, but they didn’t eat the big Yin taste. Even a bowl of noodles was eaten in tears.
It’s sad to see the soldiers. Few people will know these slaves who came to Kitahara for a long time.
They used to be sisters next door or somewhere, and so did the women’s own family members.
But what sins have they suffered over the years?


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