At this time, the implementation of Han is such a situation. Shi Han not only said that he has learned patience, but also said that such a situation knows what kind of things should be done to make a choice.

Such a young man is more promising, that is to say, it is because of such a time that he is more mature to endure Shi Hanshi.
Moreover, at this time, the implementation of Han not only said that he would be patient and know what kind of situation should be tolerated, but also that he should not be patient.
Moreover, it is said that in such a situation, Shi Han did not really play the game, which is very unfavorable for Shi Han who came to gild.
But at this time, Shihan will be patient, and once it is said that Shihan will seize the opportunity, then Shihan will definitely burst into powerful energy at this time.
It’s quite good to do this.
He not only said that he knew patience and what kind of things to endure, but also said that he knew what kind of things to break out in order to win his own interests.
If a guy like Shi Han catches such an opportunity, it may be unimaginable to generate power at this time.
Just like this time, that is to say, Shihan has been waiting for an opportunity. What will happen to Shihan in this non-ferrous metal project?
Because such a project is very important to the city, if it is said that such a project can be won, then such a situation is an absolute achievement.
At this time, it is not only said that Shihan himself will benefit and have the opportunity to be promoted, even if he is the number one and the number two, he will also get great benefits. It is not only said that he is popular and prestige, but also said that even if he falls into the eyes of leaders, it is also a very good achievement at this time.
But how can such a good thing fall on Shihan? The number one and number two have always been quite repressive to Shihan.
How can you give such a great opportunity to Shihan so that Shihan can have a chance to turn over?
If such a thing is to let others do it, if it is to say success, there will be a special envoy who will make great achievements.
In fact, this is also the number one and the number two. Although the two of them say that they know such things and let others do them, it is the same if they are done.
And it’s always better than Shihan being able to benefit from it.
But at this time, in fact, it is absolutely impossible for such a thing to fall into the hands of Shi Han if it is said that it can be done by others
Although Shi Han is the third-in-command, he is just a third-in-command who has not played his own role so far.
But the key is that such a thing is very urgent, and it means that it is impossible for others except Shi Han to be so sure of doing it.
And that is to say, even if Shi Han does it himself, it is still quite hard to say whether it can be done at this time.
No matter what the matter is, Shihan still has such a chip. It is precisely because Shihan has such a chip at this time that Shihan himself is very calm at this time.
At this time, his chance came in vain, and he had been waiting for it to finally come.
If it is said that such a situation can make good use of such an opportunity, then at this time, no matter what happens, he can break such a situation in one fell swoop
Therefore, such a situation is very important to himself.
In such a situation, since he said that he knew he had such chips, he would certainly not miss such an opportunity easily.
Therefore, at this time, Shi Han means to maximize his own interests.
If you want me to do this, there is no problem, but it must be said that you can promise me some conditions at this time.
This reimbursement problem is really the most crucial one 2.
You know, it costs a lot of money to run the department, and at this time, there is no big difference between Shi Hanshi doing such a thing and running the department. Therefore, in such a situation, Shi Han himself certainly wants to strive for greater benefits
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Chapter four hundred and forty-one Patience
Officialdom is such a thing in a place like this. It depends on two aspects. One is to see if you will endure and wait for the opportunity to make a move. Please remember me.
If you know how to endure such a situation, you will have enough time to face complicated situations, and it means that you will have enough chips when it is time to have a mobile phone conversation.
And this certificate is to wait for the result, wait for what is, and wait until it is real, so that it can better counter such a situation. This is a fact that there is such a key at such a time, no matter what happens. There is absolutely no accident.
Such a situation should be learned by all officials.
If we say such a situation, then there will be such a result in any case.
That is to say, if you wait, there may not be a good chance worth shooting, but if you can’t even wait at this time, then you won’t even have a chance to shoot at this time.
Such a thing is that all officialdom people should learn less. If it is said that a person wants to mix official scenes for a longer time, then at this time, no matter what, they should learn such a thing.
Such a thing can be said to be an official scene, a normal thing, and such a little truth, no matter what the matter is, there will be such a possibility
Maybe it means that an official should have enterprising spirit, especially a newcomer, then the official scene should have enterprising spirit at this time, but this enterprising spirit at this time is actually to build a solid foundation.
How can we forge ahead? That is to say, you must have a stable foundation, so that you can have such an enterprising spirit on this stable foundation.
No matter what the situation is, there will always be this requirement. If we say that there is no stable foundation, Hu forge ahead is not called forge ahead, but is called greedy and enterprising.
It is very taboo for people to be greedy and rash in places like official scenes.
In a place like the official scene, if it is said that a person is greedy and aggressive, then this time is to give the leader something that is not very stable.
In this way, if we once give the leaders a picture, then it will be quite difficult to develop later.
Therefore, it is very important for the official scene to be steady and steady at this time, and it is more patient at this time.
Shi Hanshi is very clear about this situation. He knows the official scene himself. In a place like this, he has to do things carefully. At this time, the implementation of Han is also more stable, and he has gradually matured.
If such a situation is true, then such a situation is true. No matter what happens, this situation will become out of control. This is also a very incredible thing. Please remember the website of
Such a situation is very difficult to achieve.


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