"A hundred families don’t argue about the late period of straight men!"

The atmosphere in the wing was deadlocked for a time, and even the silks squeezed in the hands of the two men turned to tears. The mysterious and stagnant atmosphere made Bi Rao outside the door anxious to sweat. If Miss and Wang Ye started to work, they would be afraid of suffering!
Just then, the breeze appeared in a hurry and saw the situation inside, and he couldn’t help secretly dripping sweat and saying, "The third master Jinse is here!"
Zhang Wuqi is another sexist girl!
As the breeze told Su Ling and Huang Yinchen that they were facing each other when they confronted each other, Hector even Jinse had come uninvited. She was still wearing a dazzling riding suit to set off her perfect figure. Her hair was tied into two braids, hanging down her chest and her head with a circle of furry white headbands along the headbands, and colored beads were still hanging around as she walked.
There are some similarities between the appearance of Hector even Jinse and Hector even’s love songs, but compared with the indifference and sadness of the love songs, Hector even Jinse looks lively and smart.
In particular, a Tibetan blue riding suit made her feel a little more dashing and talented. She paced lightly outside the door and saw Su Ling and Huang Yinchen both pulling silks, which made her eyes glance left and right when she saw the scene. After wondering, "Third brother, do you play games with Wang Hao?"
Su Ling "…"
Play your sister’s game! Who is so tense when playing games? ! Stupid fork!
It’s not Su Ling’s melodramatic original. She only met Hector even Jinse last night, and although the scene is not too embarrassing, it’s not harmonious, and she doesn’t have such a lively and playful side in front of her.
Another sexist girl! With Huang Yin dust, this overflowing peach blossom will be exhausted one day!
Hector even jinse looked at the look. Su Ling suddenly put her hand in the silk and immediately smiled. It was meaningful that Feng’s eyes hooked the glow of light and flashed the dust. "The monarch is really joking. This game is not suitable for you to play with him!" The weather is so fine that I’ll go out for a walk! Reconnect! "
Su Ling’s enchanting and beautiful posture twisted tactfully, unconsciously emitting a demon and seductive person, which made Hector even Jinse unable to help some taste. It is said that Su Ling, a lady of the Central Plains, did let her live and die in front of Zhong Ling. No wonder Yaner said that she had a palace banquet to help her speak in front of loyal subjects.
In my impression, the third brother is indifferent, but he loves her from childhood to childhood. However, a minister and a woman can get the third brother’s arms.
Even if she likes it too much, even if she likes it too much, she can marry him without losing her good home. If Su Ling dares to argue with her for hng when she is ignorant, she won’t show mercy!
What’s more, I recall what my father said to her, and this time she is going to marry her third brother.
Huang Yin’s dusty eyes and cold awns appeared, and he looked down at the ground and then said to the breeze, "The breeze follows her!"
After the breeze leaves, Huang Yin’s dust is silent in situ, and even when Lian Jinse has ulterior motives, he slowly raises his cold eyes and says, "When will he come back?"
"Three elder brother what do you think? I have been here for half a day! I came back yesterday and just heard that you went back to the office today, so I came to see you! " It’s not hard to hear from Hector even Jinse’s tone that she is really close to burn assumed dust.
However, she was familiar with laughing, but she didn’t realize that Huang Yin’s dust frowned slightly, and then he took a negative hand and made an instant arrow. He also quietly hid it in his sleeve and stepped forward and walked out of the room, staring at Helian Jinse’s thin lips. "It’s still so naughty, even you know the king!"
Hector even jinse seems to be didn’t recognize the hidden meaning in the tone of burn assumed the dust so delicate and charming vomitted to stick out your tongue at him and then followed him and said, "you are my third brother, of course I know! But what exactly did you do with the princess just now? Why do I feel that she doesn’t seem very happy? Am I disturbing you? "
Chapter five Xiao Ni is getting more and more puma!
Su Ling strolled around the street chatting with Bi Rao. She didn’t get the broken arrow back. She and Huang Yin’s dust were tense again. It’s really difficult!
Bi Rao Dian Dian with Su Ling, sometimes looking at her face and sometimes sipping her lips, secretly pondering that the street pedestrians are scarce and the hot weather is getting hotter and hotter, and even the street vendors are less passionate, sitting in front of the stall like frost and eggplant.
Suddenly, Su Ling stepped forward and stood in the same place. She almost bumped into her without checking for a while, but she couldn’t help asking, "What’s wrong with miss?"
"You go and tell the back, then follow me and send him to the Daisy House as a pawn!"
Bi Rao stayed in wait for a while. After listening to him and looking around, he saw that he was hiding from the mask vendor at this time. When she looked back, she also put a monkey-shaped mask on her face and was very familiar with it!
"All right, miss, wait!"
I came to Bilao because things have been in a bad mood last night, and now she and Miss have given the Wangfu to the dog men and women, and the jade breeze still follows them?
I’ve been venting with Su Ling through one nostril. I have a poor impression of the dust king. I can’t be worse. I hurried back with anger and walked around as a vendor. When the vendor didn’t know how to look at his face, he handed it to Bi Rao with a rabbit mask. "Girl, buy a mask. This mask is cute and beautiful. Look, this rabbit is a good match for you!"
Two clusters of flames were burning brightly in Bi Rao’s eyes. When she saw the vendor handing it to her, the rabbit mask gnashed its teeth and took it away. She also swore and said, "You are the rabbit, and your family is all rabbits!"
While trying to reduce the feeling, the face is facing the wind with a monkey mask on the forehead, looking up at the sky, like a passer-by, screaming with his hands behind his back and slowly trying to leave.
I don’t know, "Hey, hey, you haven’t paid this little brother yet!"
The breeze "…"
Before throwing the mask at the vendor, Bi Rao looked at Lin Fengdun’s back and patted him on the shoulder as far as possible. "Let’s show our face and talk!"
Smell speech jade breeze stiff turn around before you take off your mask, and grab it with your hands directly. When you see jade breeze with an embarrassed smile, you turn around with your teeth and say, "See my big lady, your princess asked me to tell you to follow us again and I’ll send you to Daisy Tower as the number one! Goodbye! "
Bi Rao took a hard look at the breeze and finally turned away quickly, leaving the breeze messy …
At that time, I passed by the second floor of Chaliao, and a pair of slightly dim eyes were looking at the building. The street eyes were sparsely crowded, and the sparkling eyes slipped suddenly and a pretty figure slipped into my eyes.
Taking a sip with a teacup, and then looking into the distance, his eyes glanced at his income. The sight of his eyes made his thin lips flaunt for a moment, and the blue-gray ink brocade robe moved with the wind. In an instant, the second floor window was taken.
"Miss, it’s done!"
Bi Rao trotted back to Su Ling’s young cheeks with a smug and a little ruddy Su Ling evil smile and teased, "Xiao Ni is getting worse and worse. I am optimistic about you!"
"Third Princess!"
As the right front came to call Su Ling and Bi Rao, they looked askance at the same time, but they saw an elegant ink brocade robe pacing in the wind, like walking out of Yixian from the painting, which was quite artistic.
Chapter 59 regardless of the hero cooking Mao wine!
"Hey, what a coincidence!" Su Ling gathered her brow, smiled unhappily, and waved her hand at Hector even’s love song. Both of them look stunning and bright on the sunny street, which makes people passing by appreciate it from time to time.


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