"This doesn’t match. Besides, this is too heavy and gorgeous."

"Afraid of what gorgeous? You are Mrs. Hou. Why can’t you be gorgeous? Don’t take it? Why don’t you change it to this one and this one? How beautiful! "
"This … isn’t it too gorgeous? I was born … "
"Besides, I hit you! Wearing … "
"Bull! Just wear it. "
"It’s okay don’t say birth is empress handmaiden? They still can’t! "
"… poof, now that you mention it, my background is still very high."
"Come on! You look at the ones in front of the empress and you have to ask the generals to divide them up! "
"Well, it’s time to go. Chapter 689
The banquet in the palace is in the imperial garden.
Indigo was led into the imperial garden by the maid-in-waiting, and she heard Su Mian laughing and couldn’t help laughing.
"Look at the arrival of Mrs. Su Anhou!" Sue cotton said with a smile
Indigo was embarrassed to say, "Greet the Lord and greet the ladies."
I don’t know if it’s the Empress Dowager Cihui who seems to like indigo naturalis very much, but all banquets always ask her to sit nearby.
Ming An Mingshou has seen indigo naturalis and called an aunt long ago.
"To inquire after the second hall of Taidian" indigo naturalis walked over and said with a smile.
After paying his respects, he smiled and said, "Tai Dian and Er Dian are taller again."
Sit quietly, and you will see that Xiao Liu is here too. After greeting everyone, he said, "It’s rare to see Sister Indigo today."
"There are many things at home." Indigo laughed.
"Are you much? I’m not Mrs. Hou? I’m not without my parents-in-law. What do you do at home in Liwo every day? " Sue cotton stare at her way is not afraid of the somebody else say identity don’t love to go out?
Indigo saw that she hated iron so much that she couldn’t help blushing. "After the handmaiden knew it, it wasn’t like this." It was quite coquetry.
"I don’t care if you grow mushrooms at home," Su Mian said.
"Handmaiden changed …" Indigo blushed more and more.
However, everyone at the scene knows that this is the Empress’s emphasis on people, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that she didn’t beat them. After big events and small events, she had to invite this lady Su Anhou.
Those who have tried to put a woman’s mind in Su ‘an’s house have to think again.
Kiss the princess laughed. "The people who come out in front of the empress are just different. I look at the exquisite girl and it’s also wonderful. I have a maiden brother who can’t make a weapon. I’m embarrassed to say that. Tell him to take a good exam as a champion of Wu and maybe he can serve his country." When the time comes, it is better to ask for relatives and friends. "
Su Mian smiled, "Don’t just be with me. These guys have been married with me for many years, and they don’t have to choose any halls, but they must be good to them."
The implication is white. If you have other ideas or expect to be promoted, rest.
Let’s not talk about kissing the princess. My younger brother still trusts and knows that the empress is good to these handmaiden.
Ever since the children came back to the king’s house in Anjun County, they were brought into the palace after knocking down the Taidian and the Second Temple, and they were all faced with life.
That is never dare to start work with the second hall of Taidian.
But children with bad temper are not brought in directly.
Ming Ann ran around with a few little eunuchs, but she looked at it briskly.
Good empress, there are many children here. Now the Three Temples are running around, and they can’t sit still for a while.
The result was … nobody pushed it, and Ming ‘an fell …
It hurts to get up without crying. Breathe straight in.
A white dress is dirty, and Su Mian is sitting while watching. "Mother …"
No matter how noble he is, he will only be a child, not yet five years old.
"Stupid! Mother, see if it hurts? " Su Mian shook her head and walked over with her light purple long skirt.
They all got up and didn’t sit and see the truth.
I saw that the stunning Empress slowly walked up to the pathetic little boy with a skirt and squatted down "Where does it hurt?"
I can’t see that she dislikes white jade and touches the little boy with a little dirty face.
"This" Ming Ann pointed to his knee.
"Are you stupid? Does your hand hurt? " Su Mian is worried that her hand injury will be touched again. If it becomes an old injury, it will be in trouble.
"The hands don’t hurt, the clothes are dirty, and the mother will change them!" Ming’ an pouted. This is for the early mother.


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