Pei Yuqing gave the title of General Masaichi, a loyal warrior.

Pei Yudu is loyal to General Masaji.
Qi Yuwu ‘an General Masaji
General Zhu Wujie Yoshida Masaji
General Jiang Guangyi from the second
General Han Yunyi was given a knighthood from the Second Union.
Sun Lingci gave the Earl and the first-class general to guard Anyang.
The civil servants’ lives have long been decided, and they have all died. Let’s just say that we are rewarded today.
It’s dusk after the imperial edict of the promoted officials has been sent out, and Su Mian has woken up.
In a big red auspicious is much lighter than that set of gifts, although it is also embroidered with complicated patterns, which is not so formal.
The dinner is a hall of flowers.
Today, all three officials will go to dinner. Three officials can’t sit here, but there will be a big banquet for the ministers elsewhere.
There are also several restaurants in the capital for banquets.
The selection of people should also be given a banquet, which is about the 60-year-old man’s number one scholar, the old man who resigned, the scholar, the private school, the rich businessman and the old farmer
Since someone supervised a table of ten people, the voters were happy.
You Shi yuan yi Dian punctual banquet
Li Le remembered that Yan Gui Su Mian appeared at the same time, followed by the Empress Dowager Corning, the Empress Dowager of Cihui, and the Empress Dowager Taizong.
After the civil and military officials met, they took their seats.
Cao Liu sang "Banquet!"
Then stop the music and dance and relax.
] I heard a bad news today. A relative died for more than three years. The most beautiful age was a car accident at the age of twenty-one. But I didn’t know today that although it was very light, I suddenly knew that her death was painful in my heart. I don’t know what to say for comfort. Chapter 6 Big banquet
First, the foreign guest Dugu Teng got up and raised his glass. "Wang Gongzhu, the queen, is happy to wish Dayin a prosperous country! I wish the queen love each other and grow old. "
"Thank you for your kindness in the east, please" Yan Gui Su Mian got up and raised his glass.
"Although today’s big banquet is a state banquet, you don’t have to be too polite and enjoy yourself!" Yan Gui waved, but just sitting on the emperor felt that his gestures were different.
Today’s banquet is more grand than every one. Without the Song family, there would be no discordant notes.
All the women in the harem attended except Wan. It is one thing to have a pet or not, so it would be wrong not to attend at this time.
However, it is also true that Wan Jing-yuan is not well … Don’t come.
Ming’ an is a little nervous sitting next to Su Mian.
He just had his third birthday. He’s a real baby who knows nothing.
Today, suddenly, so many people bow down to him, and he will feel afraid that when he meets his mother late, he will stick to it and stay close to it.
Sue cotton also regardless of this is a banquet, his little hand grip is also love him.
It’s not easy for a child to bear too much burden, but it’s good that he hurts his parents.
Xian Taifei … Oh, it’s not the Empress Dowager Cihui who laughs. "It’s a good day today, and it’s time to propose a toast to your father and mother. If you don’t drink, you can replace it with water."
I was taught before Ming’ an who is the father, queen and mother? Father is mother and father, and mother is mother. He doesn’t know what it is called …
Toast this thing is also taught him to think hard about those rhetoric very not easy to remember the honey water in front of him. "I wish my father and mother love and harmony and wish Dayin … well … prosperity for a thousand years."
"Good I’m too kind to my father." Yan Gui evoked corners of the mouth, and it was very formal to raise a glass of wine with Su Mian.


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